Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1701

Chapter 1701: Faerie Milk

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"Xiao Jin! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande looked at Xiao Hei's counseling and couldn't help but smile bitterly. What kind of master he really has is the best beast!

In desperation, he can only let Xiaojin out!

Xiaojin is the overlord in the sky and specializes in eating dragon snakes. Such large centipedes crawling on the ground are naturally within their hunting range.

Seeing this big centipede, Xiao Jin was immediately excited, and his figure turned into a golden awn flying towards Jinjia Tianwu.

However, this golden armor is not a weak person. Although he has a natural fear of Xiaojin, he is still fiercely fighting with Xiaojin.

What annoys Xiao Jin is that this golden armor is really cunning. After being injured, he directly escapes into the earth. The next step is to wander around under the earth.

Although Xiaojin is powerful, he can't enter the ground, hovering constantly in the anxious sky.


Seeing that Xiaojin had the upper hand, Xiaohe couldn't help but yelled and joined the battle group.

Although this guy is timid, he can escape into the earth and fight against the golden armor.

Jin Jia Tian Wu was originally injured, and fought with Xiaohei in the underground. Xiaohe's original combat effectiveness was not much different from that of Jin Jia Tian Wu. The opponent was injured and was not as flexible as Xiao Hei in the underground, and was soon forced to rush out of the ground.

But waiting above is Xiao Jin's pair of claws that can shatter the void.

During this exchange, the golden armor was soon defeated, lying on the ground dying, letting Xiao Jin tear the fat white flesh of its carapace.

"Good job!" Zhou Fei touched Xiao Hei's head, and his face also showed satisfaction.

He glanced at Rosa secretly, and found that the other party was not looking at himself at all, but stared at Zhao Yuande momentarily, the strange light flashing in his eyes.

"Okay, there are a total of seven Lingxi Qinglian trees here. Brother Zhou and I each have three plants. How about you girl Yu Yuan?" Zhao Yuande looked at them.

"Am I? I didn't do anything!" Yu Rosa looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, her eyes gleaming brightly.

"You didn't do anything, but you are indeed a member of our three-person team. It's the so-called see who has a share, so I will give you one!" Zhao Yuande explained with a smile.

"Yes! I have no opinion on this allocation!" Zhou Fei hurriedly stated.

"Okay! Since I am not hypocritical, I will accept it!" Yu Rosa had planned to leave here and parted ways with them. It seems that it is not bad to be with them now.

Especially this Zhao De looks inscrutable, and his golden bird is even more powerful, and it is still safer to be with them than to act alone.

"Huh! This spiritual spring is not simple, it seems like below..." Zhao Yuande came to the little pond and saw that there were small bubbles blowing in the pond, a thick fairy spirit The gas was transmitted when the bubbles burst.

The other two also felt all of this, and their faces suddenly showed surprise.

"You pull out the Lingxi Qinglian first, and I will go underground to see!" Zhao Yuande's figure sank into the earth.

There are many channels in the earth, which seem to have been left by the shuttle of the golden armor, and Zhao Yuande followed one of the channels to a deep underground cave.

As soon as he entered the cave, Zhao Yuande felt that the spirit of the fairy here is very rich, which is ten times that of the outside world!

There is a small pond with milky white spirit in the cave. This pond is only half a meter square, but the spirit in the pond can only cover the bottom of the pond.

The concentration of these spirits in Zhao Yuande is very high. When the detective enters it, he immediately feels as if he has entered the viscous honey. A joyful feeling that makes him feel the rippling heart fills every pore of him.

He instantly felt that this viscous spiritual fluid had no small lifting effect on his body.

"Fairy milk, a kind of rare spiritual fluid poured out from the depths of the fairy land, can strengthen the body, strengthen the physique, and change the potential..."

"This **** is really against the sky!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel happy. If this thing is taken out, it will definitely make people crazy!

If other people are here, they might swallow these spirits alone, but Zhao Yuande is not such a person.

He took out three jade bottles, and the pool had little spirit, but even these three jade bottles were not full.

However, with few spirits running out of the ground, Zhao Yuande felt that it would take at least a hundred years to fill up the entire pool.

After collecting the spirit liquid, Zhao Yuande began to observe the cave. There were small holes above the cave, and the gas was transmitted to the upper through those small holes.

This is definitely a place for artificial excavation. Zhao Yuande estimated that some people came here to collect the spirit fluid not long ago, and this golden armor was the fierce beast that this person placed here to protect this small pool.

Zhao Yuande searched carefully, and found nothing again, so he rushed out of the ground along the passage.

"Brother Zhao, what did you find?" Zhou Fei asked anxiously.

"I found a small pond with a little bit of spirit in it. I divided it into three parts, one for each person." Zhao Yuande took out two jade bottles and placed them in front of them.

"Oh! Good!" Zhou Fei excitedly took a jade bottle from Zhao Yuande. After opening, he suddenly showed a very wonderful look on his face, "This...this is fairy milk! How is this possible..."

"What! Fairy milk!" Yu Rosa was not calm when she heard the name. She hurriedly took another bottle in her hand, and her face was ecstatic when she opened it.

But she quickly calmed down, looked at Zhao Yuande with a slight suspicion in her eyes, and asked, "Brother Zhao, what is the situation below?"

"It's a grotto with a fountain in it, that's the fairy ground milk!" Zhao Yuande naturally knows the other party's thoughts. If he puts him in the other party's position, he would not necessarily ask the same words.

To know that this thing is extremely valuable, people with a little greed will take it as their own!

"That grotto is artificial, and the real role of the golden armor is actually guarding the grotto. Some people think of it as their own back garden. When the pool is full, they will come and take it away! At that time, it seemed that it had just been taken shortly, and there was only a low pool left!" Zhao Yuande didn't hide it and said the following situation again.

Yu Rosa nodded silently, she felt Zhao Yuande's sincerity, she could not help but feel a trace of guilt.