Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1711

Chapter 1711: Soulbrusher

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"You enter the time immortal palace to practice! Your current state is the early stage of the fairyland, I hope you can break through as soon as possible!" Zhao Yuande moved, all the exercises he learned were put into the other party's sea of knowledge.

As long as Zhao Liu broke through, it would be equivalent to Zhao Yuande's breakthrough, and it would be equivalent to Zhao 14 breaking through.

After three days and three nights, some people have gradually entered the Tongtian Tower, and the retreat of the three people has finally been completed!

Zhao Yuande looked at the three people with a smile: "Are the three of you improved?"

"Yes! It's a great improvement, it's a surprise! My body is several times stronger, and now I'm more resistant to beating!"

"Uh..." Zhao Yuande was speechless.

But think about it and it's relieved that this guy doesn't have too much attack power, relying on Xiaohei to fight completely, and being more resistant to punching means that the chance of survival increases, which is not bad!

"My physical body has been strengthened! Especially my speed and responsiveness have been greatly improved. I think it can be improved by one or two places in the ranking!" Zhou Ming's answer was relatively plain, but the inner excitement could not be understood by others.

She didn't have any special physique. She practiced the Pure Yang Zhen Jing of the Pure Sun Fairy Palace. She was hailed by the master as the most powerful auxiliary power in the heavens and the world. Every time the flesh is strengthened, it will inevitably increase his combat power. One level!

Now the flesh has been strengthened a little bit more. Her combat power is now at least several times the previous one. Now if she meets Leng Ruoning's mad woman again, she is sure to be able to defeat it within ten strokes!

Of course, she is a relatively subtle woman, and she did not say anything about it.

"I awakened the Warriors..." Yu Rosa's answer surprised everyone.

"What! You awakened the Wushuang Babo! How is that possible?" Zhou Ming beside him exclaimed inconceivably, "Aren't your Wushuang Babos at home not awakened by more than a dozen generations? You..."

"Wu Shuang Ba Body..." Zhou Fei looked dark, suddenly feeling that he had lost his goal.

Everyone has awakened the unparalleled body, and even more disregard for this ordinary person, it seems that this...

No way!

Who am I Zhou Fei, unique, unparalleled in the world, romantic and suave...

What else is coming, anyway, Lao Tzu will be invincible in the world in the future, and the unparalleled domineering body will also surrender before me!

This guy's self-healing ability is very powerful, but he is full of confidence again in a flash, and his eyes on Rosa are even hotter!

"Wu Shuang Ba body is a good physique, with your fighting style can indeed play a more powerful power, if you practice more time, you should be able to enter the top ten!" Zhao Yuande was also nodded slowly, shocked his face Showing his joy.

"Huh!" Yu Rosa glanced at Zhao Yuande secretly, but her heart was not as calm as she saw.

If he is stronger, is he eligible to be with him?

Yu Rosa thought this secretly, and there was a little blush on her face.

"In this case, let's go!" Zhao Yuande looked deep into the misty clouds ahead, and watched the practitioners who went into it one after another.

The four quickly stepped into the clouds, but Zhao Yuande stayed in the sight.

He found that the environment here, like the real Tongtian Tower, was full of bones and cobwebs.

A black spider, bigger than a calf, lay quietly on the net, and a pair of green eyes stared at everyone.

Countless huge bats are cruising around in the air, and a trembling whine spreads across the open area.

"'s terrible here!" A look of terror appeared on Yu Rosa's face beside him.

"'s all many people are going to die!" Zhou Fei exclaimed on the side, and there was a trace of panic on his face, "Xiaohei, come out and escort!"

"Although these dead bones have gone through endless years, they are still strong. The dead people are some powerful cultivators! Look at this piece, the crystal is shimmering and shiny, which is obviously a powerful... Skeleton!" Even Zhou Ming, who had always been quiet, couldn't help but change his face slightly.

"Here...may be dangerous, everyone should be careful!" Zhao Yuande was silent for a long time before slowly speaking.

At this time, his mood is very unsteady. What is the difference between the Tongtian Tower and the Tiantian Tower in Xianjie? What is the connection between the two?

But what made him a little relieved was that the level of the beasts here was obviously one level lower than that in the Celestial Realm Tower.

Soon everyone met the first batch of enemies that came, a group of fist-sized spiders, densely packed with tens of thousands, each of which is a sixth-order beast!

With so many sixth-order beasts, especially spiders, the two women couldn't help but be frightened.

"It's yours!" Zhao Yuande poked Zhou Fei beside him, "This is an opportunity to show your manhood! Don't let the two big beauties disappoint!"

"Relax, no problem!" What Zhao Yuande didn't expect was that this guy really patted his chest and strode out. "What are these little spiders, I can kill them with just one hand!"

The two women looked at Zhou Fei's eyes as well, did this guy really have the ability to kill this group of spiders?

"Hey! Little babes, come out to me!" Amidst everyone's surprise and doubt, Zhou Feishao's bag raised his head and gently patted a small yellow bag around his waist.


A large group of earthy yellow bees flew out of the loose bag mouth.


The three of them couldn't help but stunned, could this be done?

"You are optimistic! This is not an ordinary bee, but a soul-eating bee! Although it is also a sixth-order beast, they are the natural enemies of spiders. This group of spiders has now become the food of this group of little babies!" Zhou Feiman Complacent.


As soon as the group of Soul-Eating Bees appeared, they rushed toward the group of spiders with excitement. Although they were only about the size of the thumb belly, they were fierce and abnormal.

The group of spiders seemed to have encountered something terrible and retreated backward.

However, their speed is so fast that they can catch up with soul-eating bees, and they are soon caught up. A long mouthpiece deeply penetrates the brains of these spiders, constantly consuming their brains.

However, in the time of dozens of breaths, this group of soul-hunting bees has become blood red, and its size has increased several times.

"Come back!" Zhou Feile looked at the swarm of soul-eating bees, the small bag in her waist opened slightly.

The group of Soul-sweeping Bees seemed to have been summoned by some kind, all flew back buzzing, and all were thrown into small bags.