Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1725

Chapter 1725: Zhan Zhoutian

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"Dead woman, you are lucky, but since you forced me to use this trick, it is the beginning of your defeat!" Zhou Tian at this time the long sword in his hand has begun to turn into an attack.

A thick swordman's blade cuts across the void, and Rosa will be forced into the wind in an instant!

"Sura kills the sword!" Zhou Ming couldn't help but change his face at this time, "Zhou Tian, how do you know this kind of swordsmanship, this kind of swordsmanship is only available in the Shura Palace? , You betrayed Shimen!"

"Sister sister! Don't blame me, since you know this, you are going to die here today!" Zhou Tian's face was extremely cold, and his face became distorted!

The breath on him is also rising, and within a short time, he has reached the limit of Divine Emperor Realm. As long as he takes another step, he will be directly promoted to Immortal Realm.

"Ming Gongzi, none of these people can stay, otherwise there will be endless troubles!" Zhou Tian looked at Ming Gong not far away. The strange light in his eyes made Ming Gong feel a crisis.

The Young Master just wanted to agree, but he frowned slightly, and suddenly felt uncomfortable in his heart.

What attitude was this guy just now, and who am I! If you let me kill, I will kill?

He simply ignored each other, but still stood still, not speaking.

He didn't make a sound, and the people around him wouldn't be so stupid as to shoot themselves.

"Brother, you are too much! Too much! How can you betray the master, how much does the master value you..." The opposite Zhou Ming was changing his face at this time, his face still showing an unbelievable look.

"Miss Zhou, don't be excited. He is just a traitor of the sect. It is not worth your sorrow!" Zhou Fei was really distressed, and stepped forward to comfort him.

"He...too much! Really too much! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!Zhou Ming seemed to be a drowning man who caught the life-saving straw and plunged directly into Zhou Fei's fat arms and started crying.

The master treats her as her own daughter, and Zhou Tian and she are both orphans, and they were raised by the master from an early age. If nothing happened between them, they must be married now.

In front of the master, Zhou Tian is more clever and sensible than her, and he is highly valued by the master. He even once recommended him as the candidate for the next generation of Chunyang Xiangong!

There is such a master, there is such a master, why should he betray the master?

Zhou Ming couldn't even imagine, why the other party?

If the master knew this scene, what would happen to her old man?

This will break her heart!

Zhou Fei only felt a body suffering in his arms, trembling with a warm, moist breath in front of his chest...

He is both distressed and excited. Although he knows that the other party is mostly because of emotional out-of-control, he is still satisfied!

A heart guarding her is more firm!

"Fat pig! Stay away from her, he is my Zhou Tian's woman!" Zhou Tian naturally also saw this scene, and suddenly became jealous in his heart, he would give up the opponent of Rosa and kill Zhou Fei.

Yu Rosa had been beaten down all the time, and she was basically unable to hold her back, but when Zhou Tian changed her goal, she suddenly felt relieved.

"Asshole! Let me die!"

Yu Rosa's body flashed and punched the opponent.

"Dead woman! I slaughtered you first!" Zhou Tian was finally angry, the sword in his hand turned again, and stood with Yu Rosa.

Not far away, Zhao Yuande watched Yu Rosa's battle silently, but could not help frowning slightly.

She has a strong fighting consciousness, and there seems to be a strong mood between the offense and the defense, which should be a certain boxing intention!

However, it seems that there is a lot less protection. Although it is simple and direct to use pure fists and feet, but there is no strong and unparalleled body, it is not immune to this powerful sword light, and attacks by sharp weapons.

All she needs now is a set of gentle fairy armor, able to defend against sharpness, and a pair of indestructible gloves to amplify her attack, so that her combat power can at least double!

If there are these two things, she should not be very difficult to deal with this Sunday!

The Warriors are ultimately Warriors, and it is not very difficult to overcome opponents across small boundaries.

Zhao Yuande began to torment his survival. In the fairy world, he did not know how many enemies he killed. Most of the ordinary fairy treasures he dealt with, and some fairy treasures with special uses were left, which were prepared to be reserved for his wife. friend.

"Finally found!" Zhao Yuande saw a pair of black gloves lying in the corner of the space.

He didn't know who got this glove. This glove is a Sipin Xianbao. Although the level is not very high, it has the effect of increasing strength, which is just right for Rosa!

In the space of Xianjia, there are so many in it. He chose a set of golden tight leather armor. This is a leather armor made of the abdominal skin of a sixth-grade fairy beast Saint Dragon Beast. In addition to having a strong defense, It also has very good scalability.

If she had this set of leather armor on board, she didn't know her chest...Zhao Yuande had already floated in her mind at this time!

Zhao Yuande put two things into the storage ring and looked again at the battlefield.

At this time, although Yu Rosa was still falling, she was not as embarrassed as before.

But at this time, her body was already scarred, and even the entire back was covered with flesh and blood, but she did not seem to feel it, and it did not affect the battle at all.

Both parties saw shock and admiration in Yu Rosa's sturdy fighting style.

The Master's eyes are now brighter!

He feels that he has fallen in love with this woman. If this wild character can be conquered, it will be more exciting and more fulfilling.

Ming Gong's eyes made the woman next to him slightly pouting, but she didn't show any dissatisfaction, because she knew that a person like Ming Gong would inevitably have many women in her life, as long as she could be in his heart Just occupy one position!

Women are silly and naive, but they are even more distressing!

"Kill!" Zhou Tian was completely crazy at this time, he was the strongest of the God Emperor's Peak, and now the fighting power has been raised to the limit, but he still can't take the woman in front of him.

He was almost caught in a madness. His sword had turned into a huge black dragon, and he shook his head to fight with Yu Rosa.

Although Yu Rosa fought violently, she looked very solemn at this time. She felt like she was walking a tightrope on a huge cliff. Once she slipped, she would definitely be crushed.

So she mobilized 120,000 points of energy to fight against each other!