Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1741

Chapter 1741: Join

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Although the three of Zhou Fei were excited and happy, they heard a key question from Shangguan Rulan's words.

Zhao Yuande turned out to be a descendant of this Chaos Giant!

Taking away the blood from this chaotic giant is like plundering the property of Zhao Yuande's family. Zhao Yuande will certainly not allow this to happen.

Wouldn't it be easy to kill this group of people with his cultivation.

But why didn't he do it?

Just as the three looked at Zhao Yuande, Zhao Yuande also looked at them.

"I know your doubts, but I want to tell you that there is a pair of eyes peeping at us in the dark. All of us are probably just acting as the levelbreakers, waiting for the so-called heart to appear in front of everyone, secretly That person will appear!" Zhao Yuande's face is dignified. Who is this person?

Is it the aborigines of this seventh fairy city world?

It is also possible to think about it, they received a certain limit to be unable to explore the body of this Chaos Giant, but they must also be full of desire in their hearts, maybe they have some way to break this limit...

"Okay! I see everyone's expressions and know that all of us have the same goal!" Shangguan Rulan continued, "How big are the hearts of Chaos Giants? Imagine how much horror power there is in it that can be created How many powerful existences, even those of the Eucharist should be aware of it! We shouldnt have a killer in our hearts for this little profit, as long as we work together, we will get more in the end!"

"Yes! Fairy Shangguan is right. We were just too reckless... We are reckless! We promise to cooperate with you next... Finally, the blood drops will be kept by Fairy Shangguan first!" Many powerful men nodded one after another. Stand up and answer.

"Okay! Since that is the case, we will set a rule to distribute the blood essence every time a blood beast is killed, and finally strive for all of us to get a blood essence, and then we use the blood essence to improve our cultivation, Only if the cultivation base is improved, can we have the power and the Kings and their teams to compete for the final interest!" Shangguan Rulan suggested.

"All listen to Shangguan Fairy!" someone nodded.

"However, the rules set by the fairy and us just now..." At this time, someone in the group of Zhao Yuande asked.

"Well! It's still the same, you can move freely in the surrounding channels, you can kill blood beasts to get blood essence, but the blood essence still has to be handed in half!" Shangguan Rulan nodded, "but... if some of you can be promoted God Emperor Peak can also join us and get the same treatment!"

Hearing Shangguan Rulan's words, Zhao Yuande's group suddenly opened their eyes.

Many of them are on the verge of breaking through. I just heard what Shangguan Rulan and the group of **** emperor peak strongmen said. I also have a longing in my heart, and longing can also be added to it.

Now that the other party has spoken, they begin to figure out how to get promoted quickly!

But the fastest way they think of is to refine blood essence!

Soon a few strong men who were about to be promoted soon joined together, with a total of five.

They nodded to each other as if secretly made some kind of agreement, and soon came together.

"Everyone, let's move on!" Shangguan Rulan glanced at all of them, their expressions all in their hearts.

However, there were a few people who caused her doubts, that is, she knew Du Xiner and the three people around her.

Their expressions were calm, and their faces showed a faint smile, obviously not in the same mood as other people.

Inexplicably, she felt a sense of irritability in her heart. I didn't know whether it was because the old friend's expression made her unhappy, or for other reasons.

The crowd continued to set off, but this time it was indeed much faster.

Soon they appeared at a fork with three passages in front, each of which was deep and full of blood, which made people feel terrified at first glance.

"There are three roads in front of us now. We are divided into three groups. If anyone finds a wider passage, they will come back here again. If everyone comes back here to gather in a day!" Shangguan Rulan frowned slightly, because even Therefore, her soul can only detect the range of Baizhang at this time, so the spirit of the spirit basically has no major effect.

And it seems that the deeper they go, the more their souls are suppressed.

Everyone nodded.

It is natural that Shangguan Rulan and the dozen strong emperors at the peak of the emperor came together and entered the middle channel.

For dozens of other people, you look at me, I look at you, and finally all of you temporarily set up your own team.

"Four, let's go together!" The five late strong emperors of the emperor who had already held a group and even throwed olive branches to Zhao Yuande.

One of the young men with red fruits on his upper body and muscles like steel was the first to invite him.

"Why invite us?" Zhao Yuande glanced at this person. This person is also a special physique called the body of the barbarian dragon, which is a physique known for its flesh.

And although this person looks a little rude, but his age discrimination is not big, he is only in his twenties, he can cultivate the state to the late Emperor in his twenties, and the body is so powerful, this person is definitely not What a simple generation!

"Because you are different! Your eyes are clear and you don't have greed on your face. I think you are definitely not easy! It's worth making friends!" This person spoke very directly, and there was nothing meandering.

"Well! Then we will join you!" Zhao Yuande glanced at everyone.

The other three men and two women, in addition to this muscular young man, there is also a young man who looks like a weak scholar, a young man with a short bald head.

A woman with a look similar to a muscular young man. This woman is also in the top five and three thick, but in the wild, she also has a wild beauty.

Another woman in yellow dress and yellow dress looked indifferent, but in her eyes Zhao Yuande found a trace of fierce breath.

"I don't know what your name is..."

Everyone introduced each other, and Zhao Yuande naturally reported his pseudonym Jiang Yilin!

The muscular young man of the other five is really a brother and sister relationship with the woman who is somewhat similar to him. They are named Luo Yuan and Luo Qing!

The young man who looks like a weak scholar is called Dongyang Uncommon, the short and bald young man is called Jiao Xiao, and the girl in yellow dress and yellow skirt is called Rong Zhen.

"It turns out that the girl is Sister Zhou Ming of Chunyang Immortal Palace! You... are you not the practice of God Emperor Pinnacle? Why now..." After thinking about Hu's introduction, someone suddenly recognized Du Xin'er.