Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716: Conquer The White Tiger

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But at this time, Rosa was like a barbarian dragon with a powerful and overbearing momentum, and under the terrifying momentum, her terrifying physical body gradually showed, and the muscles and bones of the whole body continued to crackle.

The more she fights, the more fierce she is, and the more she fights, the stronger her momentum!

The white tiger's eyes were already in fear, and the huge body was also dripping with blood at this time. Although Yu Rosa was traversed by horrible claws all over the body, although it was also blood gurgling, but it still seemed not to know the tired machine .

She is now in a period of intense excitement!

"Good! Good! Worthy of being the unparalleled body!" Zhao Yuande nodded constantly, his face showing relief.

This combat power can already be battled against Leng Ruo Ning. Both are violent and overbearing fighting methods, but Rosa has a double body, and only a little tempering can suppress Ruo Ning.


It seems that the white tiger can't stand the stifling battle, and he turned and fled with a roar.

"Beast, come back to me!" When Yu Rosa was most excited at this time, she simply refused to let go, and her figure was a little faster than the white tiger.

The two quickly entangled together, but this time it was Rosa who had the upper hand.

The fist wind roared, and the beating white tiger mourned.

Seeing the white tiger dying, Yu Rosa fell to the ground with a punch, and Zhou Fei rushed up to her, saying to her: "Yu girl, be merciless, leave this animal to me!"

Suddenly Zhao Yuande moved his heart. This Zhou Fei is really not easy. Should he take this opportunity to conquer this white tiger?

Although Yu Rosa was extremely excited to fight at this time, she was still awake. She originally wanted to dive down and give the white tiger a final blow, but at this time it was abruptly stopped and fell not far from the white tiger. Office.

Seeing this situation, Zhou Fei nodded to Rosa immediately, and then the fat body rushed to the dying white tiger.

With a weird decision in his hand, a forehead of golden brilliance rushed out and instantly rushed into the body of the white tiger without resistance.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande also came over at this time and carefully observed Zhou Fei's behavior.

He felt that the golden glory that flew out of Zhou Fei's forehead not only contained a powerful spirit power, but also a kind of vigorous life energy.

Bai Hu was a little dying, and already felt that death was coming, he simply closed his eyes and waited for death.

But after the golden light rushed into the body, it seemed to have taken a panacea all at once, and a pair of fierce eyes opened at once. Among them there was a trace of surprise and a bit of confusion.

"Succumb to me, I will make you more powerful, I will make you evolve more perfect..." Zhou Fei's voice seems to be full of some magic, constantly piercing the white tiger's sea of knowledge.

Bai Hu was seriously injured, closed his eyes and waited for death, but this time he was reborn, and the other party was also able to save himself, and there was a constant desire to surrender in his heart, which finally made it a little bit. That huge head.

"Wow! It's finally done!" Zhou Fei was sweating at this time, his body was soaked with sweat, and even Zhao Yuande had a feeling that this guy seemed to shrink in a sudden.

As long as Bai Hu agrees, the next thing is very simple. Because Bai Hu's blood is strong, Zhou Fei simply signed a fairer high-level contract with it. Soon, this white tiger with a length of dozens of feet became Zhou Fei's. pet.

There are three types of contracts for the Imperial Beast Envoy. Advanced contracts are most beneficial to the future development of the beasts, and they are most suitable for signing with all powerful beasts with extraordinary wisdom.

It is this high-level contract that Zhou Fei and Xiaohei signed.

Intermediate contracts are brutal, and for those beasts with little wisdom, this contract can be used as a guide to allow them to correctly follow the will of the owner.

The low-level contract is to completely control the spirits of the fierce beasts and make them the thugs of the imperial beasts, just like the group of soul-sweeping bees.

Of course, the stronger the spirit of the imperial beast, the more beast pets they have, just like Zhou Fei. Now that he has subdued this white tiger, he has reached the limit.

If you want to continue to add your own beast pet team, you need to break through the current state!

Under the golden light of Zhou Fei, Bai Hu's injury turned out to be much better.

"Become smaller, be careful to trample me to death!" Zhou Fei looked at Bai Hu and said helplessly.


White Tiger nodded, his body shrank, and turned into a length of three or four feet. This was normal, and it did not look too large when standing in front of everyone.

"Hey! You will be my best partner in the future!" Zhou Fei's fat body jumped up on the back of the white tiger, and there was a trace of triumph in his eyes.

Everyone couldn't help but look at the envy for a while, this guy would just pick up the leak in the future, and if he meets Phoenix again, the real dragon or something, he will not be very strong soon!

"Brother Zhou, okay! Now your fighting power is not weaker than the girl!" Zhao Yuande's face was a little surprised. "But you can still conquer such beast pets? Is your divine soul power enough?" ?"

"Brother, wouldn't it be great for me to be awesome for a while!" Zhou Fei smiled bitterly when he heard Zhao Yuande, "Why are you hitting me so hard!"

"Haha! I just remind you, don't neglect cultivation, your talents should definitely not just be in this state!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

The second daughter looked at the majestic white tiger, and all of them showed envious colors on her face, and she had a new understanding of Zhou Fei.

"Is it okay to behave?" Yu Rosa came to Zhao Yuande's side at this time, her wild and domineering breath disappeared completely, as if it had become a charming flower.

"Cough, it's not bad! But you're not injured, let's reply first!" Zhao Yuande saw that there was still a little blood stains on the corners of her mouth, and many clothes on her body were broken, showing blood stains. Pull.

"Are you caring about me?" Yu Rosa looked at Zhao Yuande with a flash of excitement in her eyes.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande can talk about it, only vaguely.

"Okay!" Although Yu Rosa felt Zhao Yuande's embarrassment, she was still very happy and excited when she heard the sound of "Oh". She couldn't help but reddish her face, she didn't speak much anymore, but swallowed it directly. He received a panacea and began to heal.

Zhao Yuande's heart sighed for a long time, and he couldn't help looking at Zhou Fei.

"Miss Zhou, do you want to sit on the white tiger!" Zhou Fei came to Zhou Ming at this time, and offered his courtesy to her.