Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729: News

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Not far away at this time, Zhou Tian lying on the ground like a dead dog, seeing the miserable end of the Underworld, can not help but show his face with hatred, this guy will also have today!

"You... what do you want to do!" The young man looked at the other person's indifferent face in horror. He felt the killing intention in the other person's eyes!

"I'm going to kill you!" Zhao Yuande answered very plainly and understood.

"No... you can't do this. My brother is the Underworld Emperor. He is already a strong man in the fairyland. I am his only younger brother. If I die, he will never let you go!" There was a hunch, but when Zhao Yuande said it, he was still frightened.

"Really? Emperor...Hum!" Zhao Yuande grinned. "Even if he is a fairyland, he can't save you. You shouldn't provoke us!"

"I can pay you compensation, I have fairy treasure, and I have fairy jade, as long as you ask, my brother will promise you!" The young man panicly took out pieces of fairy treasure from the storage ring, although they all It is one or two grades, but it is already a treasure in front of the lower world people.

However, these things are like broken copper and iron in front of Zhao Yuande, and only the Xianbao above the sixth order can enter his eyes!

"These things I killed you are not all mine!" Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly curled up, and a scornful smile appeared on his face.

"I still know a lot of information, as long as you let me go, I will tell you!" The young man suddenly changed his face when he heard the other party, but he said again, "These information are all secrets, about the **** in the seventh fairy city The secret of human remains!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande slightly showed interest. "Let's talk! See if the information can save your life!"

Hearing the other person saying this, the heart of Master Hades was gradually let down, and he knew that the secret he had told was enough to excite anyone.

"The remains of this god-man are still intact until now. They are hundreds of thousands of miles long. In his body is a huge maze of the world, in which there are endless treasures hidden, my brother they have only explored now Less than one percent, many amazing things were found, including the remains of ancient immortals, various powerful immortals left by them, and countless rare herbs..."

"My brother, they also found a secret passage that leads directly to a mysterious area, which has a very powerful breath of life, but there are several fairy beasts guarding, if they can beheaded, my brother Maybe it will be able to break through to the middle or even later period of fairyland..."

"Do you know who left this bone?" Zhao Yuande was most concerned about this issue.

"My ancestral ancestor of the True Temple guessed that this remains should be left by a powerful race called Chaos Giant! The ancestor checked the classics and said that this Chaos Giant might be called Fengyun and fell into the central fairyland. But I don't know why it appears in this seventh fairy city!" The young master said everything to save his life.

"Fengyun clan brother, he...he... even in the seventh fairy city world!" Feng Cang's voice suddenly came to Zhao Yuande's ear, "find him, be sure to find him! Don't let the corpse of the Fengyun clan brother fall. Into the hands of others!"

"Yes! First Ancestor!" Zhao Yuande nodded, he felt the excitement in the words of the First Ancestor.

Feng Cang once said that as long as the power of the five Chaos Giants is gathered, the legendary ten stars can be opened, and the ten stars can open the earth. As long as the ten stars are turned on, I am afraid that they can fight any powerful existence!

But he hasn't turned on five stars yet, and it's still too far away from that goal.

But the power of the second Chaos Giant is in front of him, he must seize this opportunity.

"I... I said everything! You let me go! I promise not to mention a word with my elder brother, I can swear!" The princess looked at Zhao Yuande pitifully, with a hint of expectation in his heart.

"Leave you..." Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "This is not impossible, but na..."

Zhao Yuande's powerful soul rushed into the opponent's eyebrows and into the opponent's knowledge.

"You...what do you want to do...I should have said everything!" The soul of the underworld felt the horror of the other party, as if an innocent girl curled up in a corner with a look of horror on her face.

"I can't believe you completely, I want to search for your god's soul!" Zhao Yuande said lightly, always grabbing the god's soul with his big hand.

"No... you can't do this!" Spy Master screamed.

"Friend! Don't go too far!" At this moment, a black shadow blocked Zhao Yuande's face and turned into a young man with a magnificent body.

"Brother! Brother, save me quickly!" Seeing this man from the great shore, Master Ming suddenly looked overjoyed, and hurriedly hid behind him, "He... he's going to kill me!"

"I'm not going to kill you! I just want to look at your soul and check if what you said is true or false!" Zhao Yuande looked at the opposite Wei An man with a smiley expression on his face, "You think you can Can you keep him?"

"Friend! Stay in the field and meet each other in the future. According to your practice, we will meet in the seventh fairy city sooner or later, so you are not afraid..." The man of Wei An looked at Zhao Yuande with his eyes burning.

"I'm afraid of you?" Zhao Yuande grinned. "Since your soul is there, let's take a look!"

He didn't care about another big hand, directly pinched the man's neck, and dragged him to his face.

"You... do you really want to tear my face with me?" The man of Wei An whispered at this time, but there was fear in his eyes.

Although he knew that his ray of spirit could not fight each other, he thought he could resist it!

But what shocked him was that there was no so-called confrontation at all, only strong crushing, and the strength of the other party's soul was far beyond him.

"You... who the **** are you?" The Wei An man was angry and annoyed, ashamed and hated.

"You don't need to know!" Zhao Yuande said, and suddenly the powerful soul invaded the other's soul, and all the information the other party knew fell into his sea of knowledge.

"Oh! You have even begun to explore beyond your heart, it seems that I am going to speed up!" Zhao Yuande could not help being anxious when he was informed.

There are many secrets in the heart of Chaos Giants. If they are obtained by these people, then it might be possible to crack some of the secrets of the Chaos Eucharist!