Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718: Shot

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When Yu Rosa rushed out for the second time, her violent and domineering breath was released, as if she were not a woman at all, but a ferocious wild dragon was born.

"I'm going! You are all out, and I can't wither, Xiaobai, you won't go, I will bake and eat you!" Zhou Fei turned over Xiaobai's back and slapped it on it.


Xiaobai roared, and didn't know if it hurt or was irritated. Anyway, he rushed up.

Zhou Ming was the first to contact the monkey, and he immediately felt that his violent force collided with himself.

The long sword in her hand was constantly waving in the void, and a strange power was pulled out of the void by her, and a figure of Hunyuan Taiji was formed around her.

The monkey hit a stick on the Hunyuan Taiji chart. Instead of hitting Zhou Ming flying, the stick was bounced high, and the whole body leaned back.

Although Zhou Ming was not shot, her body also regressed repeatedly. The Hunyuan Taiji figure almost collapsed, and the corners of her mouth were overflowing with blood.

Under the first contact, Zhou Ming, who was almost invincible in defense, had been slightly injured.

But at this time, Yu Rosa had already been killed. At this time, the monkey leaned back. She took the opportunity to grab a step forward, and a punch hit the monkey's chest.

But when her fist fell on the monkey's chest, her face changed greatly.

She only felt a strong reactionary force coming from the other person's chest. She only felt a soreness in her arm and even heard a slight cracking sound.

However, her body was reversed back by a powerful force, and suddenly hit with the white tiger.


Bai Hu and Yu Rosa suddenly lost their balance and fell to the ground!

Although this punch caused some damage to Rosa, but also paid a certain price, but the monkey is not very good.

Although his flesh is strong, his muscles are almost comparable to a product of Xianbao, but it is still a flesh after all, and the punch is still the position of the heart. The monkey only feels that his heart is almost torn apart, and a mouthful of blood spouts out.


After the monkey was injured, he became even more violent. He didn't care about his injury at all. When he talked about the club, he smashed it towards Zhou Ming in front of him.


The Hunyuan Taiji figure outside Zhou Ming collapsed at once, and the long sword in her hand almost flew away, but the silver armor outside her body blocked the powerful attack of the monkey again.

"Don't mess up! The monkey is also injured, go and help Zhou Ming immediately!" Zhao Yuande saw Yu Rosa and Bai Hu, Zhou Fei hadn't responded, and hurriedly snorted.

"Fuck, Xiaobai, give me!" Zhou Fei got up and rushed towards Zhou Ming.

"Roar!" Xiao Baiqiang resisted the fear of the monkey in his heart and rushed towards Zhou Ming's monkey to swing his long stick again.

Yu Rosa did not fall behind, followed closely behind Xiaobai.


The white tiger was hit **** the paw by a monkey, and the whole body was almost shot. The paw was bloody, but he was injured in only one round.

But the white tiger behind his hand was aroused by wild animal nature, screaming at the other big paw and shooting towards the monkey's chest.

And Rosa kicked at this time, kicking towards the lower body of the monkey with impunity.

The monkey was struck by the left and right, his face flashed, and he did not bump against them, but his body shrunk into a ball, which directly let the two attack, and his body shot into the sky.

"Not good! Hurry away!" Zhao Yuande felt the monkey's intention and suddenly changed his face, shouting loudly.

The monkey slammed a stick down in the sky.


This sound is the sound of the broken sky.

The crowd only felt as if a huge meteorite had fallen, and the target was the three of them and one tiger.


The white tiger's body hair exploded, biting Zhou Fei's body, and he would jump towards the distance.

"You **** girl, save Miss Zhou! I'm fine!" Zhou Fei slapped on the head of Bai Hu and scolded fiercely.

Bai Hu hesitated and did not dare to disobey his master's words, but he didn't let go, but it was a huge tail that rolled Zhou Ming into the body and jumped out for hundreds of miles. The speed is definitely beyond the ordinary level. .

Yu Rosa's body quickly retreated, but she felt that a strong will locked herself, and she could not escape this stick!

The monkey is completely injured because of Yu Rosa's punch, so it hates Yu Rosa most, and the target that this stick locks must be her.

The power of this stick has almost surpassed Fan Zhou of the holy beast, and immediately reached the limit of the fairy beast. If this blow really falls, even if Rosa's physique is strong, it may be directly smashed into flesh. mud.

She has felt the death coming, and she has completely lost her fighting spirit and confidence.

She looked at Zhao Yuande's direction reluctantly, and there was a trace of longing in her eyes.


Zhao Yuande sighed softly. He didn't expect this monkey to be so powerful. Now if he doesn't shoot at Rosa, he might be dead!

His fingers flicked lightly, and an invisible force shot out, directly hitting the black stick that the monkey fell.


The monkey only felt an irresistible force of terror passed along the stick to his body, and his body rolled back and forth, threatening to hit the ground like a meteor.

The monkey was not injured in this blow, but its eyes were staring at Zhao Yuande's direction.

With its wisdom, it has become clear that Zhao Yuande must have shot.

Because just now, a terror that made its heart tremble flashed on that person, and it felt that the other party was so strong that he could not resist in his heart.

As soon as Rosa felt her body light, she couldn't help turning her head to look at it. The monkey was standing in a large area of ruins at the moment, the body trembling slightly, looking at Zhao Yuande on the opposite side.

She couldn't help but take a breath, and finally saved her life!

The White Tiger, who had escaped hundreds of miles, also stopped at this moment, looking at the rear with some doubt.

It found that the powerful breath disappeared, and couldn't help but shake his head, and didn't understand what was going on.

"Hey! Alright! Brother Zhao shot!" Zhou Fei was relieved, his face was light, but soon he slapped angrily on the white tiger's head, "Hurry up Let me down, your saliva will drown me! It smells bad!"


Bai Hu suffered from pain, opened his mouth, and threw Zhou Fei, whose body was soaked with saliva.