Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1710

Chapter 1710: Second Avatar

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"I'm not dead, just injured!" Zhao Yuande said the truth.

"You... what are you doing now?" Zhou Fei asked with a trembling voice.

"I... God Emperor Peak!" Zhao Yuande still has reservations, he didn't say his true practice.

This is also his selfishness, and he must never let his enemies know his cultivation, otherwise they may not shrink at all!


Three people breathed out at the same time.

Zhao Yuande hasn't hit them yet. If he said he was a fairyland, the three would probably be shocked and speechless.

"Now let's divide things!" Zhao Yuande took a lot of things from the space. "This is your fat one! This is Yu girl's, this is Miss Zhou Ming's!"

Zhao Yuande divided things into four parts, and no one shared.

None of the three were polite, and Zhao Yuande would definitely not lack this, so they accepted it all.

"Finally, it's the highlight!" Zhao Yuande took out seven gourd-shaped bottles and placed them in front of the three. "This is fairy milk. This guy even brought seven bottles with him. It was really an unexpected joy." !"

"Fairy to milk..." The three people's breathing suddenly became a little quicker.

"You two bottles of each of these things, I take one bottle!" Zhao Yuande made the distribution at this time.

"No... this won't work!" Zhou Ming shook his head and said firmly, "We didn't make any effort when fighting the Qin Palace just now. Although this thing is good, I can't want it!"

"Yes! No, we can't!" Yu Rosa also hurriedly waved her hand. This thing is too precious. This small bottle is enough for them to practice without worry.

"Brother! Although I really want it, but you have to give us one, let us accept the reason!" Zhou Fei smiled helplessly at Zhao Yuande.

"Haha! Good! I have to explain it now!" Zhao Yuande said seriously, "The three of you are too low, and the flesh is not strong enough, so how can you go to this sky tower with me, don't you all succeed My burden? Now I want to give you this thing, I want you to be strong, so that you will not drag me! This is enough to understand!"

"Haha! Brother, you said that early!" Zhou Fei immediately smiled on his face, and grabbed two bottles of fairy milk directly into his own hands.

"Two girls? Do you want to be my burden?" Zhao Yuande saw the two girls' stiff facial expressions and couldn't help but send two bottles of fairy milk to their hands.

"Okay! I accepted it! But said it well, I borrowed it from Brother Zhao first, and I will pay it back when I have the ability!" Zhou Ming nodded, and he was not hypocritical.

"I'm the same as my sister!" Yu Rosa squeezed the bottle, and she couldn't help but sigh secretly, but she also had to accept it.

"That's right!" Zhao Yuande looked at the three people and couldn't help but smile from the corner of his mouth. "It's estimated that no one will enter here for a long time. It should be safe now. We are here to serve fairy milk, I believe it will Let's improve our physique! But you should take it easy, you can't take too much at once, your physique is..."

Zhao Yuande didn't continue to talk, and it would hit three people again!

The three were speechless for a while, but they nodded very tacitly.

Zhao Yuande chuckled, regardless of whether they sat directly on the ground cross-legged, and lifted his neck to make a bottle of fairy ground milk.

"It's cool!" Zhao Yuande felt not too addicted. He took out another bottle and drank it up again to drink it. "Dah, ah! This taste... It seems a little fragrant, a little sweet, and delicious!"

As soon as he closed his eyes, he began to guide the amount of violent violence that began to turn in the abdomen, introducing them one by one into his limbs and corpses, into the skin and muscle membrane...

The corners of the three people's mouth twitched. This guy was really extravagant. He just dried two bottles. Does he think this is water?

The three men carefully poured a few drops into their mouths.


They only felt an uncontrollable amount of violent violence exploding in their chests, and their bodies seemed to be directly fragmented by this force.

They tried their best to control the meridians in the body and began to slowly guide that violent amount of violence.

They had the same idea in their minds at this time. The guy drank two bottles directly, but he only took a few drops.

This gap... is too big! Is this a genius?

In their hearts, Zhao Yuande's figure is getting taller and more mysterious!

I dont know how long it took. Zhao Yuande opened his eyes. He felt that his physical body was about 30% stronger. If the Heavenly Body on the sixth floor is divided into ten levels, he should be on the third floor now!

If this thing is ten pounds or eight pounds, I am afraid that I can be directly promoted to the seventh floor of the Huntian Eucharist.

He looked at a few people and found that they were still closed, so he poured all the remaining two bottles directly into his mouth and began to close again.

Opening his eyes again next time, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, this time he was only promoted by 10% for the two bottles.

It seems that repeated use will lose its effect!

However, he was very satisfied, and his fighting power at this time has been upgraded to another level. Although it is still invincible under the fairy monarch realm, this time he went a long way on the invincible road!

He now very much looks forward to the opening of the fifth star of the Chaos Eucharist. As long as the fifth star is turned on, he will immediately be able to fight against the fairy king, and then the entire fairy world will let him go.

However, I am afraid that there will be a very big noise at the beginning of the fifth star. When that happens, the entire Tongtian Pagoda will be attacked by the Sky Tribulation. Do not break the road of the seventh fairy city world on this avenue.

So he decided to find a place to turn on the fifth star after entering the seventh fairy city world.

Zhao Yuande has finished retreating, and the three people are still indefinite. Zhao Yuande can't leave. He simply let Zhao 14 come out to take his place, and he returned to the other side of the world and began to condense his second avatar.

That is the avatar of Xuanqi, the demon traitor, and he very politely sucked Xuanqi's special physique into the engulfing vortex, sucked it into a mortal, and directly threw himself into the boundless inner world.

With the experience of the first avatar, the training of the second avatar is extremely simple, but the second avatar appeared in front of him in a day.

"Daoyou!" The second avatar looked at Zhao Yuande and bowed slightly to him.

"Okay! You will be Zhao Liu from now on!" Zhao Yuande thought it was a good idea to use numbers instead of names.

"Zhao Liu! Well, I will call it Zhao Liu in the future!" The second avatar nodded and said, he has no requirements for the name, just a code name.