Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690: Enemy Invasion

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He had already started to regret it. He regretted not inquiring about the details of this days chamber of commerce, and he finally understood why the thunder jail clan, the refining sect, and other major forces would take care of the days chamber of commerce in the same way. !

However, he soon thought of his ancestors. The ancestors are now a strong in the fairyland, and a strong in the peak of the fairy, you should be able to easily win this kid!

Thinking of the old ancestor, he finally let go of one heart.

"This fairy, our Luo family also has the ancestors of fairyland, I advise you to..." Luo Yongtian's words were not finished before, and he felt the strength on his neck increased a bit, and a terrible murderous intention swept through. Yourself.

"Lead the way! Otherwise I will kill you now!" Zhao Yuande's cold and ruthless voice passed into the other's ear, as if it was a huge ice needle, directly piercing his eardrum, making him unable to bear the pain Sweaty head.

"Yes! Yes!" Luo Yongtian nodded in horror.

He doesn't have any other thoughts at present, and he can't resolve his thirst. Although his family has an ancestor, he is still subject to others. If he is not obedient, he will definitely die.

"Liu Dong! You can rest assured that news will come soon!" Zhao Yuande nodded at Liu Dong, and a light smile appeared on his face.

Seeing Zhao Yuande's figure disappear, Liu Dong's tears could not stop flowing down.

No one knows how much pressure he has suffered during this time. The Thunder Prison family, the Refining Sect, and other major forces have now begun a war with the Devil's Army. There is no time for him to care, and many major forces are facing the sky at this time. A chamber of commerce is eyeing.

Every day he lived in the water.

Now I finally tried my best, and the son became a fairy. After that, who would dare to bully them?

Zhao Yuande, with Luo Yongtian, appeared in a big world called Yongjie in just ten breaths.

The Luo family is in the world of the eternal world, and is the man behind the world.

Zhao Yuande's soul covered the entire world in an instant, and immediately felt a very strong breath dormant in the extreme north of the world.

There are many powerful breaths around this breath, which must be the location of the Luo family!

"Your mission is over!" Zhao Yuande's powerful soul rushed into Luo Yongtian's sea of knowledge, and he knew everything about Luo's family instantly!

Luo family's conspiracy, Luo family's ambition, Luo family has recently annexed dozens of family forces, and once there is a resistance, all will be wiped out!

The cruelty of their means is simply letting people point out that they want to rise while chaos, want to break the wrist with the Thunder Prison family, and want to stand on the highest peak of the lower realm!

"Die!" Zhao Yuande killed Luo Yongtian and flew towards the extreme north.

His speed is unimaginable, just a few breathing time, he appeared in a snowy field.

There is a huge city on the snowfield. There are thousands of miles of houses in the city, and countless powerful people are in and out of the city. It is very lively and bustling!

Zhao Yuande entered the city in a flash, and walked towards the center of the city without hesitation!

In the center of the city stands a magnificent gate, with two large characters Luo Family written in vermilion above the gate. Inside the gate are countless palaces, each of which is imposing.

"Who are you looking for?" Zhao Yuande had just walked to the front door of the Luo family, and there were two powerful young guards who stopped him.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be slightly surprised, these two young guards turned out to be the cultivation behavior of the Emperor Realm. At this age, they achieved this cultivation behavior. This Luo family really hides deep enough!

"I'm here to claim my life!" Zhao Yuande did not hesitate, and slapped the two young men into meat sauce.


He raised with one foot, the whole gate, and a large wall all flew out.


The whole earth was shaken violently. The gate that flew out was 100 feet high, and I didnt know how heavy it was. It fell to the ground at once. I didnt know how many palaces were smashed and how many people were killed. Luo The house was suddenly in chaos!

Zhao Yuande stepped into the Luo family in one step, his eyes cold and ruthless, full of endless killing opportunities.

He originally planned to help his sister Wan Yao to wipe out the Luo family, but then he still decided to let the ordinary Luo family out, only to kill the first few people.

But this time when he came back, he found that the Luo family dared to pay his attention to the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce. They had such great ambitions, and he changed his mind.

Although the Luo family can't say that everyone's hands are filled with blood, but they are also the vast majority. It is not wrong for them to die in the hands of Zhao Yuande!

"Who! Dare to break into my Luo's house and ruin my Luo's door? Do you want to die with my Luo's?" A red-faced old man rushed out from the heavy palace.

This old man's cultivation is the peak of Divine Emperor, and he is already a good strongman in the lower realm!

But when he found out that Zhao Yuande was just a kid in the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm, he couldn't help but stay a little bit blank. He looked towards the ruins of the gate and determined that there was only this person now, so he couldn't help but start to face Zhao Yuande.

"Good! I'm here to stay with you Luo family endlessly, since you are the first to come out, then let me die!" Zhao Yuande flashed a silver brilliance in his hand, and a bright moonlight flew out.

The old man suddenly felt a death crisis enveloped himself, he wanted to escape, but he felt that his body seemed to take root and could not move at the same place!

"This son, I have something to say, my Luo family... Ah!" Before the red-faced old man had finished speaking, he felt that he had split in two at once, and he had already died on the spot before the huge pain!

"The enemy invades! Very powerful, please invite the elders too!" At this time a voice sounded not far away, and a young man with a sullen face came out slowly.

"I'll block him, you retreat!" The young man looked a few dignified, watching his cultivation base is the pinnacle of the Divine Emperor Realm, but a secretly cultivated peerless genius Luo Zhen!

"No, without your notice, they will soon know!" Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly outlined a cruel sneer, his palm shot towards Luo Zhen's void.

Suddenly a huge ancient world rushed out of the void. This ancient world was tens of thousands of feet in size, and came down with terrible pressure.

Luo Zhen had some confidence to fight against Zhao Yuande. He thought that even if he was not the opponent of the other party, he could hold the other party for a moment and a half. When the family ancestor appeared, it was enough to win the opponent.

As soon as this wild world appeared, he was desperate!