Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736: Alliance

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Now that Yu Rosa had reached the limit, Zhao Yuande simply did not go verbose, and the big sleeves rolled around and drove everyone all the way, quickly reaching the final level.

The last level had trapped several teams of people at this time, and they looked at the tall stone man in front of him with brows and frowns.

More than 30 of them were defeated in the hands of this tall stone man just now.

If it weren't for the stone man with a long chain to lock his body, these people might not dare to challenge because the opponent's combat power has reached the fairyland.

When they had a headache about how to defeat the stone man, they only felt a gust of wind, and a figure brushed past them and rushed towards the stone man.

Before waiting for everyone to remind or laugh, the stone man slapped towards the figure with a slap.

The void is instantly broken under its palm, the power of this slap can directly smash a big world!

Just when everyone thought the figure would burst directly, or even fly back when they were most unlucky, they heard a bang.

I saw the huge figure of the Stone Man flying hundreds of feet at once, and directly hit the huge metal gate behind him.


The metal gate was knocked open by the stone man, and the figure suddenly disappeared into the metal gate.


Someone reacted at once, and the body flashed towards the metal gate, and the figure also rushed into the gate.


But at the next moment, the stone man was furious, slapped and smashed a dozen or so practitioners who wanted to take the opportunity to rush into the gate, and his eyes became bright red as well.

The figure in front was naturally Zhao Yuande, and there were only three people behind him who entered the gate.

The opportunity was fleeting and the three seized the opportunity, so they succeeded!

Zhao Yuande walked through the metal gate, and the discoverer suddenly appeared on a noisy street.

Behind them is a tall tower, which seems to be only the upper part, with a total of thirty-three floors. Although it is only thirty-three floors, it still stands tall between the heavens and the earth, overlooking all other buildings.

"It's somewhere!" Zhao Yuande waved his sleeves, and the other three appeared beside him.

"Wow! There is fairy power in the air here. If you practice here, you can definitely get twice the result with half the effort!" Yu Rosa said with some surprise.

"Not enough! The fairy power here is a little weak, not enough for our fairyland!" Du Xin'er shook his head.

"Okay! Let's go! There must be something big happening in front of it so busy!" Zhou Fei was curiously looking at a nine-story building in front at this time.

Before the tall buildings surrounded a large group of practitioners, most of them were not from outsiders, but they were all young people.

"Go! Look at the past!" Zhao Yuande was also curious, what happened here.

"I'll change it first!" Yu Rosa pulled the crowd, masked with a black scarf, and put on a wide black robe on her body. She couldn't see anything except her eyes.

She is afraid of trouble, and her body is too tempting!

"Oh! This is the best, this is the best!" Zhao Yuande took a long breath.

This big guy dangled in front of himself all day, it was so tempting, and now his heart cleared up a lot now!

Looking at Zhao Yuande's expression, Zhou Fei and Du Xin'er couldn't help but chuckled at the corners of their mouths, it was really hard for him!

"Hey! This brother, what are you doing here? Does anyone have a happy event?" Zhou Fei is a familiar person, and asked when he caught a young man.

"You..." The young man was having a good conversation with a beautiful woman beside him, and it was naturally very unhappy that he was suddenly caught by someone.

But when he turned his head and saw Zhou Fei's cultivation behavior, a face suddenly turned into awe.

"You... you are a tester!" The young man glanced at Zhao Yuande and the three of them again, and the attitude was even more respectful.

"Well!" Zhou Fei patted the other person's shoulders and smiled, "Don't be nervous, I just asked you a question, not to eat you!"

"Oh, you can rest assured that I know everything here, you can ask!" The young man answered respectfully.

At this time, many people also noticed this place, and immediately looked at Zhao Yuande and the four people with envy and fear, making them feel a little inexplicable.

"What happened here? Why are there so many people here?" Zhou Fei asked.

"I heard that Shangguan Fairy invited many testers to come to Juxianlou today to discuss a major event," the young man replied.

"Shangguan Fairy? Is it Shangguan Rulan in the Imperial Palace?" Zhou Fei's face could not help but slightly exclaimed.

Shangguan Rulan is a legend!

Originally Shangguan Rulan was only the capital of the upper middle class in the War Palace, but he did not expect to enter the twelve ascendant city and climb all the way!

From the 380th person who originally entered the period, she was rapidly improved all the way. By the time she entered the world of the fifth fairy city, she was already a strong player in the late God Emperor's late stage, and the ranking entered the top 50!

And after entering the sixth fairy city world, she sings all the way, entering the top 20.

Not long ago she successfully set foot in the seventh fairy city world, and successfully promoted to fairy land, ranking eighth!

"Yes! It's this fairy!" The man's face unabashedly showed reverence.

Zhao Yuande felt that this Shangguan Rulan must have had a great chance among the twelve immortal cities, and then he would sing along.

If you want to know what chance she got, you need to see this girl yourself!

But he was not very interested in the other party's chances, but rather curious about her purpose today.

"What are they going to discuss?" Zhou Fei asked.

"It seems... it seems... is to organize a coalition!" The man just listened to someone vaguely, and continued to answer, "As long as the tester can join this coalition."

"Oh! This is not bad!" Zhou Fei nodded and turned to look at Zhao Yuande, "Brother, shall we go in and see?"

"Hmm! Go in and see!" Zhao Yuande nodded, he vaguely guessed, maybe it was related to the physical body of the Chaos Giant Race at this time.

"Give up! Gave up!" Zhou Fei was already in the late stage of God Emperor Realm at this time.

He pulled with a big hand, and the powerful force directly pushed everyone to make a way.

Zhou Fei swaggered in front, his face proud.

At this time, three people appeared again in their rear. At this time, they saw the figure of Zhou Fei, especially Zhao Yuande, and they were shocked.