Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734: Accelerate

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The spirit of the fairy monarch... The coercion alone can make the fairy realm strong lose its combat power. This is simply an invincible god!

Beside him, what are you afraid of these twelve ascendant immortal cities?

"Haha! Haha!" Zhou Fei's face showed ecstasy, "Brother, I will mix with you in the future, you are my brother!"

"I thought you had to hold on for a while, but I didn't expect to be more than I thought... Ha ha!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, he didn't want everyone to hold him high above him, he also wanted to experience the wind and rain like them, in the twelve ascendant city All the way to the fairyland.

"Brother, you don't despise us, we will not despise yourself anymore!" Zhou Fei's fallacies are really many, but it sounds quite reasonable, but in the end he added a sentence, "Oh! Can't resist me It's just thick-skinned!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande was speechless. "We are brothers all the time. We have always been brothers. As long as you live up to me, we will be brothers all our lives!"

Zhao Yuande said very solemnly, he is also very fond of this guy, although his mouth is cheap and thick-skinned, but at a critical moment, he will never fall off the chain!

"Since it's a brother, then... the fierce spirits you just grabbed will share with me!" Zhou Fei's face came forward.

"Oh! I've prepared it for you!" Zhao Yuande threw a storage ring to him.

"Hey! I knew my brother wouldn't forget me!" Zhou Feile put away the storage ring with an excited smile on her face.

"Let's go! We have passed this level!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the front, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Everyone looked at it and found that there was a staircase in front of it.

"Haha! I knew it was so simple, we wouldn't have to shoot it in the future. Brother Zhao showed great power, and he would just take us there!" Zhou Fei's face showed excitement.

"Well! Your sharpening is almost over. Girl Du is now at a critical point and can no longer shoot! You still need a holy beast as a pet, and girl Yu... also need to sharpen it!" Zhao Yuande lightly Nod, "Now let's speed up! There are three levels, as long as you pass the three levels, you are the seventh fairy city world!"

Zhao Yuande's face showed a bit of anticipation. The seventh fairy city world has the flesh of the Chaos Giants. They are also in the Black Wind. He now misses the days he spent with the Black Wind!

He went up the stairs and the next level was a stretch of golden desert.

Under the desert, huge sand worms rushed out from time to time to attack them.

These sand worms are huge in size, with a hard carapace, and each one has the early strength of the holy beast, but the dark green juice spitting in the mouth is too disgusting, and the two women simply hide far away.

Zhou Fei became a sandworm killer. Instead of summoning Xiaobai, Xiaohei and Xuanming, he personally went up to melee and killed these sandworms one by one.

After slashing dozens of sandworms in succession, they met the second team of human cultivators.

Here, if you want to act alone, it is difficult.

They walked all the way and found the bones of many people, those cultivators who basically had no team.

When the number of people reaches seven or eight, they will be able to shuttle through the Tiantian Tower with ease.

However, when you reach the last floor of the Tongtian Tower, you need to achieve your personal strength, otherwise you will still be unable to pass.

The team they met had a total of six people.

There was no conflict between the two teams, but they nodded to each other and set off in different directions.

There is Zhao Yuande, they will not get lost naturally, Zhao Yuande's soul can cover the entire fourth level, so they are very effective in killing sand worms.

At the end of the fourth level, a three-legged firebird appeared. Although this guy's realm was still at the peak of the holy beast, the combat effectiveness was not generally strong.

Zhou Fei didn't insist on going up for long, but was backed off by the three-legged firebird repeatedly, almost burning all over his body.

"Brother Zhao, Zhou Fei can't hold on!" Du Xiner looked anxiously at Zhou Fei, who was forced to retreat in the field, and couldn't help turning his head anxiously.

"Yu girl, you go!" Zhao Yuande felt that Zhou Fei seemed to be squeezed to the limit and nodded involuntarily. "Relax, I have count. Although Brother Zhou's strength is not very strong, but his physical defense is beyond Most of the strong body refiners."

"Oh! I...I just..." Du Xiner looked at Zhao Yuande's face flushed slightly.

In the so-called care of chaos, she only saw Zhou Fei's danger, but ignored his tenacity.

"Oh! You can care for him like this, this guy Zhou Fei can be regarded as no life in this life!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly.

Since he met himself, Zhou Fei's luck is quite good, all the way down the river and water, the cultivation has soared, and even got the heart of Du Xiner!

Of course, part of this is due to your own credit, but it is undeniable that it is mainly the other partys luck, and the other partys efforts have played a key role.

Although the three-legged firebird is powerful, after Rosa joined the battle group, it began to lose!

After more than a dozen breaths, Yu Rosa bombarded the head of the three-legged firebird with a punch, and directly rolled the body of the three-legged firebird, crashing down on the ground, burning a huge fire pit alive on the ground. .

The three-legged Firebird struggled unwillingly in the fire pit, and finally did not stand up, looking at the two opponents with despair and resentment in his eyes.

"Don't kill it! I'll try to conquer!" Zhou Fei stopped Yu Rosa, who wanted to continue, and stepped forward.

But just the moment he approached, a fiery flame erupted directly from the three-legged flamingo.

The body of the three-legged flamingo exploded at once, and a huge ring of fire was rippling around. Zhou Fei was the first to bear the brunt.

"This kind of flame is very powerful!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, he took a move, Zhou Fei and Yu Rosa flew back to him involuntarily.

"Hey! It's a pity! A holy beast has just set itself on fire!" Zhou Fei thumped his chest, his face showing a painful flesh.

"Hey! This three-legged firebird has a strong character and is arrogant. You can't surrender! Zhao Yuande thought of the last look of the three-legged firebird at this time, can't help but sigh!

Whether it is a man or a beast, they all have their own personalities, or they are strong, or feminine, or peaceful... And such a strong character is an extreme, rather than broken jade.

"Let's go! There are two levels, we have to speed up!" Zhao Yuande swept his sleeves and rolled the crowd to enter the next level.