Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1697

Chapter 1697: Cheated Me

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"It turned them out..." Zhao Yuande finally smiled.

This may be God's will, the little guy fled the battle, but joined the team who quit them!

Zhao Yuande, who is in a good mood, is not in a hurry, but chats with this guy.

"I don't know why you came here, Zhou?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"Actually, I'm also an imperial envoy, and I want to touch the chance, hey!" The fat man smiled and summoned a huge black giant wolf, and the lantern-sized eyes of the black wolf glanced around.

However, when he saw Xiaojin, his body could not help but stiff, and he took back the domineering he had just patrolled the Quartet, but took a careful look at Xiaojin. When Xiaojin was not angry, his face was only exposed. A little flattering expression!

There was a slight whine in the mouth, and the tail was shaken cheerfully, it seemed that he was thinking of Xiao Jin to show his surrender.

Xiao Jin raised his head, his expression was very cold and proud, but inadvertently revealed a glorious look.

This guy

Zhao Yuande looked at the giant wolf and couldn't help crying and laughing for a while. This guy also knew the situation and the flattery.

"Xiaohei! You... you are too disappointed!" The fat on Zhou Fei's face trembled, watching his beast pet wagging his tail at the other's beast pet, which made him almost choke to death!

You know, this animal beast is an ancient peculiar species, and it is not much worse than the descendants of the four spirit beasts. It is proud of it on weekdays, but I did not expect to be so bad today!

But he soon understood that the origin of the other bird's big bird may be bigger. Looking at the glittering majesty, it looks like the legendary golden-winged Dapeng bird!

Perhaps only this kind of blood can make Xiaohei submit!

He couldn't help but glance at Zhao Yuande again, and he even had the thought of making friends with Zhao Yuande.

At this time, Zhao Yuande also looked at the giant wolf around the oily paint, and the soul was swept away, and suddenly the giant wolf's message appeared in front of his eyes.

"Black Prison Wolves, Holy Beasts, have the bloodline of the ancient Black Prison Wraith..."

Zhao Yuande nodded, although this black prison ghost wolf is not as good as Xiaojin, but it is already equivalent to a strong man in the late God Emperor's late period, which is enough to let this fat man walk sideways in the same realm!

The fat man is a natural acquaintance and speaks very well, and soon became friends with Zhao Yuande, and the two also called their brothers up.

Of course, Zhao Yuande is not the kind of naive person. Although the other party seems to have a relationship with himself now, he doesn't know what he really thinks.

To become his true friend, the other party still needs to pass many tests.

Of course, as long as Zhao Yuande determines that the other party is qualified to become his friend, then he will surely also get the friendship of Zhao Yuande, which can be said to have unlimited future!

"Brother Zhou, I don't know if you have found the entrance to the Sixth Immortal City?" Zhao Yuande looked at the fat man across from him. What he cares most about now is finding them.

Just listening to the meaning of Zhou Fei, Black Wind they have already left the fifth city world and entered the sixth fairy city.

"Well! I found it, but I'm still a little unwilling. There are still many places I haven't been to, and there are many beautiful sisters here..." Zhou Fei's face showed a **** There was crystal clear liquid flowing down.

"I... I'm going to enter the Sixth Fairy City. You are here to play!" Zhao Yuande was speechless. "Or go to the Sixth Fairy City with me, or tell me where the entrance is!"

"Brother Zhao, what are you in a hurry! You are such a brilliant man, why do you shake your head as soon as you talk about women, wouldn't you like men!" Zhou Fei seemed to suddenly think of something, and suddenly jumped to Xiaohei Behind him, looked at Zhao Yuande with a wary face, "Don't you hit me, I don't like men!"

"I...I..." Zhao Yuande's angry face turned blue. This was the second time he was misunderstood and liked a man. The first time was Situ Qing, a big beauty and a little ambiguous with him, but this Once, it was such a fat man...he had the urge to scold his mother! "

"Hey! Brother is just kidding, don't be angry with Brother Zhao!" Zhou Fei saw Zhao Yuande's face and couldn't help but came out of Xiaohei's face and said embarrassedly.

"Lao Zi has six wives! They are all beautiful and beautiful, and I will look at those vulgar powders. Are I stupid!" Zhao Yuande finally did not hold back and roared out, even stupid. Qing He has been counted among his Chinese wife!

"Oh! Brother Zhao really has the ability, brothers admire admiration!" Zhou Fei saw Zhao Yuande's expression, can not help a burst of laughter in my heart, good guy you finally tell the truth! He also said that he has no interest in women, six beautiful flowers like jade, is this to envy me!

But Zhao Yuande said that the national beauty is heavenly, and his appearance is peerless, but he is not convinced at all, can beauty be more beautiful than that iceberg beauty?

"Okay! Don't mention this kind of thing again! I will ask you to go to the Sixth Fairy World with me or not!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and his face gradually appeared calm.

"Go! Brothers are out! How can those vulgar fans compare to the brotherhood between us, and the brothers accompany you to the sixth fairy city!" Zhou Fei patted the chest, ", your cultivation is... Its a little low! Going to the Sixth Fairy City like this, we... Im afraid!"

Zhou Fei is now in the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm, and the Black Prison Wolves with Divine Beast can fight against the people at the peak of Divine Emperor, but now Zhao Yuande's practice is only in the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm.

"Do you think this is enough?" Zhao Yuande's mouth widened, and his body suddenly exploded.


Zhao Yuande's momentum exploded, and Zhou Fei, who was standing in front of him less than a foot away, suddenly rolled out.

"You...this..." Zhou Fei rolled over and out for more than a dozen feet, and finally stopped his body, pointing at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, "You... actually concealed Xiu Wei, now he is the emperor The strong in the middle!"

"Oh! Being a man requires subtlety and learning to hide strength!" Zhao Yuande looked at the embarrassed Zhou Fei with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Hey! Brother Zhao, you cheated me!" Zhou Fei's face fluttered into the face, and he still couldn't believe it.

"Have you asked me, this is not cheating, at most it is a lie!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and patted Zhou Fei's shoulder, hehe laughed, "Let's go! Brothers take you to the sixth fairy city exhibition grand plan, by The two of us can definitely stand out from the crowd, and maybe we will still be in the top 100 in the jade ranking!"