Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715: Inner Beauty

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"Hey! My soul is born strong, accompanied by auspicious clouds as soon as I was born, the golden dragon dances, the colorful phoenix flies, the unicorn..." Zhou Fei was proud, and began to blow up with no credibility.

"Stop... don't say anything that is useless! When the three of you fight this holy beast for a while, remember not to keep your hands! Otherwise, I might not be able to save you!" Zhao Yuande said seriously.

"What a holy beast in the end! Such a terrible thing? To know that Zhou Ming is a strong emperor at the peak of the emperor, he should be able to deal with a holy beast independently!" Yu Rosa said with a slight surprise on her face when she heard Zhao Yuande say this.

"Yeah! I once fought a holy beast, although I didn't defeat each other, but I also retired, plus the two of them, there should be no problem!" Zhou Ming is also full of disbelief. .

"Holy beasts are also divided into three, six, nine, etc. One of my brothers is also a holy beast, but even if the three of you join hands are not his opponents, he is Zhu Yan's parent-child!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of breaking the sky at this time. , Compared with him.

"Zhu Yan!" Zhou Fei heard, and could not help showing a very wonderful expression on his face, "Brother, you are a gold-winged Dapeng, and Zhu Yan, you must envy me!"

"That's my brother!" Zhao Yuande looked solemn and solemn.

"All right! All right! I'm wrong!" Zhou Fei hurriedly admitted the mistake, he didn't want to provoke the angry man.

If this anger is gone, the three of them will suffer!

"Zhu Yan..." Zhou Ming frowned, "It seems that I have seen a Zhu Yan, beside a teenager named Qin Xingyu, this teenager seems to be the last time he entered the twelve ascendant fairy city, all the way across, a few days ago Before he set foot on the Tongtian Tower. There were two people beside him, one called Black Wind and the other called Yi Jie, and they were ranked very high. I have observed them closely, and their strength is very strong, it should not be weaker I"

"Oh! Ha ha!" Zhao Yuande heard the disciples' news and couldn't help showing a bit of success.

"Do you know them? Or that Zhu Yan is your brother?" Yu Rosa immediately saw Zhao Yuande's smile and immediately guessed.

"Yes! Qin Xingyu is my disciple, Black Wind, Yi Jie and Po Tian are my good brothers!" Zhao Yuande nodded and answered.

"Your good brother is also my good brother! Haha, when will I just want to see these brothers!" Zhou Fei heard Zhao Yuande said, and there was a little excitement on his face, he whispered, " If I can beg a cub, I am not well-developed. I can grow into a beast pet of the level of Immortal Emperor. I am excited to think about it!"

"What are you talking about?" Zhao Yuande glared.

"I didn't say anything, I didn't say anything!" Zhou Fei hurriedly covered his mouth and secretly scolded himself a fool. How can this kind of heart say it!

The two girls are smiling, and Zhou Fei is by their side, they can always feel joy!

Of course, sometimes this guy is too irritating, so they can't help but want to kick their feet fiercely.


Suddenly there was a roar of the beast in front of him. A huge white giant tiger jumped out of the mountain forest and culled towards the four of them.

When Zhao Yuande came here, he had hidden his breath for a long time, otherwise this white tiger would not jump out and attack them at this time.

Although this white tiger is very powerful, it is an elementary holy beast, but it is not the one Zhao Yuande said.

"Girl Yu is finally your turn!" Zhao Yuande turned to look at Yu Rosa, a look of anticipation on her face.

This white tiger's strength is quite good, should be able to detect the real combat power of Rosa now!

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!" Yu Rosa's mind was full of war at this time. She rose into the sky and punched directly at the white tiger with a punch.

She wants to be tough, and see where her limits are!


The white tiger was furious, and the roaring huge tiger claws carried the terrifying power of the world, and slapped towards Yu Rosa with a slap.

Zhao Yuande felt the power of this white tiger, and he couldn't help worrying. He didn't know how strong Yu Rosa was now, and whether he could hold the opponent's paw.


The collision between the two was unexpectedly violent, and a huge tornado spawned in the field, constantly tearing everything in the mountains.

The two sides of the collision flew out separately, and Yu Rosa continuously rolled back hundreds of feet in the void, which was regarded as a stop. A bright red blood stain on the corner of her mouth showed that she had already been in this collision. Was injured.

The body of the white tiger was hit by the punch alive, hitting the ground hard and knocking the solid mountains out of the pits.


The white tiger screamed and jumped from the big pit. His eyes were red again towards Yu Rosa!

"Good! My old lady will play with you today!" Yu Rosa also became wild and irritable at this moment, her hair was long and windless, and her body suddenly burst into a strong and domineering terror. .

As if it were a violent dragon, his head was screaming.

The speed of the two is incredible at this moment, and the violent collision sounds through the forest, and the three of them can't help but feel the sway of their hearts for a while.

"This girl is too fierce! It's not something that my small body can provoke. It seems that I will stay away from her in the future! Otherwise, I will irritate her and will kill me alive!" Zhou Fei His face shuddered, and his heart was a little scared.

His eyes at this time could not help glancing at Zhou Ming, this woman is gentle and touching, and also has a natural body fragrance, with her always makes people feel a sense of peace of mind.

He has always been very arrogant at this time, he couldn't help but put away his crooked thoughts, and simply looked at her with appreciation.

The more you look, the more you like, and the more you look, the more pleasing to you!

"Mother! It turns out that this is my dish! I saw the big pair before... Still want inner beauty... And our names are so similar, this is destiny! I decided, she is working hard by herself Goal!"

At this time in Zhou Fei's heart, he finally became conscious, and his eyes became clearer all at once, and the whole person's mood began to change.

But at this time, the battle between the two had reached an intensified level. The war had almost fragmented the entire mountain range. The surrounding trees and grass were all cut down like wheat, and were torn by a terrible hurricane!

Although the white tiger is dozens of feet in size, it looks majestic, but in Zhao Yuande's eyes it is already at a disadvantage at this time, and its momentum is completely suppressed.