Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1740

Chapter 1740: Chaotic Giant

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Fortunately, this terrifying power disappeared in an instant, and Shangguan Rulan seemed to have known this to happen for a long time.

Waiting for that power to disappear, they fell towards the sinkhole.

The remaining people, seeing their actions, naturally followed.

As soon as he fell into the tiankeng, Zhao Yuande felt a strong pulsation, an attraction from the soul.

It seems that there is a relative who is connected with flesh and bones, beckoning to himself in the distant front, waiting for his arrival.

He felt a mission, a sense of destiny slowly born in his heart, let him move towards the goal in his heart.

The place where they appeared was a huge passageway. The passageway was blood red and surrounded by steel-like red rocks.

"Follow me!" Shangguan Rulan said, holding a blood-red crystal in her hand at the moment, and the crystal exudes a searing power, so that the temperature of the whole space has suddenly risen. I felt my throat dry, as if I had entered a searing desert.

"Brother Zhao, what shall we do?" Zhou Fei sent a voice to Zhao Yuande.

"There is only one way now, let's go with them first." Zhao Yuande's face was solemn. He now wanted to deal with everyone in front of him, but he gave up again.

He felt that since entering this passage, a mysterious and powerful breath kept watching them.

The owner of this mysterious atmosphere seems to be very powerful, and cultivation at the very least is also in fairy land!

So he did not act rashly, but decided to continue following them.


They walked hundreds of feet, and suddenly there was a roar in the passage ahead.

A huge, scarlet monster appeared in front of the passage.

The monster's head was snake-like, with two **** brilliances in his eyes, and he shot towards the crowd.

More than a dozen people in front, the Shangguan Rulan, who saw these two **** brilliances, felt a dangerous breath, and rushed up as soon as his body flashed.

But the people behind them were not so lucky. One of them sacrificed a banner to block the blood, but was directly penetrated by the blood to dissolve the person.

And behind this person, several others were affected. As long as they were touched by blood light, the whole body began to dissolve.


These people screamed in shock, but to no avail.

Everyone withdrew in horror, and their hearts were full of disbelief.

This is a strong man in the late Emperor God, but in the lower realm is a powerful existence that is stormy and rainy, and it is so simple to die here!

Zhao Yuande had a slight bend in the corner of his mouth. He felt that the blood light had a powerful force just now. This power was like a powerful bloodline force.

Just like the blood of the fairy emperor, one drop can crush countless strong men, even the strong men in the fairy land can't bear it.

The power of that bloodline is gravity! The power of this bloodline is dissolution!

Those people were soon dissolved by the terrible power and turned into a pool of blood.

In the front, dozens of people, such as Shangguan Rulan, have already beheaded the scarlet monster with the head of the snake.

The strength of the scarlet monster is probably only equivalent to the peak of God Emperor. Under the siege of so many God Emperor Peak, it will inevitably not last long.

At the moment when the Scarlet Monster fell, its body shrank indefinitely, then shrank again, and finally turned into a crystal red bead.

The red beads dribbled on the ground, and a powerful life force spread out from it.

Everyone around me couldn't help but take a deep breath at this moment, this kind of breath is too fascinating.

"That's it!" Shangguan Rulan rushed forward excitedly and took the red bead into his hands.

Behind her, more than a dozen strong emperors at the peak of the emperor also showed greed in their eyes, staring at the red bead.

Shangguan Rulan instantly felt Dao Chiguo's gaze coming from behind, but these gazes did not look at her but to the red beads.

Her heart jumped, but there was a faint smile on her face, and she turned her head to hold the blood-red bead in her palm.

"You! This is the legendary blood essence! It has great benefits for our flesh!" Shangguan Rulan glanced at everyone, although there was a smile on his face, but he was sneering in his heart, "Of course this monster is in this god-man There are countless in our body, our main purpose now is not this blood essence, but to go to the most important place, where there are hundreds of millions of times stronger than this blood essence, where may we Become one of the four holy bodies, Chaos! By comparison, this blood essence is really worth mentioning!"

"Chaotic body? What kind of chaotic body?" The people on the opposite side were all stunned.

They had never heard such a thing, and looked at Shangguan Rulan in disbelief.

"I didn't want to say this earlier, but I think you seem to be eating my eyes. I can only tell everyone in advance!" Shangguan Rulan said with a trace of helplessness on his face, "In fact, this ancient **** Man is a giant of chaos!"

"Chaos Giant! What is that?"

"I know... the Chaos Giant is a very powerful and terrifying existence. It is said that the Immortal Emperor is just a ants in front of them!"

"There is such a record in my family that the Chaos Giant broke through our time and space and destroyed the ancient fairyland, but the last five Chaos Giants all fell into the fairyland!"

"Not bad..."


"The four holy bodies in the legends of later generations, the chaotic holy body and the chaotic thunder fire body are all descendants of the chaotic giant!" Shangguan Rulan watched the crowd talking, and the brilliant light flashed in his eyes could not help but say again, "According to my According to the information of the Emperor, they have already moved a long way at this time, and it is likely that they will make a breakthrough in a short time and enter a main blood vessel that leads to the heart of this Chaos Giant! And the heart is the core of the Chaos Giants power. The source of the blood veins, there are no such blood essences in it, or there are more advanced blood essences! As long as we are one-hearted, we can enter the heart before the emperor and their teams, I am afraid that all of us will be transformed, even It is not impossible to create new chaotic bodies!"

Shangguan Rulans words made everyones heart start beating incessantly. The one who can reach here is not a peerless genius. That one has no powerful luck. They definitely have this huge ambition, and the chaotic body is all of them. The goal.

However, there are only four people who are the most calm in this group, that is, Zhao Yuande and four of them.