Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1719

Chapter 1719: Sparring

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"Ouch! I fell to death!" Zhou Fei fell on a raised boulder and cried out suddenly.

"Which... Could you let me down first?" At this time, Zhou Fei heard a voice. He suddenly jumped up and saw that the white tiger's tail was still firmly wrapped around Zhou Ming.

The white tiger's tail is full of water tank thickness, like a big python. Zhou Ming, who is curled up, only has his head exposed, and his face has turned a little red!

She is not good to hurt Baihu, but she can only make Zhou Fei quickly give orders.

"Have you heard it! Let go of your tail! Girl Zhou is going to be strangled by you!" Zhou Fei roared at the white tiger,


Bai Hu shouted in aggrieved expression, letting go of his tail.

"Miss Zhou, are you okay!" Zhou Fei hurried forward, supporting Zhou Ming, who was strangled with some dizziness, his face showing concern.

"It's okay! Thank you just now!" Zhou Ming smiled slightly at him, a look of gratitude on his face.

At that time, she did not forget to save herself, which moved her again.

"Hey, hey! It's okay! Didn't you let me lose weight? If you... what else do I do after losing weight, you say yes!" Zhou Fei felt his head, explaining with some embarrassment.

"Where did your tongue go! Why did you not speak at this time!" Zhou understood the other person's glance, what did he say!

You cant say that Im worried about my injury or my comfort, so I just...

"Hey..." Zhou Fei smirked.

"Okay! Go back!" Zhou Ming's figure disappeared in a flash.

"Hey!" Zhou Fei promised, but his face was ecstatic.

He is not stupid, and he can feel the meaning of the other party's words.

But he didn't dare to go too far. Although he seemed to be careless and nonsense, the fat of this body still made him feel inferior!

He decided to lose the flesh himself that day, and he would speak to the other party that day!

The four reunited, and all three looked at Zhao Yuande, waiting for his opinion.

"Oh! Your battles are somewhat scattered. If you can cooperate well, you should be able to fight this monkey, but if it uses the stick you just couldn't take, you still have to lose! You might even die!" Zhao Yuande looked With three people, slowly said.

"Then give up? Brother you shot it off?" Zhou Fei looked at Zhao Yuande.

"No... there is still a fight. I think if we can play a few games with it, the fighting power will definitely advance by leaps and bounds!" Yu Rosa refused.

"Yes! We didn't know how powerful it was just now, so we are in a hurry. If we can cooperate well, maybe the stick will be able to take it!" Zhou Ming was full of confidence at this time.

Just now she still had powerful defensive tricks, but she didn't have time to play. If the three of them joined forces to advance and retreat, and gave her time to play, she felt that she could be completely prevented.

"But this guy won't run away!" Zhou Fei looked at the monkey and found that the light in his eyes flickered, as if thinking about something.

"Oh! Anyway, I can't escape in it!" Zhao Yuande looked at the monkey, a smile appeared on his face, and it was transmitted to him, "I know you can understand me, I give you two options, Fight my three friends for a few battles. You can use any means, but you cant kill them. As long as I am satisfied, I will let you go! Otherwise..."

A terrible force suddenly broke out on Zhao Yuande, and at the same time an invisible force of the sky descended on the monkey, holding him firmly.

At this moment, the monkey feels that he is firmly grasped by an invisible big hand, and a horrible knife is standing on his neck. As long as it dares to say half a word, the knife will not hesitate Cut off its head.


The monkey screamed in horror. His eyes were filled with infinite fear, and his head was like a chicken eating rice.

"Okay! He promised! You can do your best to fight it!" Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction, and his figure backed away.

The monkey suddenly felt that all the power disappeared at once, as if it had been a dream just now, but its eyes were still looking at Zhao Yuande in horror.

In the face of Zhao Yuande, this powerful being has exceeded its understanding, and there is only fear in his heart, and there is no resistance at all.

All three of them looked at the monkeys with glaring eyes, and the monkeys turned their eyes to them.

Since the powerful being said that he could not kill them, but did not say that he could not hurt them, then beat them to relieve their gas!

The monkey felt that he had been wronged by Zhao Yuande and should be recovered from these three people.

At the same time, the three of them were full of excitement, thinking that this monkey is our touchstone, and we have to step on it to go further.

The war was on the verge, and this time the three people and one tiger began to cooperate with the joint attack deliberately, and the battle was much easier.

The trio and the tiger were able to fight the monkey for hundreds of rounds and the tribe prevailed.


The monkey finally felt that the battle was not good for himself, so he roared and reapplied, and a stick fell from the sky.

Although this stick was blocked by the Hunyuan Promise Sword played by Zhou Ming, the momentum of the three men's teamwork was suddenly broken up.

Then the three men and one tiger were abused by the monkey stick, and the monkey walked away proudly.

The monkey did not dare to actually kill the three men and one tiger, it still wanted to live!

"'s okay at first, but...forget it, it's up to you to understand it yourself! Take a rest and recover from the injury!" Zhao Yuande arranged all three people and one tiger, and gave them the medicine to cure them. Only then did he look at the monkey who was watching his own carefully.

"You did a good job! This is a reward for you!" Zhao Yuande throws away a second-grade fairy medicine, "but it is not allowed to eat now, and you are allowed to eat it after we leave!"

The monkey took the fairy medicine, and his face suddenly showed ecstasy.

It has been trapped in this realm for thousands of years, and there was no opportunity to break through. For a while, the power of this immortal medicine is strong, but only a scent is smelled, and it has a feeling that it is about to break through.

It knows that this fairy medicine will allow itself to break through the existing realm and reach the realm of the fairy beast in the blood lineage inheritance!

And only when they reach the realm of fairy beasts can they leave this ghost place.

The monkey hid this fairy medicine into his own body world, and was sternly confronting Zhao Yuande.

The original bit of resentment towards Zhao Yuande disappeared at this time, and was replaced with a deep gratitude.