Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1714

Chapter 1714: Water Drop Stone Wear

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A little melancholy appeared on Zhou Ming's face.

She used to have an enviable fellow who treated her tenderly and caredly, but she did not expect that on that day, the two would talk about marriage and get married, but she accidentally broke the brothers scandal!

He even carried himself and another sister...

At that time, she cut off with the senior brother, no matter how much the other party begged, she could not forgive him.

Later, this senior brother finally turned against her, and two of the pure Yang Xian Gong also became evil!

She is basically a little repulsive to men now. If she did not meet Zhao Yuande and Xie Fei, she even started to hate men!

Although the two of them looked very beautiful, they were the first ones to stand up at the moment of crisis and stand by their side without hesitation.

The other is as deep as the sea, but fair and selfless, upright, and has its own set of rules no matter what it does.

He is very similar to himself, and she is also of this character. If there are people who are familiar with her at this time, they will surely find that the two people have very similar characters, just like brothers and sisters!

The two men were by their side, and she felt a sense of relief inexplicably, with the kind of warmth of a family.

At this time, if Zhou Fei knew that he had such a high evaluation in Zhou Ming's heart, he would definitely jump up in excitement, but at this time he was indeed sitting on the boulder listlessly, his eyes constantly glancing towards the waterfall.

"Brother Zhao, you are too unjust, just say, did you see..." Zhou Fei turned his head and suddenly looked at Zhao Yuande with an ambiguous look, and Fat Dudu's big face was uglier than crying Smirk.

"Shut up! This is just a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists irritably, and now he really wants to punch himself hard.

At that time, his eyes seemed to be caught by a hook, unable to turn at all, and his head was blank. The magnificent scenery of the mountains and rivers made his heart become extremely agitated.

"Hey! I think she must have deliberately, just a little snake, how could it be so loud, this is inevitable..." Zhou Fei's eyes turned, and it seemed to think of the key, "If you don't accept her, he will Create an opportunity for you to accept, you all see the body of others... watch it! After a while, she will definitely look for you alone, hehe, if you take the initiative, maybe you..."

"I rely on it! Fat Zhou, don't you say you haven't even touched a woman's small hand? How did you think of this!" Zhao Yuande felt more and more reasonable as he listened, and his face changed slightly.

"I'm thinking about it. Isn't it normal for people like me to be so smart?" Zhou Fei proudly said, "How about, do you want brothers to help you and arrange a warm environment for you, Contribute to the good deeds between you two, and dont forget the brothers by then!"

"Go! There are still several wives in my family, what do you ask me to do! How can I go back and say!" Zhao Yuande felt a little bigger at the moment.

"Think of a strong man such as a brother, that wife and concubine who doesn't have dozens of rooms is not a matter of one or two more, mainly because people don't care!" Zhou Fei continued to lobby.

"I have thought about this reason in my mind countless times, but finally gave up, do you know why?" Zhao Yuande said.

"I don't know! It's not that your sisters-in-law are too powerful, you can't hold back!" Zhou Fei guessed.

"Fart!" Zhao Yuande felt that when he talked to this guy, he always wanted to scold, "They all support it!"

"This...I can't understand it! Since they all support it, why do you still..." Zhou Fei scratched his head, his face puzzled.

"Hey! I don't want to bear them too much. Every extra one of your love will go out for one more point. They follow me all the way, without complaint or regret, and even give up cultivation, serve my parents, raise children for me, I... " Zhao Yuande's face was painful. "I'm still outside with flowers, can I afford them?"

"Okay! I'm sorry, but now that you have nowhere to go, you really can't go back and admit a mistake, and say this is the last one!" Zhou Fei twitched his mouth, envying him.

Why does this guy have so many people posting up, why is he so wise, why no one has this kind of eye!

The two had been together for a long time, and the two women were finally washed!

Smelling the elegant fragrance, Zhou Fei couldn't help looking down at the fragrance, and suddenly saw the source of the fragrance, which was Zhou Ming who had been silent for a long time!

Although this one is not that big, it is also a superb one. If you fall asleep smelling this fragrance every day, it will definitely be a fairy-like enjoyment!

God can do me! Give me this beauty!

Zhou Fei shouted inside, but his face was facing Zhou Ming, showing the most brilliant smile he thought.

"Cough! Just now..." Zhao Yuande walked up a little embarrassedly, trying to explain something, but he didn't know what to say when he was halfway there.

"What happened just now?" Yu Rosa's mouth smiled with a charming smile, as if nothing had happened.

"No... nothing happened!" A big stone in Zhao Yuande's heart suddenly put down.

What he is most afraid of is that the other party finds his own heart and confesses what he is supposed to do!

Since the other party didn't mention it, he would simply be confused and not mention it.

Seeing his expression, Yu Rosa couldn't help but feel a little sad in the depths of her eyes. It seemed that the other party was really... forget it, don't think about it!

Let's take a step by step, don't all say that the water droplets wear stone, I don't believe that he is the heart of stone!

Yu Rosa secretly made up her mind, and finally a somewhat entangled heart finally calmed down.

"Since that is the case, let's move on!" Zhao Yuande looked deep into the mountains, where a strong breath came out, like a holy beast.

However, the holy beast is only a weak ant for him. These three people should also experience a real grind. This holy beast happens to be a good whetstone.

"Brother, I felt something terrible in front of me!" After a while, Zhou Fei lowered his voice suddenly.

"Oh! Do you feel it?" Zhao Yuande was also secretly surprised. It seems that this week's fat man really has some secrets. According to his calculations, the three of them have to travel a thousand miles at least to feel the holy beast.

The second daughter also looked at Zhou Fei slightly surprised. They thought they were higher than Zhou Fei's cultivation, but they didn't expect that the other party felt, and they still don't have a trace of crisis.