Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1727

Chapter 1727: Battle Broke Out

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This is the kind of brother who has played with himself until he became a big boy. The two have been practicing together for more than ten years. Even if they completely turn their faces, they still have some feelings.

"Sister!" Zhou Ming whispered softly, "Can you not kill him."

"It's okay not to kill him, but my sister will never be allowed to think about him again in the future. This person is not worth it and unworthy!" Yu Rosa thought for a moment.

"Well! I'm already dead for him!" Zhou Ming nodded.

"Then get out!" Yu Rosa kicked Zhou Tian's lower body hard and kicked him out.

"Wait!" Zhao Yuande stretched out his hand, and an invisible force brought Zhou Tian back again.

The two women looked at Zhao Yuande, their faces puzzled.

"My brother wanted to ask him why he betrayed the Chunyang Immortal Palace!" Zhou Fei was chopped up on weekdays, but his mind turned quickly, and he immediately thought of Zhao Yuande's purpose.

"Yes! His presence is always a hidden danger to your pure Yangxian Palace. Ask him clearly and let him go!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Speak! Why should you betray Chunyang Immortal Palace?" Zhao Yuande left Zhou Tian on the ground and asked lightly.

"I..." Although Zhou Tian didn't want to say it, he knew that if he didn't say it today, he would definitely not be able to leave here.

He felt a terrifying breath from Zhao Yuande that made him tremble. In front of the other party, his weakness seemed to be just a ants!

Only then did he know that this talent who looks but the mid-term of the emperor is the most terrible of this group!

However, he did not intend to tell Master Hung, he really wanted to see how Master Hung would eat deflated in this person!

"Fuck it! If you don't say it, you know the end, no one can save you!" Zhao Yuande said.

"I said!" Zhou Tian gritted his teeth and finally told the truth.

It turned out that when he went out to practice a few years ago, he was confused by a woman and finally had a relationship with this woman.

As a result, this woman turned out to be the witch of the Shura Palace. Under the temptation of this witch, he finally fell into the Shura Palace secretly.

Things are very simple, but also very frustrating.

At the beginning, how could a passionate young boy resist the temptation of the Witch of the Shura Palace, but afterwards he betrayed the Master, the sister, and the master to join the Shura Palace. This makes people unforgivable!

"Let him go! I will die with him in this life and this world, and I will return to my master at this time!" Zhou Ming's face was pale and his body trembling, but he still waved his hand against the pain in his heart, "Brother! This is my last time Calling you this way, if we meet again next time we will be the enemy, and I will kill you myself!"

"Teacher..." Zhou Tian opened his mouth and felt that he could not say anything.

"Come on!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Zhou Tian in a void, and threw it to the opposite side.

No one will be fond of those who betrayed the Master, even the Underworld would look at Zhou Tian with disgust at this time.

This person can betray his lover, betray his master, indicating that this person does not have his own principles at all, the first time betrayal is naturally the second, the third...

This person is a time bomb just beside him, who knows if he will stab you in the back one day!

He instantly dismissed the plan to introduce this person to his brother!

But he still has to use the question to play a bit, to get the peerless stunner on the opposite side!

"You don't give me a face when you do this!" The young man squinted at several people and began to estimate the combat effectiveness of the other party.

I can deal with this woman myself. The fat man riding the white tiger should be able to win the two late emperors. The Zhou Ming is a little tricky. At least three people except me can subdue it. Finally, the little white face seems to have some points. The ability, but the late two emperors should also be firmly won.

In this case, there are nine people on our side, and the remaining two should go to take down the fat man, and then break them one by one!

"What if I don't give you a face?" Yu Rosa felt that her body was full of strength at the moment. The previous one was not enough. She desperately needed a fierce battle to release her rage.

"If you don't give me a face, you don't give my brother a face. Do you know who my brother is?" There was a faint smile on Ming Gongzi's face. He looked forward to the four people opposite, looking forward to seeing them knowing that his brother was After who, what exactly is the expression.

"It's not difficult to guess. You are a prince, your eldest brother is the prince, the prince of the true temple!" When Zhao Yuande said the word prince, the wind was light and calm, and he was not surprised.

Although the three people around him were a little shocked, but thinking of Zhao Yuande's true identity, naturally he didn't have much fear of this person.

"You know how dare you be so rampant! Are you not afraid of my elder brother?" He looked at each other in disbelief, and he never thought it would be the result.

"Is he afraid to be useful? And he is not here." Zhao Yuande said disapprovingly, "My brother is still Ji Mingzhen! I didn't say it!"

"Haha! You ridiculously killed me! Is your brother Ji Mingzhen? Is there anyone around him that I don't know yet? You don't want to be alarmist here!" Ming Gong was originally surprised, but when he heard Zhao Yuande say this, instead Don't be surprised.

Does the other party think he is a fool? Want to use Ji Mingzhen to press yourself!

They have almost completely grasped the information of the powerful people who arrived in the fairyland, and there is no such person in front of him. He is clearly a screamer and wants to bluff people by Ji Ming's name!

"Don't believe it!" Zhao Yuande said it's true. Since the other party didn't believe him, he was too lazy to explain. He just looked at the other party and said lightly, "Say! Do you want to do this?"

"I want to take all of you! I want this woman!" The young man's face appeared proud, pointing at Yu Rosa. "Just gave it to me, according to the plan just now, this woman gave I handle it myself!"

The eight people behind him hugged and surrounded Zhao Yuande.

Zhuo Yi and Lin Dong tacitly found Zhou Fei. They had long seen this fat man as unpleasant and wanted to ravage him.

Others have also found their own goals.

The battle is on the verge.

The first contact was naturally with Rosa and Hades, and the two instantly collided.

He looks like a straw bale, but his real combat strength is terrible, and even the flesh has a nose against Rosa.

The two are fighting together, but in just a few breaths, the whole space becomes messy!

"Boom boom!"

The violent impact sounds endlessly, although Yu Rosa is a bit downwind, but the tough fighting style does make up for this.