Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Jingtan's Fallacies

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This time he still turned into that black skinny boy.

At this time, there were less than 20 days left until the opening of the Shenxu. The Shenxu Square had basically become a vegetable market. Numerous families, sectarians, and young heroes who wanted to participate in the Shenxu trial were all gathered here.

Of course, there are also some forces that take advantage of the opportunity to resell the qualifications of the God's Market trial. These forces have either declined to the point where no one can participate, or are so powerful that they disdain to participate, and Zhao Yuande just needs to find such an opportunity at this time.

At this time, his identity was sensitive and special, and his real name or true face did not dare to show others. He could only find a smaller sect to get a qualification.

"Don't miss it when you pass by! The just-released God Market Qualification Sale, even if you don't buy it, come and have a look!" Zhao Yuande just walked out a few steps and heard the voice of a young boy not far away, which immediately caused many people. Onlookers.

Zhao Yuande also hurried up, and saw that he was selling a fifteen-sixteen-year-old priest with a high bun, a black wooden hairpin fixed, a waist ring with a long sword dingdong, and the dust behind the back was bright and bright. It's really a bit like a master.

Seeing the people around was watching, no one went up and asked, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder.

After a little hesitation, Zhao Yuande stepped forward and clenched his fists: "Boy Zhao Youde, don't know what to call him?"

The little Taoist shouted for a long time, and no one came to ask. Just a little depressed, he had to pull his leg away and saw a black skinny boy greet with a smile, and the little Taoist suddenly came to the spirit.

"Haha! This is the Taoist altar! Zhao Shizhu wants to qualify for the God Market trial?" the little Taoist asked in a low voice.

"Yeah! Didn't the Daoist say so just now?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other side with some suspicion, and it seemed that this guy was a bit unreliable.

"Come with me!" The little Taoist took the hand of Zhao Yuande and walked outside the Shenxu Square.

Zhao Yuande was dragged by the little priest in a confused way. When he looked at the strange eyes of those behind him, he suddenly felt that it seemed a little weird.

"Another one was cheated away!"

"This little Taoist is a big liar. Look at the innocent eyes of the boy just now!"

"Hey! At that time, I should be kind-hearted and tell that black boy is really like it!"

"It's a blessing, no misfortune, no misfortune! This kid might be Hong Fu Qitian!"

"Fart... as long as you follow the little Taoist, no one can come back!"


Zhao Yuande was pulled out of the Shenxu Square by the priest, and then stopped.

"Hey, Jingtan Taoist, what are you doing to pull me out? There is nothing you can't say in it!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other with some doubt, "You are not qualified for trial?"

"Master Zhao, I am considering it for you! Do you think, can you see the light of buying and selling the qualifications of the Shenxu trial? If you are found out by the senior members of the Zhongyu Union, your qualification will be cancelled! I heard Recently, there have been many more inspection teams dedicated to the qualifications of buying and selling Shenxu, and even a legal code has been issued as the qualification standard for the qualification of Shenxu!"

Zhao Yuande is half-trusted and doubtful, and it's a bit exaggerated how the other party listens

"Don't believe it yet! I heard that there were special testers before entering the **** market. I would like to ask you something about Zong Men, and even pick a Zong Men classic for you to recite, as long as Guan Guan is all brushed down!" The little priest saw Zhao Yuande's disbelief, and his face was a little difficult to look at. He turned away and left. "If you don't believe me, hurry up and leave. I don't like the casual suspicion and suspicious people like you. Hurt you!"

"Okay, okay! Jingtan Taoist, I believe, believe it or not?" Zhao Yuande hurriedly grabbed the other party.

"It's almost the same!" The head of Jingtan Road looked much better, turned around and glanced at Zhao Yuande, "Hey, what do you say your name is?"

"My name is Zhao Youde!"

"Yes! Zhao Youde, come with me! Make sure you can successfully get the qualification of Shenxu Trial!" The little Taoist walked toward the outside of Shenxu City with a wave.

Zhao Yuande followed behind the other with doubt.

"Jingtan Taoist, don't know what our sect called?" Zhao Yuande asked cautiously.

"Empty Mountain Taoist Sect!" The little Taoist stretched out his hand towards Zhao Yuande impatiently and said, "Don't ask about it first, pay the study fee first!"

"What study fees? Why do you need study fees?" Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Of course you have to pay the tuition fee! You think, if you want to get the qualification for the real **** market trial, you have to know everything about my Kongshan Taoist sect, and even show you the entry classics. Do you want to arrange it? The person will explain to you, and arrange a deep Taoist leader..."

Zhao Yuande only felt a buzz in his mind, and was quickly fooled by the head of the net altar.

In the end, there was really no way but to pay 20 pieces of middle-grade Lingyu as a study fee.

The little Taoist was very happy to take him over the mountains and mountains. After seven or eight hours, he finally came to a beautiful mountain.

"Brother Jingtan, cheated another one?" A middle-aged Taoist priest in Shoushan saw Zhao Yuande's eyes, and he suddenly smiled.

"Brother Jinglin, don't talk nonsense! This Zhao...Zhao..." The little Taoist felt the back of his head embarrassedly, turned his head and asked Zhao Yuande, "Hey, what is your name Zhao?"

"Zhao Youde!" Zhao Yuande almost stunned him. Was his name so difficult to remember?

"Ah, yes! Donor Zhao Youde! It's sincere to get the qualification of a **** ruin trial. I'm just his guide!" The little Taoist blinked hard at his brother.

"Oh, that's right!" Brother Jinglin nodded hurriedly, but the corner of his mouth couldn't hide his smile.

"Go, this brother just likes talking nonsense! I will take you to see my master!" The little Taoist hurried Zhao Yuande into the mountain gate.

In front of a somewhat shabby Taoist temple, the little Taoist stopped and bowed to the Taoist Temple, "Master, the fifth person who wants to qualify has been brought!"

"Let him come in!" The Taoist door creaked open.

"Master Zhao, please!" the little Taoist gently pushed Zhao Yuande, "I still have something to do, I have to go first!"

After talking about the head of the net altar, he turned around and hurried away, leaving Zhao Yuande alone here.

"Strange!" Although Zhao Yuande felt that this was a little weird, he was a courageous artist and he was not afraid of any traps. Fortunately, he strode directly into Taoist temple.

As soon as he entered the Taoist hall, Zhao Yuande felt as if a battle of stars was moving, and the next moment had appeared in front of a quiet Taoist temple.

At this time, there are seven or eight young people standing in front of Taoist Temple, each of which is a strong man in the realm of Blood Poseidon, and each one has a very thick blood.

However, Zhao Yuande felt a strange breath in these people, an unexplainable weirdness.