Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1726

Chapter 1726: I'm Wrong

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But after all, she was bare-handed, and although her suit had some defensive power, the opponent's hand was a fairy sword!


After all, the immortal sword was extremely sharp. Her thigh was cut by the opponent's sword, and a large piece of flesh flew. Her body also flew out under the power of this sword.

If it weren't for her to awaken the Wushuang Ba, the physical body has been more than ten times higher than the original one. The sword just now will definitely cut her leg.

"Damn it!" Yu Rosa was only reluctant at this time. If he had a pair of weapons at his disposal, why would he be so embarrassed now!

But the direction in which she flew out was exactly the same direction as Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande's mouth was slightly curled and her finger flicked, and the storage ring fell into Rosa's hand.

"Gift for you, let's see!" Zhao Yuande's voice rang in her ears, making her stunned.

What gift are you giving now? What is he doing?

But she still subconsciously dived into it, and her eyes widened at the next moment, looking at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

"Do you want to continue to lose?" Zhao Yuande's mouth twitched slightly, "I hope you can beat him!"


As soon as Rosa's heart moved, the glove fell into her hands, and she immediately felt that her power had almost doubled.

The strength of this boxing glove, combined with her strength, can explode her greatest advantage.

And the armor naturally flew out, and the effect of wearing it on the body was more popular than Zhao Yuande imagined!

At this time, Zhou Tian had already killed him, and he was about to fall.

"You have missed the best chance to kill me!" Yu Rosa grinned and greeted the fairy sword without hesitation.


A crisp gold-iron clash sounded.

Zhou Tian only felt a strong force coming from the sword body. He almost didn't hold the sword in his hand, and the body was carried away more than ten feet away.

His face was full of horror.

" is it possible!" He looked at the glove in Rosa's hand and the golden armor on his body, which were all immortal treasures, and the grade was higher than his long sword!

Why did she have these things just now!

"Your death is here!" Yu Rosa stretched her body, the whole person was like a big bow with a string pulled.


A fist is electro-optical, and the fierceness of this fist has exceeded the limit of the late God Emperor.

"Tai Chi Picture! Protect me!" Zhou Tian knew at this time that he would no longer have any effect by playing the offensive sword technique. Only the Tai Chi Picture played defensive counterattack!


The Taiji figure was smashed by Yu Rosa with a punch, and Zhou Tian also directly flew out.

At least the attack power of this punch has also increased several times!

"This... this is impossible!" Zhou Tian was already panicked at this time, he knew that according to this momentum, he would definitely die!

"There is nothing impossible, you must die here today!" Yu Rosa's footsteps were light, as if reborn, and her body was full of endless power.

Although there is a relationship between gloves and armor, Zhao Yuande is the most important thing!

He sent charcoal in the snow to let Yu Rosa regain confidence, and Yu Rosa was already sure that the other party was concerned about himself!

The only thing she was worried about at this time was whether her performance was just too rough and too violent, would he not like it?

Zhao Yuande naturally did not know that sending these two things would bring such a change to the other party. He was still too young to fully understand the woman's mind!

"Boom! Boom..." Yu Rosa's fist breaking Taiji figure, approaching each other step by step, his face showing a strong killing intention.


Zhou Tian was finally beaten by Yu Rosa with a punch, energy and energy consumption. Zhou Fei was too severe. The released Tai Chi picture could not defend her punch!

Seeing that Rosa was approaching step by step, Zhou Tian was finally desperate!

"Duke Gong! Save me quickly, you will die if you don't shoot again!" Zhou Tian lay trembling on the ground, looking in the direction of Duke Gong, his eyes showing the desire for life.

"It turns out that you also have this time! Where did the man who urged you just now go?" The young man glanced at Zhou Tian lazily, his eyes showing disdain.

"I'm wrong! I'm wrong! As long as the son saves me, I will look forward to the son Ma Shou!"

"It's almost the same!" The young man waved his hand and turned his head to look at Yu Rosa opposite, a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, "Chick, go with the young man! As long as you follow me, I will give you a better fairy Treasure! Let you be promoted to fairyland at will!"

"Is it?" Yu Rosa did not stop at this time, but stepped forward and stepped on Zhou Tian's chest. "In this case, then you take me out first, if it is really better than me. This set is good, I'm not too late to promise!"

Yu Rosa said this, but did not stop exerting force under her feet.


A crisp crack sounded, and several ribs on Zhou Tian's chest were stomped on by her!

"!" Zhou Tian you half a day, Zhang Mou protruded a mouthful of blood foam, his face showed fear.

Yu Rosa didn't pay attention to Zhou Tian, but looked at the opposite Ming with interest.

"Humph! You don't want to shame your face. I want to take you away very easily!" Ming Gongzi's face changed again and again. He knew that what he said was useless. The most useful thing now is strength!

"Come on! Old lady is waiting for you!" Yu Rosa was not afraid, sneered, "but before that, this person will become a puddle!"

"Dare not!"

Ming Gong's face suddenly became cold and ruthless, "As long as you dare to kill him, all of you will die here!"

Since he promised to save the next Sunday, he will naturally do it. The other party is clearly forcing himself to kill her!

He is very fond of women, and he likes this peerless stunner, but what is more important to him is face!


The answer was to the sound of cracking bones.

Yu Rosa pressed hard again and broke several of his ribs.

"Sister sister...Don't kill me, don't kill me! I'm wrong!" Zhou Tian knew at this time that it would be useless to ask for the prince, now only the sister can save her life.

Zhou Ming has left Zhou Fei's arms at this time, his face full of blush!

But at this time, she was still very sad and painful, and she could never think that Brother Brother would become like this.

But when she heard Zhou Tian's cry, she couldn't help but feel a trace of intolerance in her heart.