Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1730

Chapter 1730: Set Off Immediately

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However, he knew that the twelve powerful creatures equivalent to the second-grade fairy beasts outside the heart might not be able to be captured by these people at one and a half times, so there is still some time!

"Come here too!" Zhao Yuande throws away the dying great shore man's spirit, and then grabs the goddess's soul, as usual.

The information he received was basically the same as what he said, and he did not deceive much.

It's just that there are some specific things, such as how many people are there on his brother's side, what kind of forces and identities... did not say it.

Of course, Zhao Yuande still has many unexpected surprises. He knows from their memory that the Tongtian Tower is divided into six levels, which is actually the sixty-sixth floor, the tenth floor is a big world, and the eleventh floor is the final pass.

And they are now on the twenty-second floor. Before they came here, a group of ghosts had solved the holy beast that guarded the twenty-second floor.

"Since you didn't lie to me, then give you a chance to live!" Zhao Yuande withdrew from the other party's sea of knowledge and looked at him with a smile on his face.

"Thank you! Thank you! I will be grateful to you Dade, I..." Mysterious Master can live a moment of hearing, suddenly showing an uncontrollable color of excitement on his face.

"You shouldn't be too happy!" Zhao Yuande flicked a finger and directly flew into the blood of the other party.

"Click!" Zhao Yuande's power rushed into the blood sea, destroying it instantly.

"Ah! You... you abandon my cultivation behavior! I..." The young Master is like a mourning student, his face is full of anger, but he dare not go on.

Although Zhao Yuande abolished his cultivation practice, he left his physical body, but it also left him a way of life.

However, after losing his cultivation behavior, he can now only be equivalent to a strong in the Divine Emperor Realm, but fortunately, the Spirit of the God has not suffered much damage in the Soul Search, and it is unfortunately lucky.

Zhou Tian, who was not far away, saw this situation, and he couldn't help showing a slight disappointment on his face. It would be nice if the other party died!

But he lost his cultivation base, and if he wanted to kill him, it should not be difficult.

After I waited for them to leave here, I broke up and slaughtered this guy, and then planted things on them!

If your dog bites the dog, I can benefit from the fisherman!

At this time in the seventh fairy city world, a **** underground world.

A man of great stature frowned slightly.

The man with his red hair was wild and domineering, standing there like a terrifying demon.

Within ten weeks of his body, no one dared to stay, they could not bear the horror pressure that originated from the soul of the god.

"Master Hades, what's wrong?" A white man in command of a large group of cultivators and a tall blood beast in the distance just turned his head at this time and saw this scene.

"My brother seems to have an accident there, and the trace of the soul I left on him has become weaker!" The emperor glanced at the white man and said lightly.

"There should be no worries about life!" The silver man looked handsome, with sword-browed eyes and a stern breath.

"Hmm!" The Emperor Ming nodded slowly.

"Do you want to send someone to answer it!" White man said.

"No! This blood beast has been fighting us for ten days and ten nights. It is estimated that within five days, he should be able to use up all his strength. We have not enough manpower, so he will go by himself!" He is still very confident in his name, and no one should dare to kill his younger brother in these twelve fairy cities!

"I don't know what happened to Zhang Fan, Ji Mingzhen, Tianling Xuannv..."


Although Master Nong lost his cultivation practice, he didn't leave, but stumbled to Zhou Tian's side not far away, sitting cross-legged.

"Hey! Zhou Tian, now we are sympathetic to each other!" The young man looked at Zhou Tian lying on the ground and couldn't help but smile bitterly on his face.

"Yes!" Zhou Tian replied, but there was no feeling of sympathy.

Im just injured now. You are really being abolished. Its very difficult to recover. From today, you cant ride on my head and shit.

"After they leave, let's leave together!" Ming Gong suggested.

"Okay!" Zhou Tian promised.

"Walk with you, but also to my heart, as soon as I broke up and killed, slaughtered you, all the treasures on you are mine!" Zhou Tian brewed a vicious scheme.

The Heaven Tribulation soon stopped, and Yu Rosa, who had greatly improved her combat effectiveness, waved her fist in excitement.

"Hehe! Congratulations!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled at her.

"Congratulations! Sister! What you want!" Zhou Ming came to her side, gently holding her arm, and her face was all joyful.

"Don't you bully me after the girl!" Zhou Fei licked his skin and came up, he also smiled.

"Why dare! Otherwise, my sister may have to teach me!" Yu Rosa was in a good mood and could not help but ridicule.

"Sister, what are you talking about!" Zhou Ming's cheeks were flushed and his face was embarrassed.

"It's still true... you two..." Rosa was surprised at the next turn.

She just ridiculed casually just now, but she didn't expect Zhou Ming's expression, she couldn't help but speak in shock.

"Well!" Zhou Ming nodded gently, his face covered with Hongxia.

Zhou Tian, who was not far away, saw this scene and almost bit his lip!

At this moment, his heart was extremely incomparable, but that was his own woman! I didn't expect to make such an ugly fat man cheap. Is this fate kidding him?

But he didn't know that one's ugly beauty can't completely look at the appearance!

As cultivators, their appearance can be changed, but their hearts are so bad that they have no cure!

He was already a hopeless man in Zhou Ming's eyes, and Zhou Fei moved her constantly, making her feel that Zhou Fei is the best man in the world!

"Be sure to treat your sister better in the future. If you dare to treat her badly, I will tear down your bones!" Yu Rosa waved her fist at Zhou Fei.

"Yes! Yes! Certainly must!" Zhou Fei replied hurriedly, with a look of sincerity on his face.

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show surprise on his face, this guy was so lucky!

Is this an advantage?

"Let's go! Let's move on, there is something very important to me in the Seventh Fairy World!" Zhao Yuande was still in a hurry at this time, and the power in the body of the Chaos Giant Clan must not be taken away by others.

"Okay! Start right away! I'm all looking forward to the next fight!" Zhou Fei clenched his fists.

Now Zhou Ming has promised him, but with his current strength, I am afraid that he still needs the protection of the other party!

This makes him feel awkward in his heart, he must work hard to raise the state as soon as possible!