Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1704

Chapter 1704: Qin Family

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"Sister! Don't leave this fat man, he doesn't have any seriousness!" Yu Rosa pulled La Zhouming's arm and winked at her, "Brother Zhao is the person you should pay attention to, I always feel that he Some are unpredictable, maybe a big dark horse!"

"Girl Yu, please don't talk nonsense, I'm just an imperial envoy." Although Zhao Yuande said this in his mouth, he was also secretly surprised, and this was also good for Rosa's eyesight.

Obviously, the other party can't see through his disguised behavior, and the only thing he can rely on is to judge his own trivial matters.

The other party can see that he is unpredictable, which is also a skill, and it is worthy of admiration in Zhao Yuande's heart.

Like Zhou Fei, a guy who only knows how to focus on women and eating, I'm afraid he won't think about it in terms of showing too much horses.

"Oh! Okay, then right when you are just an imperial envoy!" Yu Rosa was obviously very happy because she met Zhou Ming. She, who usually hardly smiles, also showed a smile at this time.

Of course, almost all smiles are not covered by the veil, only a faint outline can be seen.

"Yu girl, you know me so well, but why do you still have a face covered, is it because you are too ugly, and embarrassed to come out scary?" Zhao Yuande felt very strange, this girl looks very good contour, From the appearance, it is a beautiful beauty. Why is there a black face all day?

Zhao Yuande said this, and suddenly felt the two women quiet down.

In particular, Zhou Ming looked at Zhao Yuande without blinking, and his mouth gradually showed a smile: "In fact, it is nothing. Sister Yu is a mysterious race. Except her father, whoever sees her face must marry her for Wife! Brother Zhao, do you want to watch?"

"" Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand, his love debt was too much, could not provoke this kind of thing anymore, even if the other party was beautiful, the figure was not good enough!

Seeing Zhao Yuande's flustered expression, Rosa couldn't help but express a disappointment in her eyes.

Although she had only known Zhao Yuande for a few days, she was able to feel the character of this person, and Zhao Yuande also gave people a very mysterious feeling. She always had a feeling of not seeing him.

If Zhao Yuande said that she wanted to see her appearance, she was more acceptable!

"Hey! I am willing, I am willing! Yu girl, whether you are ugly or beautiful, I am willing!" Zhou Fei dragged Zhao Yuande behind him, Da Yi said with awe, "Come on! Let me see your face!"

"Get off!" Yu Rosa kicked Zhou Fei out of her anger.

"Hey! Why this is so, where is my Zhou Fei not good!" Zhou Fei grunted out a few feet away, patted the dirt on his body and stood up again, very resentful, "I am not fat, lazy, Love almost, do you like to sleep a bit? Is it all wrong?"

"Poof!" Zhou Ming finally couldn't help laughing, and she quietly poked Yu Rosa at her side, and whispered in her ear, "This fat man is not bad! I can't fight, I can't curse, I can't talk, I can talk Hi, if you dont, just make up..."

"Xiao Ni Zi, you dare to laugh at my sister, look at me to spare you!" Yu Rosa angrily scratched her sensitive position with her finger.

"Hey! Disturb me! Forgive me! Sister, I don't dare anymore!" Zhou Ming seemed to be very sensitive, but just curled up like a prawn when he touched it, and quickly waved his hand to beg for mercy.

The roaring movement of the two of them was too large, and the pair of imaginative mountains began to go up and down again... Zhao Yuande and Zhou Fei's eyes were spent!

Zhao Yuande hurried not to go too far, he didn't want to provoke this woman, as an ordinary friend, it would be fine if he was his woman!

Yimeng Gui, Situ Qing's matter has not been resolved, and now he comes out to get rid of the flowers, the five charming wives in the family still haven't picked his skin!

At this time, Zhou Fei was slobbering. He wished he could help Zhou Ming. Will...

Zhou Fei is too much. Numerous people around me looked and pointed in this direction. Zhao Yuande was by Zhou Fei's side, of course, also regarded as a negative teaching material.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his skin was hot for a while, and he was innocently affected!

"Cough! Both of you, you are all exposed!" Zhao Yuande finally couldn't hold back and said, "Let's just be serious!"

"Ah!" The two women hurriedly separated and checked each other, only to find that Zhao Yuande didn't say that, all of them turned to him.

"Two, here is a big crowd, you are pulling like this...especially for the girl, your capital is really too thick, just a simple little action can make Brother Zhou turn into a beast, you are like this... Okay?" Zhao Yuande had to make the words more clear.

"Brother Zhao, you are too unjust!" Zhou Fei grumbled unhappy, his face full of sadness, "You are so full of men who don't know that the hungry man is hungry, my brother and I are hungry and unbearable, and it's not enough to have an eye addiction!"

"You... it's so bad!" The two women glared together, terrified Zhou Fei bowed her head.

"Cough! I think we should go to the giant pagoda, pass the giant pagoda early, or enter the seventh fairy city world early, where there is a wider world waiting for us to explore!" Zhao Yuande coughed and offered his opinion.

"Brother Zhao is right. This sixth fairy city has been secretly controlled by people. Almost all opportunities are possessions. We are really not suitable for wasting time here." Zhou Ming nodded and his face was a little unwilling. Color.

"Who is controlled?" Zhao Yuande and Yu Rosa asked at the same time, and they were all puzzled.

Especially Zhao Yuande thought of that underground cave and the pool of fairy ground milk inside!

"A Qin family with a powerful fairy monarch. Their family controls 80% of the industry and opportunities in the sixth fairy city world. During countless years, they have been the only one in the family, and there have been many powerful people!" Zhou Ming is very impressed by this family. Familiar with.

"Qin family! Where is their family?" Zhao Yuande felt that his chance had come. Since the Qin family controlled the entire sixth fairy city world, the treasures of their Qin family might have accumulated countless treasures.

With your own cultivation, if you want to steal some treasures, it should not be a problem.

"The Qin family's family is located in this city!" Zhou Ming took a deep look at Zhao Yuande and said, "But we don't have to leave right away. Although the Qin family occupies the entire sixth fairy city world, but for us Cultivators are very welcome. They will bring out all kinds of natural treasures here in exchange for the treasures outside. Although the materials here are rich, but the types are too simple, if they want to become stronger and stronger, they cant do it in closed doors."