Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722: Meet

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"Wow! It feels good! I'm going to be a strong middle-aged emperor! Xuan Tian Dao Zong, you will soon see a peerless genius rise!" This guy feels good and his face is stinky .


Xiaobai also woke up at this time, but just wanted to roar to the sky to vent his inner excitement, but was covered by an invisible big hand, and let it release a little voice.

"If your voice scares them out of the way, this fat man must eat it while you're roasting!" Zhao Yuande's eyes squeezed and pressed on it at this time, otherwise something could really happen.

"You guys! I don't want to worry too much!" Zhou Fei slaps Xiao Bai hard, pretending to be angry, "My brother said well, I have never eaten roasted tiger meat!"

"Roar!" Xiaobai bowed his head wrongly and thought to himself, you guy is too violent. I knew I wouldn't mix with you, or your boss is more human.

The third woke up was Zhou Ming. After her eyes opened, her face was full of joy.

"It's just a little bit! I'm about to break through! Almost a fairyland...I'm looking forward to it!" Even Zhou Ming, who was usually quiet and indifferent, couldn't help but hold his fist excitedly.

"Immortal Realm is not as simple as you think!" Zhao Yuande said at this time, "I will give you a suggestion, if you can, it is better to go to Immortal Realm and then promote to Immortal Realm. The spirit of immortality here is really Too scarce!"

"Oh! That's it! If you find a place that is similar to Immortal World, you should be able to handle it!" Zhou Ming asked.

"Well! That's okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded, but thought that this kind of place was not easy to find.

"I heard that many people are in the fairyland of the seventh fairy city, and probably there will be such places in the seventh fairy city!" Zhou Ming said.

"That's good, you should look for it in the seventh fairy city!" Zhao Yuande nodded.


At this moment, Yu Rosa exhaled slowly, she opened her eyes, and there was also a look of excitement on her face.

"Sister, how are you going to break through?" Zhou Ming looked at her with a slight tension on her face.

"Well! It's about to break through to the late Emperor God!" Yu Rosa nodded.

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and fight with the enemy!" Zhao Yuande's face smiled with satisfaction, these guys did not disappoint him.

The trio were very excited, but this time they did not encounter opponents who could fight them, which made them both anxious and regretful.

"There seems to be someone in front..." Zhou Fei, who was riding the white tiger in front, suddenly stopped the white tiger.

"Well! It's a group of people, and they are all strong!" Zhao Yuande already felt the existence of this group of people.

"No wonder they haven't met anyone who broke through the towers, they turned out to be together!" Yu Rosa's face suddenly appeared.

"There are many of them, and it might be detrimental to us!" Zhou Ming's face was worried.

"It's okay! With my brother here, they must be good-for-nothing even if they are powerful!" Zhou Fei was alive and looked at Zhao Yuande with infinite expectations.

"Well! You can rest assured! Everything has me!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

There are ten people in front, eight men and two women!

They were headed by a young man in Jinyi who had a white face and a golden crown on his face. His face still looked a little bit immature, but his face was full of arrogance, and he was a little bit persuasive and seemed to be used to it.

Among the two girls, there was a red-clad girl in full body. The passionate girl closely followed Jin Guan Youth. The two held hands and the relationship seemed very close.

"Well! It seems that someone is coming behind! Lin Dong, you go and see!" The young man's brow and face smiled faintly. "If you don't know them, take them off, and if you get acquainted, let them go! They are a horse!"

"Yes!" A young man in Tsing Yi nodded, his face slightly excited.

"Ming Brother! I'll go and see too!" A young man with big eyes stepped out of the crowd again. He seemed to have double pupils in his eyes, shining a mysterious light.

"Well!" Jin Guan Qingnan nodded slightly, a smile appeared on his face, "but remember to be careful, there are four people in the other party!"

This big-eyed young man is the person he valued the most, named Zhuo Yi, and he was one of the teams he had drawn for his brother, so his attitude was kind.

"Relax! Brother Ming doesn't know me yet? Hey!" The big-eyed young Zhuo Yi smiled, showing white teeth, and there seemed to be a hint of blood red on his teeth.


"Two people are coming! Everyone is careful." Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, letting everyone be careful.

Before everyone agreed, they saw two brilliant lights flying down in the sky, just before them.

"Huh! Actually... there is such a punctual girl!" Zhuo Yi's eyes are already very large, and this time he opened wider.

He stared at Rosa's proud body with a gurgle in his throat and couldn't help swallowing.

Zhuo Yi, striding forward to come in close contact with this great beauty, but was pulled by the young people in Tsing Yi around him.

"Brother Zhuo, don't be impulsive! See who it is!" The young man in Tsing Yi pointed to Zhou Ming's direction.

"Zhou could she be here?" Zhuo Yi's big eyes showed fear.

"Who are you!" Zhou Fei rode a white tiger at this time to block the front of everyone, and naturally blocked the sight of the two.

"Dead fat pig, get away from Laozi!" Zhuo Yi was furious suddenly when he was blocked from the line of sight, pointing at Zhou Fei and cursing!

He is a peerless genius, only 17 years old this year, but he has already practiced to the late stage of God Emperor, and he can be promoted to the peak of God Emperor in one step.

He is even more born with different pupils, the fighting method is strange and unpredictable, and there are no rivals in the same rank, so he developed his arrogant and overbearing personality.

But unfortunately, the arrogant target was found wrong, easily defeated by the Golden Crown man, and eventually became the team that the Golden Crown man was looking for.

Despite the setbacks, this kind of character can't be changed for a while and a half, and this impulse made me confused again.

"What are you talking about!" Although Zhou Fei doesn't mind joking between his brothers and friends, the person opposite is obviously insulting himself!

Especially in front of Zhou Ming, he could not swallow this breath.

"I said you are a dead fat pig!" Zhuo Yi grinned, showing a cruel smile.

"I killed you!" Zhou Fei slapped the white tiger under him, forgot Zhao Yuande's instructions, and rushed to do it.