Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 169

Chapter 169: A Fair Fight

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At the same time, one of Mo Qing's palms turned crimson like blood, and the other palm became dark like ink, and the double sheets kept intertwined with a terrible black water gushing out, as if the river was running endlessly!

In the black water, a silver light rain flashed from time to time, only the size of a little finger, but the moment when the mouth was opened, hacksaw-like sharp and dense teeth could be seen.

But at this time, the sky roared again and again, and he didn't care about the silver sword, Mo Lang monstrous, and he didn't care about the silver fish that was just the size of the thumb, just waving the euphorbia, chasing the **** dark blue. .

"Mo Haishengtao, Jianyuanhuayu! He actually used such terrible tricks at the beginning? Is the other party really so powerful?" Mo young generation suddenly became in an uproar.

"Kill him and avenge Mochou!"

"Let him kill all his hearts, and he will never die!"

The Mo family was extremely excited at this moment, but this is the strongest trick Mo Qing relied on for his fame. He used this trick to directly defeat the two powerful players in the field!

It was only after that World War I that he established his reputation as the top three masters of the Mo young generation.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yuande couldn't help worrying. Although he didn't know what Mo Haisheng Tao was, Jian Yuan Hua Yu, but he could feel a slight threat from it, which shows that the other two moves of the other side can completely break themselves Defense, threatening yourself.

And the physical defense of the sky is not much different from his own. If he is subjected to such an attack, will he fail?

"Senior Jin, the prince is the body of Wan Jin. If something goes wrong here, you Golden Eye Demon Clan can't afford it!" Zhao Yuande gave Jin Chiyang a vaccination while tightening his body, preparing to go to the rescue in person.

"Relax! Everything is under my control!" At this time, Jin Chiyang was focused on the battle in the field. In case of any life-threatening dangers, he would rush up.


The small silver sword put the armor directly through a hole and directly into the sky-breaking chest without dodge, and the turbulent ink waves had already superimposed on the power of not knowing how many layers, and appeared in front of the sky in the form of mountains and seas. Those terrible silverfish all opened their mouths full of teeth at this time, and made a'click and click' bite toward the sky.

At the moment, Mo Qing is still walking around the field like a dragon, and the waves of Mo are generated in his palm, which is still increasing the power of this blow.

However, seeing the ink blue that the silver sword had already succeeded, there was still a trace of joy on his face. He was waiting to urge the sword element hidden in the silver sword to destroy the meridian blood of the other party, and suddenly felt a trace of Not quite right!

Because he felt a trace of fear from the spirit of the silver sword. The right is fear. The silver-winged sword, which is a top-level post-Tian Ling Bao, even had fear when it penetrated the enemy's body!

"not good!"

His face changed, and he just wanted to take back his silver-winged sword.


Bright ray of lightning exploded in the field. The broken sky, which was originally attacked by the euphorbia, disappeared at this moment, replaced by a large ray of bright lightning!

And in this bright thunder, the spirit of the gold-winged sword issued a screaming scream, which was directly torn by the power of the terrifying thunder!

The countless silver fish, wrapped in electro-optics, decomposed completely in just an instant, turned into a silver sword element, and fluttered in the rolling waves of ink.

Thousands of thunders followed the turbulent Mo waves, just a thousandths of a moment that had already passed to Mo Qing's hands.

Mo Qing only felt a numb palm, and the whole body instantly lost consciousness!

A large paw with white hair suddenly emerged from the thousands of thunders, and directly slapped it against Mo Qing's chest.

"Dare to dare!" Mo Hongfei couldn't help it anymore at this time, and he was about to grab the palm that Po Tian stretched out with one big hand.

"Mo Hongfei, you are too much!" Jin Chiyang blocked Mo Hongfei's hand and appeared coldly in front of him.

"Bold!" Another ancestor of the Mo family will rush to the battle platform to rescue Mo Qing.

"Do the Mos want to fight with our demon clan?" A icy voice echoed throughout the space, "No one is allowed to intervene in a fair fight, otherwise die!"

Suddenly a ripple rippled in the space, and a demon clan with a bull head stepped out of the void, stopping the pace of another Mozu ancestor.

"Brother Niu! Thank you!" Jin Chiyang saw the appearance of this one, and then the tension on his face was taken away, and he was relieved instead.

He faced the two Mojia strong men alone, and he always felt a weak feeling, which made his heart always feel anxious. Now it appears at a critical moment, and it is regarded as sending carbon in the snow.

Of course, Jin Chiyang also knows that this old guy must have arrived long ago and has been hiding in the dark, waiting for such an opportunity to be gracious to himself.

The two ancestors of the Mo family glanced at each other. Although they were anxious in their eyes, they could only shake their heads helplessly, and prayed to Mo Qing that they should not be damaged here!

At this moment of life and death, Mo Qing's chest flashed a milky white brilliance, forming a smooth barrier, blocking the killing blow.

However, this blow contains all the power of breaking the sky, this power has been able to contend with the strongest of the last heavy heavenly realm of the sixth heaven in the field. Paw still hit Mo Qing fiercely.


Was blocked by nearly 90% of the power, this claw still smashed all the bones in the dark green chest, and the whole person was directly shot into the solid boulder ground.

Mo Qing lay in the pit like a dead dog, spitting blood foam constantly, I don't know whether it is life or death!


Mo Hongfei only then had the opportunity to rush to the stage and hug Mo Qing on the ground.

A glance at the soul revealed that although his sternum was completely broken, his internal organs had almost become flesh, but the spirit of the soul was not seriously damaged.

Turning his head and looking at the sky standing proudly and standing in the middle of the field, a deep sense of helplessness emerged in his heart. The combat power of this demon race in front of him may already be equivalent to a strong man in the middle of the realm of the field. Outstanding masters!

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande gave a good excitement, and suddenly the entire Golden Eye Plaza boiled, and countless young people of Golden Eye Demon Clan shouted in excitement.

An old face of Jin Chiyang laughed into a chrysanthemum, although today it was not the Golden Eye Demon Clan who defeated the Mo Family, but it was on his site. He still felt extremely proud. This battle will inevitably spread throughout the entire underground world, making the Golden Eye Demon Clan Prestige spreads far away.

"let's go!"

Mo Hongfei quickly filled Mo Qing with a panacea, and then flung away.