Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705: Take You To Make A Fortune

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"Oh! This also makes sense." Zhao Yuande nodded, his face showing a very interested look, "I don't know where this exchange will be?"

"Yes! Hurry and take us over!" Yu Rosa also looked forward, and she seemed to think of something.

"Yes, I am looking forward to it!" Zhou Fei hurriedly said.

"Come with me! The exchange meeting is in the east of the city, the price is fair, and the things are also very attractive, but unfortunately I don't have anything they need!" Zhou Ming said with a little regret, while staying at three million.


While chatting, the four went to the exchange meeting.

Although this city is huge, there are countless practitioners, but most of their realms are under the realm of Divine Emperor, and there are very few realms of Divine Emperor.

"Although there are several very rare specialties here, the elixir of increasing cultivation is very scarce. If there is a large amount of this elixir and elixir, you can exchange it for many treasures that are not available to the outside world, such as fairy spirits. Ground milk, ethereal golden bamboo, peculiar wind flower..."Zhou Ming seems to be very familiar with this place, like several family treasures.

When the three heard the fairy milk, all their eyes lit up!

Especially Zhao Yuande, he has a lot of various materials in his space, which is his accumulation in the weekdays, especially some potions that are not powerful, he now hoards a lot, but did not expect to be used here. .

They soon appeared in front of a magnificent building, at this time many people were watching here and were very lively.

Hundreds of crystal platforms are neatly arranged in front of the palace, and each crystal platform is marked with a very obvious mark. Those are the names of various special products of the sixth fairy city.

Zhao Yuande and others soon found the four characters of fairy ground milk. They squeezed over and looked anxiously at a middle-aged man under the platform.

This middle-aged person has a strong atmosphere, and Zhao Yuande immediately felt the other's cultivation behavior, and he was also in the early stage of the fairyland.

"Senior Qin, these are my three friends. They also want to come over to see the exchange meeting!" Zhou Ming bowed slightly to the middle-aged man, apparently she had seen this person before.

"It turns out to be Fairy Zhou Ming! I don't dare to be a predecessor. I don't dare to be!" The middle-aged man saw Zhou Ming and his eyes lit up, and he was very enthusiastic about it.

"Senior! Don't know that this fairy ground milk is such an exchange method?" Yu Rosa asked anxiously at this time.

"Fairy ground milk is one of the most precious resources of our Qin family. Even things like fairyland are very scarce, so the exchange price should be slightly higher. If you buy a seven-level elixir, you can exchange it for a drop. Eight-level elixir is ten. Drip, one hundred drops of Jiu Pinyin Elixir, if it is a Pinxian Elixir, you can exchange such a bottle..." The middle-aged man took out a gourd-shaped container and shook it to the three.

Zhao Yuande was surprised, and the exchange was cheap!

From this, we can see how scarce the resources are here, and we can also see how amazing the reserves of Xianlingdiyu in the Qin family!

Although there are a lot of fairy medicines on his body, they will not all be exchanged. At that time, the strong man in the fairy land of the Qin family may be alarmed.

Don't look at his claim that he is invincible under the fairy monarch, but if he really meets the strong man of the fairy monarch, he will be killed with little force to fight back.

Other people's eyes are also colorful, and they all took out their own elixir exchange.

But Zhou Fei only exchanged eleven drops in the end.

This guy Zhou Fei is so lazy to cook that he is simply too lazy to explore the fifth fairy city. If it is not the reward in the fourth fairy city, he might only be able to redeem one drop!

On Rosa, however, there are many treasures, even there is a nine-level elixir, which was exchanged for 190 drops, which is almost the same as the previous one!

Her eyes shone with brilliance, looking at Zhao Yuande with some expectation.

Zhao Yuande took out more elixir. There are hundreds of seven-element elixir alone, hundreds of eight-element elixir, dozens of nine-element elixir... Finally, in the incredible eyes of everyone, he was also cautious. Took out a fairy medicine.

"This..." Even the middle-aged people are somewhat happy, but the ensuing eyes are still greedy. He stares at Zhao Yuande in desperation, expecting that he can take out more treasures.

"It's gone! I found an elixir garden in the world of the fifth fairy city. These are all harvests from the elixir garden. They are all here. How much can you earn for your seniors?" Zhao Yuande looked at these elixir. The performance is a bit painful and reluctant.

"Haha! The little brother was really a good chance, and he dare to find a magic medicine garden! And there is a first-in-class fairy medicine!" The middle-aged man looked at Zhao Yuande slightly and began to look up and down at him.

"Luck, it's all luck!" Zhao Yuande said with a smile.

"Well! Sometimes luck is also part of strength, yes! Yes!" The middle-aged man carefully counted Zhao Yuande's elixir, and his mouth kept wondering.

The situation here has attracted countless people to watch, and everyone's eyes are all envious, of course, there are many greedy eyes sweeping on Zhao Yuande.

"These things that don't know life and death, you better come to me one by one, so that I can plunder brightly!" Zhao Yuande smiled inwardly, but his face was still, but his eyes were a little bit Dodge dodge, it seems a little scared.

"What is this guy going to do? That's too shocking!" Zhou Ming sent a voice to Rosa and couldn't help complaining. "I'm afraid it will cause us a lot of trouble. You didn't see the Qin Palace, even he There is greed in my eyes, I am afraid..."

"I understand this person. He is not the kind of reckless person. He must have his own deep meaning in doing so." Yu Rosa bit her lip lightly. Although she said that, she was also worried.

"Hey! Don't worry, this guy is thief!" But I didn't expect Zhou Fei's voice to ring in the ears of the two at this time.

The two stood together, staring at Zhou Fei's gaze for a moment of surprise.

It seems that this obese pig is not a fool, and instantly gave them a sense of wisdom.

"These elixir can be exchanged for three bottles of fairy ground milk, and the little brother got it!" The middle-aged man took out three gourd-shaped bottles and handed them to Zhao Yuande.

After Zhao Yuande took it, he opened the inspection one by one and found that there was nothing wrong with it. Then he nodded and turned and left without hesitation.

"Hey! What are you doing in such a hurry? We haven't seen other stalls yet!" Zhou Fei asked a few more steps tightly.

"Brother Zhao, you are..." Yu Rosa was also puzzled.

"Hush! I'll take you to make a fortune!" Zhao Yuande blinked at the three people, and his feet were faster.