Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Masked

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"Yuande! How are you, Yuande..." Zhao Yunpeng rushed up and supported some crumbling son.

"Father, I'm okay, you can lean back first." Zhao Yuande wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and gently pushed his father away, since he was striding toward the forced Zhou Jinfeng.

Zhao Yuanpeng wanted to reach out and hold his son, but he froze his hands in the air again.

At this moment he seemed to be old for decades. He hated that he was too weak to be protected by his son.

The Zhao family looked at each other, especially Zhao Yuande's uncle, looking at his own nephew with shock, he always felt a little scared.

However, when his eyes touched Zhou Jinfeng, a big rock suddenly fell to the ground. Today, no matter how the nephew jumped, he couldn't escape the palm of Zhou's ancestor.

"Old things, come again!" In this short moment, Zhao Yuande felt that the injury in his body had recovered miraculously. He had no time to find out why. He just rushed and rushed up again.


A large dark hand collided with Zhao Yuande again, and the terrorist forces knocked Zhao Yuande out and knocked it hard against the wall. The whole wall suddenly collapsed and dust splashed.

"Haha! Old stuff, haven't you eaten?" A figure rushed out of the pile of rubble, although the clothes were broken and the eyes were dreadful, but still couldn't stop the expression on his face.

In these two collisions, he felt the powerful resilience of the Chaos Eucharist, and his injuries were completely restored in just a short moment, which is simply too much.

But just when he proudly wanted to rush up and collide violently again, suddenly there was a soft grunt in his stomach.

"Hungry! So hungry!"

Hunger was like a shadow, and he climbed up to his body quietly. At this moment, he suddenly felt that there was a hungry beast in his abdomen, scratching his stomach constantly.

The original surging power was like a flood flooding the gate and disappeared in an instant.

"I rely on! God, you're going to play me!" Zhao Yuande looked helpless, and he closed his eyes in despair.

"Dare!" The moment when the dark and inky hand was about to hit Zhao Yuande on the palm of his hand, everyone hummed with a loud bang.

A white figure slammed into the air, blocking the dark and inky hands.

The seven elders who were ready to rescue at the restaurant were also relieved. This person came and saved themselves

Zhou Jinfeng only felt a violent shock to him, and he stared at the person who appeared in front of him in exasperation.

"You... you are Master Water!" Looking clearly at the identity of the coming person, Zhou Jinfeng couldn't help but change his face. He turned out to be the guest of the city master, Master Water!

Master Water maintains this kid so, is he a disciple of Master Water?

But what happened next not only made Zhou Jinfeng dumbfounded, even everyone present was stunned.

"The disciple is late, and the injured Master is injured. Please also ask Master to be punished!" Shui Youdao stood respectfully in front of Zhao Yuande, his face panicked.

When Zhao Yuande saw the water, there was a big rock in his heart, and he sat on the ground with his buttocks. He took out the Xuanyuan True Spirit Pill from the storage ring and swallowed it.

In his cognition, he is hungry, most of which is lack of aura supplement. The aura in the "Xuanyuan True Spirit Pill" is enough to promote a strong man in the realm of the blood sea god. It should be enough!

"Master!" Zhou Jinfeng heard these two words and suddenly fell to the bottom with a heart.

He heard, however, that Shui Youdao worshipped a spirit-level pill master as a teacher, and that the princess master helped the master of the city refining a furnace of "Xuanyuan True Spirit Pill".

At that time, he was still envious, and he planned to find this master at all costs and refine it. Unexpectedly, this master turned out to be a teenager who was injured by himself.

I already knew what he did with these broken things. Although the grandson is important, his breakthrough is more important. He now regrets that his intestines are all green.

Shui Youdao was relieved to see that Master was fine. He turned his head slowly to Zhou Jinfeng, his eyes full of anger.

Everyone in the Zhao family fell into collective petrification again, especially Zhao Yunfeng, the head of the family, whose brain was blank. He felt like he was dreaming, and his pro-nephew turned out to be the spirited priest who passed the fire!

If he had known for a long time, he would rather not want to be the head of the family, but now everything is too late. Shui Youdao has become a disciple. He seems to see the destruction of the Zhao family in front of him.

"Zhou Jinfeng! You are so bold and dare to dare to kill my master!" Shui Youdao said coldly.

"Master Water, misunderstanding! Everything is misunderstanding!" Zhou Jinfeng's mouth is full of bitterness. Although he is in the same state as the other party, he is old and dry, and he is not his opponent at all.

Moreover, the other party is a pill master, and the friendship is so wide that even the city owner has a lot to do with it. As long as the other party releases a sentence, I am afraid that it will not take a day, and the Zhou family will be removed from the Skyfire City!

"You don't need to explain to me, wait for Master to decide his old man's decision!" Shui Youdao ignored the nonsense of the other party, just quietly stood in front of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yunpeng and his wife saw this scene. Although they were shocked and puzzled, they felt the kindness that Shui Youdao exuded. They finally let go of their hearts.

A "Xuanyuan True Spirit Pill" came down, and Zhao Yuande only felt a magnificent aura that exploded in his body at once, like a volcanic eruption.

The aura of terror is like a raging dragon in his body, and his weak meridians can't withstand the impact of this intensity, instantly breaking his pulse.

Only then did Zhao Yuande know that he was a little bit overly concerned. The power of Xuanyuan True Spirit Pill was far beyond his body's tolerance.

At the next moment, his body was continuously inflated by the impact of Reiki, as if it were an inflated balloon, and in an instant it inflated more than twice.


With a tough character like Zhao Yuande, he could not help crying out in pain at the moment, he even thought he would explode at the next moment.

But at this moment, the mysterious black hole in him didn't know where it came from, and he was desperately absorbing those auras.

As soon as Reiki breathed in, a gentle energy was fed back at once, slowly repairing his damaged meridians, internal organs, muscles, bones...

"Hey..." A cold, crying cry like a night owl sounded in the room.

"Zhou Jinfeng, you are living more and more foolishly, and you will be laughed at when you are scolded!" I don't know when a thin masked man appeared on the scene.

Although this man's voice is old, he is very penetrating and makes his ears buzz.

"Who are you?" Although Zhou Jinfeng was very afraid of the water, he did not mean that he could be humiliated. The other party obviously touched his pain and made his face sink.

"It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is that you Zhou Jinfeng has no energy and is called by a younger generation. Is this still the bare hand butcher who beheaded eighteen strong men of the same rank?" Very provocative, his heart is sinister.

"Who are you? What's the purpose?" Zhou Jinfeng's eyes flickered, and his heart was aroused by the other party.

"Hey! I'm here to work with you to make a big deal." The masked man's voice was horrible, and the words were even more murderous. "I don't know the wealth of Shui Youdao. You know it, and that kid It's even halfway up, and there must be a big secret...hehe!"

Shui Youdao immediately felt the pressure, he could see that the masked man's behavior was similar to his own. If the other two teamed up, he was definitely not an opponent.

However, he will never step back half a step. Master is so gracious to himself that he must never abandon him.

All the people around looked different, and some were happy and worried.

The development of things was really twists and turns, making the seven elders in the restaurant far away frown.

He knew the identity of the masked man very well. Although the other party was masked, he could not hide his breath.

He didn't expect that this person would even kill Zhao Yuande. It seems that the word greed is really harmful.