Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1728

Chapter 1728: Useless

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But Zhou Fei is very easy to fight.

This guy summoned Xiaohei, a group of soul eaters, and a big red scorpion.

Although the attack power of Soul Eater and Big Scorpion is not very strong, but it is expensive to give people psychological pressure, Xiao Hei is a sinister master, who is mainly based on sneak attacks, and Zhou Fei has suppressed the other party in a short time. trend!

On the contrary, Zhou Ming was in a crisis here. At this time, she was a little uneasy because of her heavy minds, and some of her levels could not be played at all. Under the attack of three people, she was already in danger!

Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, it seems that he can't pretend today!

Looking at the two strong men who pounced on himself, he sighed softly, his fingers just swiped in the void, and the two turned into four and a half.

Blood was sprayed everywhere, and four and a half bodies dropped to the ground.

The two women who were originally scheduled to attack Zhou Fei suddenly saw this scene. They couldn't help but widen their mouths in horror and didn't say a word for a long time.

"Hey! I didn't want to kill you, but you are really deceiving people!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a helpless expression.

He took a step forward to condense the void in the place where he passed, and everyone who played Zhou Fei and Zhou Ming felt that he lost his ability to act instantly.

The eyes of these people are all unbelievable at this time, and they cannot imagine how powerful this person is.

People didn't make a shot at all, and they lost their fighting power. What state is this? Is he already a strong man in the fairyland?

"Kill all these guys!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhou Fei and Zhou Ming lightly.

"Hi!" Zhou Fei smiled coldly, "Xiaohei and Xiaobai, it's all yours!"



The two guys looked at these humans with excitement, and almost all the haralas on the corner of the mouth fell to the ground!

"" someone yelled in horror!

"Son saves me!" A girl screamed through the void.


"Forgive me, I will never dare!"


But now the Underworld does not have time to save them.

Ming Gongzi saw the indifference of Zhao Yuande's face, and naturally felt the powerful breath that Zhao Yuande passed in an instant!

That kind of breath is stronger than his elder brother. If he wants to imprison him, he has no resistance at all!

He knew that the only way now was to be able to take down the woman in front of him. As long as she was taken down, he would have the capital to negotiate with the other party, and only then could he survive!

So he, at this time, has done everything he wants, and wants to win Yusa as soon as possible.

But Rosa is like a ball, the more it suppresses the rebound, the more terrible power it seems to contain in her body.

He felt a kind of uncontrollable feeling.

At this time, Yu Rosa had already felt that her breakthrough was imminent, and she could succeed only a little, so she was constantly squeezing all her strength and wanted to use the pressure of the other party to break through the realm in front of her!

Zhou Fei leaped from Xiaobai's body and came carefully to Zhou Ming's side.

"Are you okay!" he asked with concern, rubbing his hands.

"It's okay!" Zhou Ming's face was pale, she hadn't recovered from her sadness.

"..." Zhou Fei's mouth, which was usually eloquent, didn't know what to say at this time, and he didn't know how to comfort each other.

During the cold scene at the scene, Zhou Ming coughed and looked at the other party.

Although this man is very fat, although he is not serious on weekdays, he always gives himself a credible feeling at critical moments.

He cares about himself, and remembers it in her heart. At first, she let the other party lose weight is only a temporary pretext, that is, she still cannot accept the other party.

But now she feels her heart and has gradually begun to accept each other.

She made a decision secretly, as long as she stepped out of the Tongtian Tower, if the other party still likes herself, then she promised him!

Zhou Ming and Zhou Fei stood opposite each other awkwardly, but a scream of heartbreak broke the silence between the two.

"It's not good to do this!" Zhou Ming glanced in the direction of screaming in the distance.

"Hey! This is the cultivation world! If you don't kill him, he will kill you, cruel!" Zhou Fei shook his head helplessly, "I have experienced so many things from childhood to the age, Xuan Tian Dao Zong seems to listen to the name. It is a serious sect, but in fact it is extremely cruel. If I didnt order the cards, I was already killed in the sect!"

"Oh! Then why did you enter Xuantian Dao Sect..."


The two began to whisper and began to know each other.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see a faint smile in the corner of his mouth when he saw the two men's present state.

He could tell that a delicate atmosphere was brewing between the two.

He nodded and set his sights on Yu Rosa, who was now fighting.


The sound of a fierce collision sounded, and the young man was defeated by Yu Rosa.


A bright brilliance broke out suddenly on Rosa, and this brilliance rose into the sky, breaking the white clouds in the sky apart, showing a blue sky.


Zhao Yuande's face was full of joy, at this moment she finally cultivated to perfection, broke through the final state, and reached the peak of the Divine Emperor!


A thick thunder fell in the void, and it divided into ten million before it landed, as if pouring down like a rainstorm.

"There was a thunder!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, but he understood it instantly.

It must be because she didn't lower the thunder robbery when she was promoted to physique. Now she will appear because of her level promotion.

Obviously neither of them thought that there would be a thunder, and both of them were in a hurry.

However, the golden armor on Rosa blocked the first wave of thunder bombardment, giving her buffer and breathing time.

There are also many treasures on the Netherworld son, and a big umbrella of fairy treasure is sacrificed to block the thunder.

However, the following thunder fell like a torrential rain and kept falling down, making the battle between the two no longer possible.

"Now that you have promoted her, then you are useless!" Zhao Yuande looked at Master Ming with a slight smirk.

A big hand caught in the sky, squeezed the opponent's neck, and grabbed him out of the thunder.

Ming Gong only felt an irresistible force, coming from the neck.

He was not happy to leave the Thunder Tribulation Zone, but his face turned red, and his eyes showed fear.