Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1731

Chapter 1731: Worth It

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The four left in a hurry and moved on!

Their figure soon disappeared into the distance.

Seeing the disappearance of everyone's figure, Zhou Tian's gaze turned to the young master, and the powerful power in the body had secretly continued in the palm of his hand.

However, at this time, the young man who had the same face and sympathy suddenly suddenly broke up and kicked fiercely in Zhou Tian's lower body.


I don't know what was broken. Zhou Tian flew out like a cannonball, hitting a high mountain far away.

"You...why do you..." Looking at the underworld who came with the shadows, Zhou Tian asked in a difficult voice, and there was panic on his face.

"Why! Don't you know?" Ming Gong looked at him coldly, "Do you think I'm a fool? I can't see this thought, I'm already dead!"

"I... unwilling!" Zhou Tian curled up, his eyes showing an unwilling look.

"Late! From the moment you gave me a killing intent, you are already a dead person!" Ming Gongzi looked at each other indifferently.



Immediately after the slashing of the young master, Zhou Tian suddenly heard a trembling beast roar in the mountains.

"Yes... the black wind wolf that escaped!" The young Master suddenly changed his face suddenly.

Just now they beheaded a group of black wind wolves, but they were run away by one of the most cunning, they originally did not think this was a threat.

Because the condition to enter the next level is to beheaded or to drive away this group of black wind wolves.

Its no big deal to escape one, and they didnt chase it, but now he regrets it!

Each side of the Black Wind Wolf is a nine-level beast, which is equivalent to the early cultivation of Divine Emperor Realm!

With his current practice, he can't resist it at all!

He suddenly remembered Zhou Tian, if he didn't kill him, the two might join forces to escape from the black wind wolf, but now...

The huge body of the black wind wolf has appeared in his sight...

A scream of sorrow broke the sky and echoed among the mountains.

By this time, Zhao Yuande had reached a staircase again.

"According to the information I got, this level should be the aquatic world. In the end, we need to kill a holy beast water dragon before we can enter the next level." Zhao Yuande introduced the situation of this level to everyone.

The faces of everyone showed excitement, and the underwater world made them look forward to.

But soon they were not happy, they were really uncomfortable underwater, they had to hold their breaths, and they had to be alert to the attack of various brutal fish around them.

And there is a time limit for this level. They dont know how deep the water cant reach the surface. They can only close their breath. Although they are all strong, they cant never breathe forever!

Of course, if you are a strong man who cultivates the way of water, there will be no such problems, such as Zhao Yuande, even if he has been in the water all his life.

The other three are obviously a little bit uncomfortable.

In the water, you must clean up the battlefield after the battle. Once the **** smell attracts a large group of fierce beasts in the water, it is not easy to get out.

This time, it was Zhou Fei who shot. This guy constantly fights against the incoming water beasts in order to improve his combat effectiveness.

His own combat effectiveness is not strong, but in this period of combat, his combat effectiveness is also leaps and bounds.

The imperial beast is very rare in the Xuantian Taoist sect, so most of the cultivating of him in the sect is how to temper the flesh, how to improve the power of the god's soul, how to cultivate the spirit beast fairy beast, and as for combat skills and various magical powers, he Although I have learned a little, it is basically useless.

Now with Zhou Ming's encouragement, he started to work hard!

Not only did the fight increase his combat effectiveness, but also his fat body began to gradually lose weight.

After everyone successfully solved the water dragon, Zhou Fei seemed to have changed his own. Although he was still much fatter than the average person, he was already within the range of human tolerance!

During this time, he almost subtracted himself, and the fat on his body that had originally walked up was basically non-existent at this time.

"Brother! You have worked hard!" Zhao Yuande patted Zhou Fei's shoulder and couldn't help admiring it.

This way, except for the last three of the Water Dragon who stepped forward to fight together, almost everything else was solved by Zhou Fei alone!

"For Xin'er, it's worth my hardship!" Zhou Fei's face was full of happiness.

Zhou Ming was originally just the name of Chunyang Xiangong. Zhou Ming's real name was Du Xin'er. Now everyone has started calling her Xin'er!

Zhou Ming and Zhou Fei, these two names are too similar, the two always feel a little embarrassed.

"You... are really enviable!" Zhao Yuande sincerely said.

"Oh! Actually you can do it!" Zhou Fei's mouth turned towards the two daughters who were not far away, "Yu girl is to you..."

"Okay! Don't say this!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and didn't want to continue this topic.

"Okay!" Zhou Fei shook his head, he also knew Zhao Yuande's embarrassment.

"Your breakthrough is imminent, I will help you again! Everyone has been fighting for so long, and they are all tired. I will stew that water dragon, everyone will make up!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"Good!" Zhou Fei's eyes widened as soon as he heard the food.

"If you seize the opportunity this time, you will most likely be able to advance to the late stage of the Divine Emperor. According to your spiritual strength, you should be able to control one more animal pet, and the next level is finally a mysterious ghost. If you can control it By the way, your combat power should be able to contend with the ordinary fairyland powerhouse!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Relax! I promise to complete the task!" Zhou Fei heard, and excitedly hugged Zhao Yuande all at once.

"Hey, brother! I'm a man. If you want to hug, go hug your woman!" Zhao Yuande pushed away from each other.

"Oh! I'm not too excited!" Zhou Fei was also embarrassed.

"All come to help, deal with this water dragon!" Zhao Yuande greeted the second daughter.

The second daughter is also very happy.

Half a day later, Zhou Fei did not disappoint Zhao Yuande, and finally successfully promoted to the late stage of the Shenhuang Realm.

Zhou Fei seems to be dreaming at the moment. Since he met Zhao Yuande, his cultivation ability and combat effectiveness have increased linearly, and he also met Du Xiner, his favorite woman!

Zhou Fei felt that following Zhao Yuande was too comfortable! He is simply the lucky star he hit!

Although the second daughter did not improve her realm, her physical strength was greatly improved, and her fighting power naturally increased.

If Yu Rosa meets the Underworld again, this time he will definitely be able to defeat him in one shot.

And Zhou Ming, Du Xin'er, the breath at this time has almost reached the limit of the Divine Emperor Realm. She almost cannot suppress the current realm, and may be promoted to the Immortal Realm at any time.