Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737: Shangguan Rulan

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Although they were in a hurry at the time, they could see at a glance that Zhao Yuande was the strong man who hit the stone man.

"Let's go, let's take a look!" The three looked at each other, nodded silently, and walked towards the tall building.

As soon as the four of them entered the tall building, Zhao Yuande was greeted by a passionate maid.

"Several seniors, but did you come to Shangguan Fairy's banquet?" The maid looked at the four people, feeling the terrifying coercion of them, and immediately became more respectful.

"Good! Let's lead the way ahead!" Zhou Fei walked in front, some toes were high, and the villain was satisfied.

"Could you please inform some of the cultivation bases, I can also tell the official fairy!" the girl asked a little cautiously.

She knew, however, that these strong men had some quirks, for example, they didn't like others to ask about cultivation practices. Last time, a sister accidentally talked and was beaten to death.

But this time Shangguan Fairy personally told her that she had to do the same.

"Oh! I am the late Emperor of the Divine Emperor, they..." Zhou Fei didn't care, nodded and answered, but he was interrupted by Zhao Yuande before he could finish the introduction.

"I am in the middle of the Divine Emperor, and these two are also in the late Emperor of the Divine Emperor!" Zhao Yuande is not too swayed. Maybe someone will recognize himself here, maybe he will meet the enemy at that time.

For example, this time, Shangguan Rulan, who invited everyone, once had a name called Shangguan Rumeng that may have a close relationship with her, and that Shangguan Rumeng is probably one of the people who ambushed himself!

Shangguan Rumeng was beheaded by himself, this Shangguan Rulan might hate himself very much!

"Don't expose my name, there might be my enemies here. I will change my appearance a little bit and cover up your cultivation too! I will call it Jiang Yilin for a while, so you call it Brother Jiang!" Zhao Yuande Chuan The sound was given to three people, and his appearance was unchanged. Although there were not many changes, people who knew Zhao Yuande before would never recognize him.

And he gave himself this name because his mother's surname was Jiang, and his mother was named Jiang Yilin. He simply gave a similar name called Jiang Yilin, mainly for easy remembering!

"Your enemies, we might as well beat them all!" Zhou Fei heard this and couldn't help showing his face with excitement.

"If it were just them, I wouldn't be so strenuous anymore! I don't want to fight the grass!" Zhao Yuande replied.

"Okay! We all listen to you! But what we need to do, as long as you say a word!" Zhou Fei nodded.

The maid heard a little disappointment when she heard the late Emperor God, but still took them to the seventh floor very respectfully and stopped in a corner!

Many free tables and chairs have been prepared here, and the dishes on the table are rich, with dozens of dishes.

The four of them randomly chose a table to sit down.

"Several seniors, please take your time. Shangguan Fairy will come here toast!" The little maid left in a hurry.

Zhao Yuande observed the next four weeks. At this time, dozens of people have been seated here, most of them are strong in the middle and late stages of the God Emperor Realm. They are eating and drinking on the table, while chatting a little boringly.

And farther away, he saw several larger tables, at this time a dozen people were talking and laughing.

These dozen people have men and women, all of them have reached the peak of the Holy Emperor's territory. Several of them have a similar breath to Yu Rosa Du Xin'er, and they seem to be promoted soon.

One of the beautiful women, dressed in white, shuttled through the crowd, and she sometimes chuckled and whispered.

Her body exudes a real fairy atmosphere, although there is a restraint but a hint of sharpness reveals, so that those around are envious and jealous!

However, in Zhao Yuande's eyes, he saw the clue. Although the woman really reached the fairyland, the fairy energy in the place where she was promoted was too thin, and did not make her fairy gas quench body successful. Now she Only possessing the magic power of the fairyland, and the flesh without the fairyland, is only half of the fairyland.

Her fighting power is only a little stronger than Rosa and Du Xin'er!

"That's Shangguan Rulan, I don't think so!" Zhou Fei deliberately pouted, turned his head to look at Du Xiner to please, "Not as good as my family Xiner!"

"Really?" Du Xiner narrowed his eyes, his eyebrows curved, and a light smile appeared on his face.

"Yes!" Zhou Fei suddenly felt very guilty, and the other party looked at his own eyes, how so evil!

"Your eyes just couldn't get back!" Du Xiner continued to smile.

"Then...just...I'm actually watching others!" Zhou Fei said guilty, at this time he felt his back spine was wet with sweat.

"Okay! Okay, sister, don't scare him!" Yu Rosa patted Du Xiner lightly.

"Giggle! I didn't expect my power to be so great!" Du Xiner chuckled and looked at Zhou Fei's eyes suddenly became softer.

"Oh! My mother!" Zhou Fei seemed to be fighting a battle with the Holy Beast at this time, no... more tired than a battle with the Holy Beast!

Just now he felt that he seemed to have made a big mistake, as if he had done something angry, and he was so nervous for the first time since he was born.

Zhao Yuande was also looking at the two. He felt a familiar warmth. The feelings between the two became deeper and deeper.

He silently blessed the two of them in his heart, but he also saw Yu Rosa's gloomy look at him.

He could only turn his head to look in other directions, but his heart was silently sighing.

Yu Rosa saw Zhao Yuande turning her head deliberately, and suddenly felt a little disappointment in her heart, but this disappointment soon became a motivator. She has never been afraid of the fierce beast!

"Everyone! Rulan is late!" Shangguan Rulan came over and flew across everyone, but finally fell on Du Xin'er.

"Sister Du, you are here too! Your cultivation base..." Shangguan Rulan even knew Du Xin'er.

"Well! Sister Lan's rapid entry into the country really envied me!" Du Xiner's answer was a little blunt, showing that the relationship between the two did not seem to be very harmonious.

But she avoided the problem of cultivation behavior and diverted the topic.

Shangguan Rulan didn't care about Du Xin'er's attitude, as if she had expected it, she nodded slightly and smiled at her before raising her glass of wine.

"Dear friends, you first came to the Seventh Fairy World. You probably don't know some of the Seventh Fairy City. I'll introduce you here!" Shangguan Rulan warmly introduced to everyone.