Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739: Set Off

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"We went out to practice knowing once, and the relationship was pretty good at first!" Du Xiner smiled bitterly. "You also know that I am the kind of person who is easier to believe in others! In the end, she gave up because of the choice of interests. Sisterhood between us!"

Speaking of which, she looked at Zhou Fei on the opposite side. Her eyes seemed to say, I believe in you, don't let me down!

"This woman is profit-oriented, it's really not a good thing!" Zhou Fei looked at Shangguan Rulan in the distance with a look of anger, and patted his chest hard, "Xin'er, don't worry, I will never be like her , Nothing can make me betray you, god!"

"Well! I believe you!" Du Xiner's eyes flashed in water, nodded with emphasis.

Zhao Yuande watched the two show affectionately and couldn't help feeling another scorching gaze looking at him, his face suddenly showed a bitter smile!

A big beautiful woman looked at you like this, it should have been a happy thing, but now Zhao Yuande is in a state of confusion, like sitting on a needle felt!

"Okay! Don't say these unpleasant things, let's say something happy!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "I guess I will enter the body of the god-man in a moment, it should be a separate action, we simply get rid of them directly Go directly to find the opportunity yourself, and maybe you can find a place where the spirit of the fairy is rich and let the two of you advance to the fairyland."

There is no way, Zhao Yuande can only divert the topic now, and lead the topic to places they pay more attention to, such as the improvement of cultivation practice!

"Oh! This is the best!" The three people's eyes lit up, and after they became a fairyland, their fighting power soared, and they would not become a burden to Zhao Yuande.

"But there is one more thing, that is what to do with Heavenly Tribulation? Promoting to Immortal Realm will inevitably lead to a huge Heavenly Tribulation, we will not die in Heavenly Tribulation!" Yu Luosha glanced at Zhao Yuande, though he hated He changed the subject, but he couldn't help asking.

"This is simple, as long as you are not too far from me, I can cover your breath, God can't find it!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"Okay! Then do what you say." Yu Rosa nodded.

After receiving the reply from everyone, Shangguan Rulan returned to the group of God Emperor Peak Powerhouses she valued. After some deliberation, she finally decided to start immediately!

Everyone followed Shangguan Rulan with anticipation and wanted to see where the flesh of the ancient god-man was.

But they did not expect that Shangguan Rulan took them to a stretch of giant mountains outside the city.

"Is the flesh of the ancient god-man in this giant mountain?" Some people wondered that although this mountain range is huge, such a large flesh should not be able to hide it!

"Not in this giant mountain, and this giant mountain is just a fold on the skin of the ancient **** man!" Shangguan Rulan said, and everyone looked at this mountain in disbelief, this is just a Fold!

"Don't doubt it! Did you see the huge hole in the mountain range?" Shangguan Rulan led the crowd forward, and they all saw a huge pit in the mountains, tens of thousands of squares in size. .

"That's... Could it be the pores of the ancient **** man?" someone asked inconceivably, and he couldn't believe it when he said that.

"That's right, that's the pores of ancient gods!" Shangguan Rulan said solemnly.

"My god! How old is this ancient **** man!"

"This... is incredible!"

"How could there be such a huge creature!"

"This is probably bigger than a big world!"


"Good! The information I got here said that this ancient god-man stood in the starry sky, and a star is just the size of his eyeball!" Shangguan Rulan said, but couldn't help but reveal his face Very shocked.

This seventh fairy city world was actually built on the body of this ancient **** and man. When she got the news, she couldnt believe it!

"This..." Except Zhao Yuande, everyone stood blankly in a daze.

If they think about it, they can think of how powerful this god-man is. I'm afraid people can shoot dead with a slap. I don't know how many fairies.

The power of the ancient immortal kingdom is recorded in all their forces, but that has countless powerful existences, and the powerful people beyond the realm of the immortal emperor do not know how many, and they are still destroyed by this ancient **** and man!

Although this ancient god-man lost his life, he couldn't hide his dazzling power.

"This kind of person exists, how big is the body, and how much blood essence will there be!" Someone thought of this key question.

"Yes! Let's enter immediately! Entering early we can also collect more blood essence!" Many people's eyes suddenly turned red!

"Slightly calm down!" Shangguan Rulan waved his hand. "I explain again that everyone enters by voluntary, but if they do not follow our agreement after entering, then don't blame me for being merciless!"

Her eyes swept over everyone's face, focusing on Du Xin'er's body for a moment, but she quickly moved away.

"Shangguan fairy, you can rest assured!" Many people nodded again and again, their faces could not wait.

"Good! Let's go!" Shangguan Rulan shot a golden light in his hand and shot towards the huge sky pit below.

The golden light shot into the tiankeng, and suddenly it seemed that a stone was dropped in the water, and there was a circle of ripples in the tiankeng.

At the next moment, an extremely terrifying force suddenly burst out of the huge sky pit. This kind of power only spread in the void in an instant.

Some cultivation practitioners are not high, and there are no vigilant practitioners who are suddenly swayed by this power, and some even fall on the ground.

Zhao Yuande felt a breath of uncommon familiarity, as seemed to be familiar with Feng Cang's flesh in the trial space of Hun Tian Xian Guo last time.

This is the breath of Chaos Giant Clan, the breath connected to his own blood.

He didn't change his face, but his heart was jumping wildly.

He was originally a hearsay, but he was not sure, but now it is truly felt, and no one can understand the excitement and anxiety.

"You invaders! You worms, until I control this physical power, I will clear you all out!" Zhao Yuande secretly determined.

He now has a feeling that his loved ones are being eaten up by a group of hungry wolves. He feels he has an obligation to drive them all out.