Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713: Pity

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This disgusting dark green swamp is endless, and Zhou Ming does not know how many corpses have been killed.

Of course, she also improved her swordsmanship and practice through this constant battle.

She originally needed dozens of breaths to kill a group of corpses, but now it only takes ten breaths to get it, and the improvement of combat power is not a little bit!

Although Yu Rosa was extremely envious, she was also eager to try, but when she saw the disgusting liquid flowing on the corpses, she felt goose bumps.

If it is really fighting, I am afraid that half of the 10% fighting strength will not be able to be exerted.

Zhou Fei even kept frowning while covering his nose, shouting constantly, "It's over, this makes me eat more food!"

But whenever Zhao Yuande took out the food, this guy was always the first to rush up, utterly gobbling, and forgot the disgusting image of the stone man.

He walked full day and night, and finally saw a green mountain not far away!

"Wow! I finally came out! I feel like I'm smelly these days!" Yu Rosa looked at this green mountain and couldn't help but feel happy.

"I think there seems to be a waterfall. Let's take a shower!" Zhou Ming whispered in Rosa's ear.

She was even a clean girl who fought with the corpse for a few days in a row. Even if she was not contaminated with nausea liquid, she always felt strange in her heart.

"Bath! I think too!" Zhou Fei, who was on the side, also had sharp ears. His eyes suddenly became round when he heard the word "bath", especially when his gaze reached Yu Rosa's proud...

His heart began to jump uncontrollably, and he could hardly imagine the infinite beauty of this woman's bath.

"Hello! Brother Zhou, you drool again!" Zhao Yuande's mocking voice rang in Zhou Fei's ear.

"Ah! You fat man!" The two women heard Zhao Yuande's voice and couldn't help but blush, Qi Qi threw a white eye towards Zhou Fei.

"Oh! My heart is going to change..." Zhou Fei was intoxicated, his eyes closed slightly, and he murmured like a whisper.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande finally retreated, and turned to the second female, "Well, you two go to wash! I'll keep it for you, to ensure that no one can come close."

"Can we believe you?" Yu Rosa slightly curled her lips, covering her red lips and whispering, "You won't guard against theft! Will we lead the wolf into the room like this!"

"Can you still believe my character?" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

"Of course I can believe it, but I can't believe this fat man. Brother Zhao, you have to be optimistic about him!" Zhou Ming's face was red, she didn't believe the fat man in her heart, but she had another inexplicable trust in Zhao Yuande.

It may be that the person's personality is somewhat similar to himself!

"Relax!" Zhao Yuande squeezed one of Zhou Fei's arms. "As long as he dares to peep, I will...I will..."

"It's better to be alone than Lele, so you go with me!" Zhou Fei's face showed a cheap expression.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande kicked Zhou Fei's **** and let him kick and fly out.

The second daughter hurried to the waterfall, while Zhao Yuande and Zhou Fei sat bored on a big rock.

"Brother! Brother! Let's go over and have a look! That figure I think about..." Zhou Fei's face was flattering, "Just look at it, one glance! I have never asked anyone in my life, Brother are my reborn parent..."

Zhou Fei chattered, and Zhao Yuande couldn't bear it, so he simply covered his ears.

"Hey! My Zhou Fei died at the age of three and my mother died at the age of five. I grew up from snacks and hundreds of meals, and now I am twenty-two. I have never touched a woman's hand, nor have I seen a woman... "


Just when Zhao Yuande felt that his brain was going to blow up, suddenly there was a cry of exclamation from the waterfall.

"Not good! They are in danger!" Zhao Yuande felt anxious in his heart, and disappeared in place with a flick of his figure.

The next moment, he had come to the waterfall.

But the scene in front of him was different from what he thought.

A white flower's body came into view, the exaggerated curve, a pair of blood spurting...... Let Zhao Yuande stay in place for an instant.

"Ah!" Yu Rosa exclaimed again, louder and more miserable than the little snake she saw just now.

She hugged her chest with both hands and plunged her head directly into the deep pool in front of the waterfall, leaving only a white shadow swimming in the water.

On the other side, Zhou Ming picked up a small black snake with a sword and was about to throw it away, and suddenly saw Zhao Yuande appear.

Fortunately, she also had a simple obscene dress that blocked the spring, but even so she was blushing.

"What are you doing!" Zhou Mingjiao shouted.

"I... I heard a scream, thinking what was the danger, so..." Zhao Yuande recovered, recovering his mind from the body with a thrilling and perfect curve just now. She couldn't help showing an embarrassed expression.

"It won't be an excuse!" Zhou Ming also thinks it should be so, otherwise this guy is too disappointing.

" not!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands hurriedly. "Since nothing is wrong, then I'm gone, I'm gone!"

"Hey! Brother, you don't let me come, but you come by yourself, no justice... No justice!" Zhou Fei rushed back panting at this time, seeing Zhao Yuande turning around to leave, and hurriedly stopped him.

"All misunderstandings, all misunderstandings, stop talking!" Zhao Yuandela left with Zhou Fei.

"You... you lightly, can't I go by myself?" Zhou Fei turned anxiously, squinted fiercely on Zhou Ming's bare white lotus root, and then glanced into the water again.

The water pond is crystal clear and only sees a splash of snow under water...

"Hey! Pull me slowly, I haven't seen... Alas! It's a pity, it's a pity!" Zhou Fei was dragged away by Zhao Yuande quickly, thumping his chest with gas and struggling, but his strength was almost in front of Zhao Yuande Too weak, and dragged away with no resistance.

"Are you gone?" A head came out from under the water. It was Yu Rosa, who was excited and nervous looking at the direction where Zhao Yuande disappeared.

"Let's go!" Zhou Ming looked at each other helplessly, "Sister, are you useful to do this?"

"It's Ma Dang live horse doctor! Anyway, my sister has taken a fancy to him in this life, or he won't marry!" Yu Rosa pouted, her face showing an absolute color.

"Okay! I don't care about these things, my sister is only responsible for helping you!" Zhou Ming's mouth showed a faint smile, "I really envy you Kachin, noble women, free and passionate, and equal communication with men! And I... ...But without your guts and your determination."