Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1721

Chapter 1721: Do My Best

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"Ah! Right! I want to lose weight, even if it's delicious, I won't take a bite!" Zhou Fei covered his mouth, but his face was bitter.

"Sister! You won't really..." Yu Rosa couldn't help but curiously asked when she saw the sincere smile on Zhou Min's face.

"As long as he can really lose weight, I will give him a chance!" Zhou Ming's face turned slightly red, but he soon recovered, and his face still had a faint smile.

"Okay!" Yu Rosa looked at Zhou Fei's fat body and couldn't help but smile. "Can this guy really have that determination?"

"Sister, haven't you found that he hasn't eaten recently?" Zhou Mingdao said.

"Hey! Don't say, this guy is the one who likes to eat the most, but the three of us can't eat him. Think about him for a few days...the sister's charm is really great!" Yu Rosa laughed.



The Tengjiao Python slowly approached, but found that several people did not put themselves in their eyes at all, suddenly burst into anger, and opened his mouth towards everyone.

This guy is thousands of feet long, dozens of feet thick and thick, with a big mouth almost covering the world and covering the whole space.

"Animal!" Zhou Ming inspired the Tai Chi scroll again at this time.

And the other two men and one tiger quickly returned to the position, the war was on the verge!

Standing among the three, Zhao Yuande observed the fighting of the three with interest, and found that the progress of the three had exceeded his imagination.

Although this Tengjiao python is not as powerful as a monkey, it can reach the later stage of the holy beast. The huge body alone gives people a strong sense of oppression, and fighting with it must have a good mental quality.

But I didn't expect that under the cooperation of three people and one tiger, Tengjiao Python showed a defeat in just half an hour. After an hour, Tengjiao Python was beheaded!

The three men and one tiger were unharmed!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded secretly. The current fighting power of the three of them should be able to compete with the ordinary fairyland powerhouse.

Of course, it is just a contest. Basically, it is impossible to win!

Even so, their joint has been considered an invincible hand under the fairyland.

Even the top ten strong players, as long as they don't have advanced fairyland, can't beat their joint.

"Well! Not bad, not bad!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but give his thumbs to the three people, "Today I will use this Teng Jiao Python to make a pot of food for you, so that your cultivation can be improved!"

"Really?" Zhou Fei was excited, but his face was hesitant again. "I don't know if food can delay my weight loss? If it's delayed, I would rather not eat!"

"No! No! Eat with confidence!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his face showing a funny look, "In fact, the main thing to lose weight is to rely on exercise. You who don't like to move, want to lose weight by dieting. , It's hard!"

"How to reduce it?" Zhou Fei's face was anxious.

"Don't sit on Xiaobai's body next time you fight, you have to participate in the battle in person, and you have to rush to the front and run more!" Zhao Yuande said seriously.

"Really?" Zhou Fei twitched, obviously in contradiction.

"Think of the great beauty behind you!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder. "And after exercising, you can eat, you don't need to think about being so punished now!"

"Really?" Zhou Fei's face showed a hint of comfort.

"I believe it or not!" Zhao Yuande dropped a sentence and went to clean up the Tengjiao Python alone.

"Okay! Get out, isn't it sports?" Zhou Fei simply started to run around the huge Tengjiao python directly.

But after just running a lap, I was almost tired and almost collapsed.

"Ah! Tired! Tired!" Zhou Fei sneaked a glance at Zhou Ming, suddenly found that she was looking at herself with a smile, suddenly felt full of endless power, and began to run again.

An hour later, Zhou Fei lay motionless on the ground like a dead dog, and the surrounding ground had been soaked with sweat from his body!

"He will be fine!" Zhou Ming looked at Zhou Fei with some worry.

"It's okay, it's just off strength, like his physique, just rest for a while!" Zhao Yuande's voice reached her ears.

"Huh!" Zhou Ming exhaled for a long time.

"Sister really moved!" Yu Rosa quietly asked her next.

"Huh!" Zhou Ming nodded, his face showing a shy look.

"Hey! I hope he is not that kind of person!" Yu Rosa sighed.

"He will definitely not be that kind of person!" Zhou Ming nodded firmly.

"Okay! It's dinner! Zhou Fei... Hurry up, otherwise we will all eat up!" After a few hours, Zhao Yuande suddenly shouted.

"Ah! It's started! Leave me a little!" Zhou Fei grunted up from the ground and rushed directly to the gluttonous Zhen Lingding. His teeth kept biting his dry lips. He was really starving to death these days. Now!

"You can rest assured!" Zhou understood him.

"Oh!" Zhou Feidun fashion looks serious, "I'm really hungry!"

"This is yours!" Zhao Yuande first handed him a bowl, "You ran for an hour, and you have worked hard, you come first!"

"Brothers are brothers!" Zhou Fei took the bowl, and immediately smelled a scent that made the index finger move, and suddenly no matter what else, he began to gobble up.

"This is yours, don't be polite after eating, get it yourself!" Zhao Yuande also gave both women a bowl.

"Xiaobai, this is yours!" Zhao Yuande handed another bowl to Xiaobai.

The guy became a kitten and licked the food in the bowl vigorously, lying on the ground, a pair of eyes filled with excitement.

Zhao Yuande himself did not eat, and sat cross-legged on the ground to recover the consumed power.

"Why don't you eat?" Yu Rosa asked puzzled.

"The level of this thing is too low, and it has no use for me at all. It is a waste to eat." Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Okay!" Yu Rosa couldn't help but say nothing.

But soon they were attracted by the food to the full energy.

When the three of them were a tiger, they ate themselves in the gluttonous real spirit tripod after eating, but before the food in Dingzhong was taken out, they felt that the power in their bodies could no longer be suppressed, and they began to practice cross-legged one by one.

Only Xiaobai's eyes shined, and his flesh was already strong enough, so in the end it ate up all the food, and then he was satisfied with the cultivation.

Three days later, Zhao Yuande saw Zhou Fei who opened his eyes first.

This guy's breath has obviously increased a bit, and there is a feeling that he is about to break through the realm.