Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698: Drool

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"Okay! That's it!" Zhou Fei smiled and rubbed his hands excitedly. "If the two of us join forces, I am afraid that even the strongest of the God Emperor's Peak can be defeated. Almost all the strongmen who have reached the fairyland have now gone to the Seventh City. I heard that there is a great opportunity there. , Where was the body of a true **** found!"

Zhou Fei also rubbed his hands in anticipation, imagining the majesty and domineering sweeping the Quartet, he couldn't help but his heart was a little rippling.

"Go! What are you waiting for!" Zhao Yuande urged.

"Okay! you ride a bird, it's not fair for me to ride a wolf..."


"Xiaohei, what are you calling... are you more handsome than Xiaojin?"


"Ah ha ha"

Both of their beasts are incredible, and their speed is incredible.

What shocked Zhao Yuande was that although the black jail ghost wolf could not fly, the speed was no slower than Xiaojin!

That speed, leaping from one giant mountain to another, fell to the top of another giant mountain, frightened Zhou Fei yelled and slowed Xiao Hei.

But Xiao Hei was like a male dog who had sent an invitation. He screamed and chased the figure of Xiao Jin. He didn't take Zhou Fei's words seriously.

Fortunately, they are not far from the entrance of the sixth fairy city, just after a dozen breaths, they came to a huge canyon.

"Huh! It seems that someone is fighting in the canyon!" Zhao Yuande quietly landed on the ground, but his eyes looked deep into the canyon.

"Why would anyone fight here?" At this time Xiaohei had already caught up. Zhou Feiyue dropped Xiaohei's back and landed in front of Zhao Yuande, his eyes also showed a trace of dignity.

"Let's go and see, don't let the battle spread to the teleportation array, otherwise if the teleportation array is damaged, we won't fix it!" Zhao Yuande frowned.

"How do I think the breath of the battle below is a bit familiar? Wouldn't it be an acquaintance!" Zhou Fei was full of solemnity at this time.

"Hurry down and see..."

The two stepped into the gorge, followed a rushing stream, and soon came to a tall cliff in the middle of the gorge.

At this time, under the cliff, there was a lush vine winding, and a deep hole appeared in the vine!

At the entrance of the cave, a giant snake with the thickness of a water tank was spitting out the red letter. The red letter was like a flexible little snake.

At this time, in front of the cave, there were two groups of people fighting.

One of them was a young man with silver hair. He looked at the hole anxiously, as if he was afraid of being taken advantage of by his opponent, his face full of worries.

On the other side is a masked woman. This woman has a hot body, especially the two giant peaks in front of her chest. The shaking of fighting makes people's brains dizzy.

Obviously, the silver-haired youth is not the opponent of this masked woman, but the difference between them is not very far. The silver-haired youth can barely protect themselves under the stormy attack of the other party.

"Hiss!" Zhou Fei's eyes were simply not enough at this time. He stared at the woman's chest, and the crystal water column in his mouth was connected in a string.

Zhao Yuande was a little farther away from Zhou Fei subconsciously. This guy was so ridiculous. Those eyes were almost jumping out of his eyes. If the woman knew that she and Zhou Fei were together, she would definitely be a pervert!

"Brother Zhou!!" At this time, the silver-haired young man saw Zhou Fei, and his face suddenly showed excitement, yelling constantly after the battle.

But Zhou Fei was still a silver-haired young man at this time. He swallowed hard and wiped the corners of his mouth, but his eyes were spraying green light.

"Necessity! Absolutely best!" Zhou Fei muttered, mouth corner again...

The woman had long seen the arrival of Zhou Fei and Zhao Yuande, especially when he saw Zhou Fei staring at his chest without blinking, he couldn't help being annoyed!

"Dead fat pig, look at the old lady again, the old lady will dig your eyes!" The woman is very heroic and claims to be the old lady, but the sound is very nice, like a 16-year-old girl.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande backed away again. He found that the woman also glanced at herself, and there was also contempt in her eyes.

Zhao Yuande also called me wrong, this woman is really too majestic, still shaking there, a man can't help but want to take a look!

He just took a peek, and his eyes were caught by the other party!

Zhou Fei was so drunk by the woman that she suddenly sobered up, and instead of looking at the woman, she didn't dodge it, but went to look even more scarcely!

"You dead fat pig, I slaughtered you!" The masked woman finally couldn't help it, and she rushed towards Zhou Fei.

The woman uses close combat tactics, and the flesh is very powerful. Every punch has a terrifying power.

In particular, the womens combat experience is very rich, just kick Zhou Fei out in just one round!

"Oh! It hurts!" Zhou Fei suddenly hit the ground, and his head landed first.

But the masked woman didn't seem to let him go at all, the figure was like a shadow, following the trajectory of Zhou Feifei falling, and stepped on his head with one foot!

Such a cruel and decisive decision, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look numb for a while!

However, Zhao Yuande could see that the masked woman didn't die, and left a little room under her feet!

So Zhao Yuande didn't go up to help, just looked at Le Zizi beside him.


Zhou Fei's wailing yells, but in desperation he can only summon Xiao Hei.

Xiaohe was in a fight with the masked woman in an instant.

Although Xiaohei is an ancient species, but the masked woman is not weak. The two battled together and Xiaohei still fell a bit.

I have to say that this masked woman is tough and powerful, but the speed is a little lack of agility. If it is not the peak on her chest, her fighting power will definitely be more powerful.

The fat man hummed up from the ground, his entire face was almost deformed, but this guy had some skill, rubbing his hands on his face, and regained his original appearance.

"Damn it! Fat fat man, deserve it!" The silver-haired young man saw Zhou Fei got up from the ground and couldn't help but rushed over angrily, kicking **** his ass.

"White hair! Laozi always saves you, but you come to kick Laozi, Laozi fights with you!" Zhou Fei was almost staggered by the silver-haired youth, and suddenly turned around to find the silver-haired youth to settle the accounts.

"You **** come here to save me! Your eyes didn't fall to the ground!" The silver-haired youth pointed to Zhou Fei's corner of the mouth. "You **** are still drooling now!"