Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Dark Cave

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"Senior knew for a long time why there was nothing here to stop it?" Zhao Yuande saw that the old man did not seem to be malicious, so he no longer hesitated and questioned his heart.

"Hey! It's not that we don't want to stop, but we can't stop!" Lao Dao sighed. "Lao Dao is imprisoned in the empty mountain shrine for three thousand years. Only when the irritability is strongest at three o'clock every day, can the soul come out!"

"You are the soul!" Zhao Yuande looked at Lao Tao in disbelief. He gently tapped his hand on Lao Tao and found out that it was not an entity.

"How about it? Believe it!" The old man smiled.

Zhao Yuande nodded.

"I know, I must be the disciples outside to come to help you! I am afraid that many people have died here!" Zhao Yuande really tasted something, why do those people look at their eyes? look forward to.

"Very smart! But you are too weak!" said Kong Shandao with some regrets. "The chance of you helping me is almost zero! I think you are still running away now! Maybe there is still a chance of life!"

"Is that true?" Zhao Yuande looked at the empty mountain road in front of him, his face showing a force of unwillingness to lose, and smiled, "Let me try it!"

"Okay! I didn't look at the wrong person!" Kong Shandao looked at Zhao Yuande and applauded. "Many people used to see such a scene and they were scared to escape, and every time they died in front of Baiya! Only A few lucky boys met me because they were bold enough, and then only one little girl who passed my test fell into endless **** to save me. And you are the second one who passed the test, I hope you can After walking through the corpse forest, come to my side and help me unleash the seal!"

"Tell me that I should do this." Zhao Yuande took a deep breath.

"Follow my guidance!" The long body of Kongshan Road flew lightly and led the way in front.

Zhao Yuande followed carefully.

Their figure gradually disappeared into the dense jungle of the back mountain.

"This is the first one? How many years of my Shadow Sect were wasted, will it really succeed?" An old lady wearing a black dress and covered by a long black gauze all over her body stood where Zhao Yuande appeared just now, seriously The glimmer of light.

Zhao Yuande came to a dark cave along with the long and empty road.

"Boy, I won't be able to accompany you next! Remember if you meet a little girl in the corpse forest, you must bring her out if possible!" There was a trace of pity on the face of Kong Shandao, "That little The girl is really good, very good!"

Zhao Yuande nodded and asked, "What the **** is inside the cave?"

"It is said that there is a piece of debris connected to the Underworld, and some people say that it is the inner world of a **** emperor, and even some people say that it is a cave man once used by a fairy! But which one I am afraid that no one will know in this world! "There is a fear in Kongshan Laodao's eyes, as if he had experienced something terrible in it!

"What do I need to do?" Zhao Yuande looked solemnly at the hole. He could feel the sound of ghost crying and howling from the depths of the cave.

"As long as you find a shrine in the cave and smash it, I will be free again! I will take you away at that time!" Kong Shan Laodao looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with unstoppable expectations.

"Bless me!" Zhao Yuande resolutely turned around and strode into the cave.

As soon as he walked into the cave, Zhao Yuande's face showed irresistible anger and helplessness.

"Wait! I would rather not leave this cave in my whole life than let you out!" Zhao Yuande responded coldly in his heart.

In fact, just now, when Zhao Yuande tapped Kongshan Taodao's body with his finger, he launched the appraisal technique.

As a result, there was a message that surprised him.

"Gudang Demon King, the ancient invading the emperor of the East Emperor Great World, Kongshan Taoist people suppressed in the corpse forest, can not become food!"

He had heard this legend in his previous life. He suppressed a demonic monarch in the world of the East Emperor. He once controlled 3 billion demons to wage war against the world, and finally defeated the World of the East Emperor, and was suppressed in the East Emperor. In the big world.

He didnt expect that he would be able to run into this matter today. The demons current strength has been reduced to the level of a late strongman in the field. Unfortunately, his last card was exhausted when he saved Zhu Luan the last time. Otherwise, it is easy to solve this matter by calling out Jianyuan avatar or Mingzhen senior.

He can only pretend not to know now, resolutely enters the cave, finds the shrine, and seals it permanently to prevent future troubles, and the little girl must have been shot by the power behind this devil to rescue it, even if he himself You wont save it if you see it.

The darkness in the cave, even if Zhao Yuande opened his eyes, he could not see ten feet away, which was very dangerous for a cultivator.

The more he walked in, the more the ground became softer and softer, as if entering a quagmire.

He looked down and found that the color of the ground had turned into a blood red, and there was a nasty smell of nausea.

"This is!" Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a white light appearing on the ground. He hurried to take a closer look and found that it was a bone with a milky white light. He picked up the bone and weighed ten thousand pounds in his hand. The bone is very hard no less than a top-level spirit treasure.

"Human leg bones are extremely tough, and the essence in the bones has passed away, and they cannot be ingredients!"

"This must be the bones of an emperor, even the Divine Emperor. Only their realm can temper the bones to this degree!" Zhao Yuande slightly estimated, his face suddenly showing a shocked look.

"This bone may be able to forge a top-level spirit treasure!"

However, Zhao Yuande soon became overwhelmed. There were more and more bones on the ground, and the whole space was shining white for a time.

Zhao Yuande discovered that he didn't know when he was no longer in a cave, but reached a vast and borderless wasteland.

The mountains and fields here are full of white bones and some rusty weapons, and black ghosts linger on the ground.

"The ghosts of ancient battlefields have strong resentment and can be purified and cannot be ingredients!"

"I know, this is the battlefield of that battle, and these bones and weapons are left by the human cultivators of that battle. After the death of the Demon Race, it will become a magic pill. This pill is a big supplement, I think No one will be so stupid as to discard it here!" Zhao Yuande has no fluke, every demon is equivalent to a big medicine, and the strong man above the Yin and Yang unity can be powerful and powerful after taking it!

The spirit pill that can strengthen the soul of the soul can be described as rare and expensive in the practice world, and the cost is ridiculously expensive. These demons may have been the panacea in the eyes of the major forces at that time, otherwise there would not be so many strong men united in just a few In three years, it will wipe out three billion demons.