Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Kongshan Road

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"Pay it! Everyone has a hundred middle-grade spirit jade!" A middle-aged Taoist, wearing a date-colored robe and long beard fluttering, pointed to a large box in front of everyone.

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, and finally one person takes the lead, and everyone else takes out the spirit jade and stuffs it into the box.

As soon as it came, Zhao Yuande simply took Lingyu and threw it into the box.

"Okay! Today we will talk about the history of the Emperor Kongzong! I will only talk about it again, don't remember, don't blame me!" The priest in the Zao robe nodded with satisfaction, and began his explanation.

Zhao Yuande's head was dizzy and he always felt strange and mysterious.

The history of the Kongshan Taoist Sect traverses ancient and modern times, from ancient times to ancient and modern times.

After the history is over, the people are assigned to rest in a dim hall.

Zhao Yuande, who felt sleepy, easily fell asleep.

When he woke up, he found that the sky was still not bright, and the people in several places around him disappeared.

He walked out of the hall somewhat strangely, looking at a bright moon in the sky, and obviously felt something was wrong.

How can you feel tired with your own cultivation? How could he fall asleep after losing his guard? Where did those people go?


Suddenly he heard the sound of breaking in the distance, and he hurried back to the hall, lying down and pretending to sleep.

Those people came back, but there seemed to be one less!

Zhao Yuande carefully recognized the breath, and it was one less.

A teenager came to his side, carefully observed Zhao Yuande in his sleep, then shook his head at the crowd.

All of them were all here, and they lay down to sleep together.

The next day, at dawn, someone knocked on the door of the main hall and brought breakfast according to the number of people.

However, the Taoist who delivered the meal was not at all curious about the lack of one person. Instead, he smiled gently at Zhao Yuande, with a little anticipation in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande walked towards the Taoist who delivered food.

"Lu Tianshu, the Lu family heir of the Northern Territory, the late stage of the Blood Poseidon, the body of the earth spirit is'corrupted'... intermediate ingredients, no matching recipes!"

Lujia's lineage? Why did the Lu family heirs come here to be a Taoist priest?

Corrupted? What the **** are these?

He turned his eyes to the young people around him.

"Zang Zhuo, a disciple of Wandujiao, the late stage of the Blood Poseidon, the body of the Tibetan land "lost soul"... low-level ingredients, matching recipes... list of ingredients..."

Lost soul? What kind of state is this? Zhao Yuande was completely blinded. He had never encountered such a thing, and felt strange everywhere.

He looked at these people one by one. The status of several young people around him was lost soul, and they all came from various big families and geniuses, and they were all very talented geniuses.

Where is this Kongshan Daozong? Why are there so many strange things happening?

On this day, many directors explained to them various sect matters.

Zhao Yuande found that the identity of these Taoist leaders was indeed a disciple of Kongshan Taoist Sect, and the position was not low. They were elders and deacons.

Some of these people have pain, some are confused, some are helpless, and the most is an expectation!

Returning to the main hall of the accommodation at night, Zhao Yuande's soul spread everywhere, and he found that one of the young men lit a black incense in the corner of the main hall.

"The soul-smelling incense has the ability to make people fall into a state of confusion and cannot be an ingredient!"

It turned out that the soul-relieving incense was ignited. Did I fall asleep last night? Zhao Yuande suddenly understood.

He immediately closed the five senses and pretended to be lethargic.

In the middle of the night, the remaining six young men stood up together, their eyes showing confusion, lurking towards the back mountain of Kongzong Daozong.

When all of their figures disappeared in the hall, Zhao Yuande jumped from his position and quietly followed behind them.

He followed these people to a majestic stone wall in Houshan.

These six people seem to have a division of labor, some are on the periphery, some climb up the stone wall to make various strange actions on the stone wall, and some take out the spirits and begin to sacrifice!

Zhao Yuande looked at these people puzzled. What are they doing? Is there any treasure in this stone wall?

Just when he couldn't touch his head, suddenly the stone wall shone a silvery light under the light of Yuehua, and a strange shadow emerged from the stone wall and rushed towards the six people.

Zhao Yuande thought there would be a big battle here, but what shocked him was that the six of them stood still and waited for the shadow.

The shadow chose a person and plunged directly into his body. The man screamed and the whole body suddenly turned into a pool of blood, and blood spattered all over the floor.

The shadow seemed to be full and fluttered back into the stone wall.

"Wan Zai Yin, the strong man who died before Wan Zai, resentment can be devoured, the spirit can be devoured to evolve... Intermediate ingredients, matching the recipe "Soul Return", can reorganize the soul, and bring the cultivator who died less than one hour back to the soul. , List of ingredients... the difficulty of capturing is impossible!"

There is such a thing! Zhao Yuande gradually grasped the ins and outs of things!

These six people are controlled by people at all. The purpose of their coming here is not to obtain any qualifications for trial of the gods, but to feed this shadow!

And behind this shadow there must be a very powerful character manipulating!

Suddenly Zhao Yuande felt that this matter was a bit creepy, and he was also arranged between these six people. Should he also become the food of this silver soul?

One person died, and the remaining five turned around and walked towards the resting hall.

Zhao Yuande hurried away, and took a short cut back to the hall in advance, lying on the ground pretending to sleep.

The remaining five did not doubt him, and all lay down to sleep.

Another day passed, and things repeated again at night. Zhao Yuande returned to the stone wall after seeing that Wan Zai Yin Soul devoured one person at a time.

Day after day, until four days later, Zhao Yuande watched the last person swallowed by Wan Zai's soul, and he felt a sense of relief in his heart.

"Boy! After watching it for a few days, did you see anything?" Just when Zhao Yuande wanted to turn around, his shoulder was patted.

He was trembling with horror and turned to look at a white-bearded old man crouching behind him, looking at him curiously.

"Who is the predecessor?" Zhao Yuande saw that this old Tao Xiu was powerful.

"You have come to Lao Dao's site for so many days, and you don't know who Lao Dao is? It seems that those useless things are scared!" Lao Dao looked at Zhao Yuande a little bit uncomfortably, "Lao Dao is this empty mountain Taoist Sovereign, Kongshan Road!"