Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1723

Chapter 1723: Zhou Tian

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"Hey! Brother Zhuo, don't be impulsive! This brother shouldn't be impulsive either. This is all angry words, don't hurt the harmony!"

He recognized Zhou Ming, and naturally knew that this one was so powerful, that she could not take advantage of the two of them.

He was sending a message to the young people of Jinguan, let them come over immediately, otherwise there would be a real conflict, and the two might suffer.

"Humph! Lin Dong, don't stop me. I'm going to see what this dead fat pig is capable of! Dare to yell at me!" Zhuo Yi looked at the young man who was pulling himself.

"My brother Zhuo, neither Zhou Ming is able to deal with the two of us. Let's ask someone to come!" Lin Dong passed on to each other.

"Your boy is lucky, otherwise I must let Xiaobai tear you!" Zhou Fei looked at each other fiercely.


Just before his words fell, there were a lot of figures falling in the sky, it was those eight people.

"What's wrong? Lin Dong?" Jin Guanqing glanced at Zhao Yuande's four people, and finally his eyes fell on Yusha involuntarily.


Later, six men and two women, almost all eyes at this time focused on Rosa.

The rumbling sound is endless!

The pair... are so magnificent that people can't help but set their eyes on it.

In the eyes of men, it is Chi Guoguo's possessiveness, while in the eyes of women, she is jealous and inferior.

In front of such weapons, it is really impossible to calm down.

Yu Rosa couldn't help but smile bitterly, her body pulled back involuntarily and stood behind Zhao Yuande.

"Zhou Tian..." At this time, Zhou Ming looked at the person opposite and his face suddenly became cold.

Although her voice was very small, but the audience was silent at this time, no one spoke, her voice seemed a bit harsh!

"Sister sister! Why are you here?" That young man named Zhou Tian was a sword-browed young man with a long sword on his back. This young man looked like a crown jade, handsome and handsome, and looked really handsome.

After seeing Zhou Ming, he couldn't help looking slightly changed, but he calmed down quickly, with a warm smile on his face.

"She is your sister?" Jin Guanqing looked at Zhou Ming, and naturally recognized who Zhou Ming was.

He naturally also saw the battle in the Sixth City of the same day, knowing that Zhou Ming was very powerful.

If you can pull it under the elder brother's command, it would be a great achievement!

"Yes! We are all disciples of the Pure Yangxian Palace." Zhou Tian nodded slightly, and appeared calm in front of the Golden Crown Youth, seeming to be aloof among this group of people.

"That's good! Although her ranking is not as good as you, but it is already very good! If you can pull it under my elder brother, my elder brother will not treat you badly!" Jin Guanqing mentioned the elder brother, his face suddenly showed proud colors. .

It seems that his elder brother is the strongest man in the world.

"I'm afraid it's a bit difficult!" Zhou Tian frowned slightly. "There was some misunderstanding between me and my sister, so she hated me a little."

"Oh! In that case, forget it! It's nothing to lack her." After hearing the Golden Crown Youth, he was slightly disappointed.

"I'll try it!" Zhou Tian nodded, although he knew he was not sure, but when he thought of this person's elder brother, he had some expectation in his heart.


"This person is your brother! That loser!" At this time Yu Rosa also pulled Zhou Ming aside.

"Well! It's him!" Zhou Ming bit his lip lightly, his face pale.

Although she thinks that she has put this matter down long ago, she still feels a little angry and distressed when she sees her brother!

Zhou Fei has been following Zhou Ming all the time, and when he heard the conversation between the two, his face suddenly showed anger, but he didn't know how to do it.

"Please be calm! This matter depends on Zhou Ming's attitude, you must not interfere!" Zhao Yuande's voice sounded in Zhou Fei's sea of knowledge at this time.

"Huh!" Zhou Fei looked slightly slack, and finally nodded helplessly.

"Sister Sister! I haven't seen you in a few months, you..." Zhou Tian took two steps before, with a warm smile on his face.

But before he finished speaking, he was interrupted directly!

"Go! Disappear in front of us immediately, otherwise don't blame the old lady for beating you!" Yu Rosa's fiery temper came up, pointing at Zhou Tian with impoliteness and scolding.

"You... Sister!" Zhou Tian froze, everyone on the opposite side froze.

They didn't expect a peerless beauty with a figure so perfect that they couldn't imagine, even exporting so sturdy!

"Go!" Yu Rosa's face was cold and ice-like. "You're a garbage man, you're not qualified to talk to her!"

The eyes of everyone on the opposite side were all focused on Zhou Tian. They knew that Zhou Tian must be owed to each other, otherwise they would not scold him like that.

Especially the two women, although they are on the same side as Zhou Tian, but the look in his eyes was full of contempt and disgust.

"You... do you want to die?" Zhou Tian was angrily angry, and his face was extremely cold. Today, when the other party made such a noise, he lost his face.

He has regretted it now, and he should not take the initiative to stand up, otherwise he will not suffer such humiliation.

"Are you annoyed? I already knew you would be like this junkie. Come on! The old lady will hit you today, even your mother doesn't know you!" Yu Rosa's strength soared, and she awakened the unparalleled body, even better Cultivation as a breakthrough is imminent, I have long wanted a war!

Although Zhou Tian is very strong in front of her, she has a close relationship with Zhou Ming, and she cooperates with each other in battle. It has been a long time to understand the fighting style of Chunyang Xiangong.

So although the other party is the strongest of the God Emperor's Peak, she is not afraid, but has a feeling of eager to try.

"Dirty Master, I'm going to teach this woman!" Zhou Tian turned his head to look at Jinguan Youth, and first asked him to give him respect.

"Okay! But don't hurt the other party. Although this beauty is wild, it's even more flavorful!" Jin Guangqing's mouth slightly showed a strange smile, looking at Rosa's eyes. Expectation.

"Don't worry! I'm a pity for Xiangxiangxiyu!" Zhou Tian smiled faintly, although he was still personable, but in the eyes of others it was all artificial.

Especially the two women frowned.

One of them was secretly lucky. She had always had a good impression on Zhou Tian's heart, and she was almost lost!

Thanks to this group of people who appeared in front of you today, otherwise she... she really didn't dare to think down.

"Sister, you..." Zhou Ming saw that Yu Rosa was going to show up for herself, and she couldn't help showing a bit of worry in her face. "Although others are not good, but the talent is not lower than me. I am afraid that the fighting power is more than mine. A little stronger, you may not be his opponent!"