Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Rescued

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The Mo family all left the golden pupil demon clan with disgraced faces, and even facelessly challenged the demon cities along the way.

However, this does not affect the cooperation between them and the high level of the demon clan, but the high level of the demon clan has more chips for negotiation because of this victory, and looks forward to this cooperation.

Without delaying time, the Mo family went directly to Qingluan City to marry the princess of the underground world.

Among the Qingluan demon clan, the Mojia strongman quickly discussed the cooperation conditions with the demon clan high-level, and held a grand marriage ceremony!

Zhao Yuande and Po Tian also followed Jin Chiyang to participate in the ceremony. Although Jin Chiyang wanted to promote Po Tian's identity among the demon clan, he was stopped by Zhao Yuande.

Just kidding, if all the demon clan in the entire underground world knew about it, they would all come up to have a relationship and talk about their feelings. I am afraid that the identity of Po Tian will soon be exposed in vain.

The value of Zhu Yan has exceeded the fear of the gods, emperors, and powerful people for innate gods and demons, and they may never be able to leave by then!

Although Jin Chiyang retained it enthusiastically, he couldn't resist Zhao Yuande's determination to leave. After accepting a lot of magical treasures in the underground world, they silently followed the Mojia strongman back to the earth.

After leaving the underground world, the Mo family went to Lincheng for the first time, preparing to embark on a teleportation array.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had restored the appearance of Hei Xiaozi, hiding the broken sky in the space of the copper furnace. He returned to Lincheng before the Mo family and waited for the arrival of the Mo family.

Although the Mo family had completed the marriage of the underground world at this time, they also obtained some of the benefits they wanted, but they could not cast off the shadows when they were in Jintong City.

Even Mo Ziqi, the grandson of the grandfather Guan Hongfei, the ancestor of the bridegroom who went to raise the family this time, felt a bit boring.

Although the bride was unparalleled in appearance and sighingly beautiful, he heard some demon clan's comments that the sage of the Qingluan bloodline had been deceived by a human teenager and was a traitor!

Although Mo Ziqi learned from the exploration of his ancestor that this Zhuluan was still a holy virgin, he still had a pimple in his heart.

The bride was obviously very disgusted with him. Although her blood was blocked, she could not speak or move, but her eyes were constantly breathing fire at herself.

He has been thinking, what can grandpa say if he becomes a woman and can change his mind?

As long as you get the woman's body, you can get their heart... The teenager suddenly thought of the gorgeous bride in the sedan chair, and his heart could not help but get a little hot.

His hand held the car curtain unconsciously.

At this moment, I suddenly saw a black, skinny boy walking towards him, waving at him while walking.

He couldn't help but froze for a moment, did he know this boy himself?

But at the next moment, he suddenly saw a silver rush out of the young man's palm and appeared in front of him in an instant.

"Assassin! There are Assassins!"

The two yin and yang strong men in charge of protecting the juvenile shouted and reached for Mo Ziqi.

But their speed was still a step slower, Mo Ziqi was directly penetrated by the silver light, and the whole person fell to the ground.

"Damn! Life is coming!" The two Yin-Yang combination strongmen were almost scared to death by the sight in front of them. The young master they were responsible for protecting was killed by someone. What was waiting for them was death.

However, if you can make a contribution to the crime, maybe you can die a little bit happier!

The black and thin boy was Zhao Yuande. He rushed out of the copper furnace space with a wave of his hand and directly greeted the two powerful men of yin and yang.

At this time, in order to prevent Po Hong from being recognized by Mo Hongfei, he was put on a **** cloak, otherwise Mo Hongfei might desperately grab Po Tian.

And he rushed directly to the sedan and stuffed the sedan into the copper furnace space.

And at this time, a thunderbolt came from the sky!

"The thief dared to kill my descendants and die for me!"

Mo Hongfei's figure has appeared on Zhao Yuande's head, and the big hand is directly grabbing towards his head.


Zhao Yuande took out his jade card and inspired his Jianyuan avatar.

A sword light pierced the sky, tearing Mo Hongfei's palm directly and piercing his eyebrows.

Mo Hongfei shouted and shattered the golden light, but saw a figure made purely of Jianyuanhua standing quietly in front of himself.

"Jianyuan Doppelganger of the headroom!"

Mo Hongfei's body retreated continuously, and to what extent did the master of the clearance become powerful, even the strongest of the Mo family, Mo Hongtian talked about the change of color!

However, he soon discovered that the Jianyuan clone was not strong, and even weaker than himself.

"The thief, I don't care what your relationship with the headroom is. It's wrong if you kill my grandson. I'll capture you today and give it to the head of the headroom!" Mo Hongfei dared not despise Jianyuan's avatar and said a few sounding words. , And flew towards Jianyuan.

"You play slowly!

Zhao Yuande had succeeded, and he would not stop again, rushing towards the teleportation array not far away with the sky.

"The thief is gone!"

Another ancestor of the Mo family originally met an old friend halfway through, and did not go to Lincheng together, but received a letter from Mo Hongfei and quickly tore the void.

With a sigh, Zhao Yuande took out Mingzhen's last piece of jade and crushed it gently.

A space gate appeared in front of Zhao Yuande, and he stepped forward from the space gate.

At this time, Ming Zhen couldn't see the madness of that year. The endless majesty radiated from him. The terrible power shocked the void around him. A circle of golden ripples wrapped his body. One of the huge world phantoms Turning slowly.

"You... you are Mingzhen!" The Mojia strongman saw Mingzhen's appearance, his body scared back again and again, as if he saw a viper, this one seemed to have suffered a really difficult loss, otherwise he would have a world of his own. The late powerhouses should not be so gazed.

"Little friend, you are in trouble again!" Mingzhen did not pay attention to the Mojia strongman, but turned to smile and looked at Zhao Yuande. Although Zhao Yuande is now changing his face, how can his breath conceal Mingzhen.

"Cough... Senior, you see that there is really no way! Only..." Zhao Yuande smiled helplessly, pointing at the brigade of the Mo family horses not far away, and Mo Hongfei and Jian Yuan, who were fighting in the sky, were separated.

Mingzhen glanced at the fierce battle in the sky, and was a little shocked by the energy of this young man in front of him, but he knew a little about him in the end, and was just shocked that he could have the current achievement and energy.

"What should I do?" Ming Zhen smiled at Zhao Yuande. "You know, this is the last chance!"

"Seniors took me away! I am running, I am afraid they will eventually be caught up by them!" Zhao Yuande spread his hands and smiled helplessly.

"Ming Zhen! Are you really going to be an enemy of my Mojia?" The Mozu ancestor recovered, and braced his courage to shout, "Know that my Mojia still has Mo Hongtian!"

"Okay! Put away your thoughts carefully! If Mo Hongtian wanted to come to see me early, he was very strong, but he couldn't help me!" Mingzhen waved impatiently, "Quick, Im so anxious to see you troubled, and I cant help but teach you!"

The Mojia strongman turned pale and turned away.

"I will tell Mo Hongtian about this... Hey!"


Mingzhen flicked his sleeves, a white light cut into the void and then appeared in front of the Mojia strongman, slapped **** his face.

The Mojia strong man's face was covered with blood, and he never dared to say another word.