Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743: Grasp

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"Well! I think we should give the two emperor pinnacle girls first, and then assign one by one!" Jiao Xiao said.

"I don't think it's right. We are all about to be promoted right now. If we are promoted first, wouldn't it be that combat power will increase faster!" The woman in yellow, who had never spoken, shook her head.

"Who do you think you should give it first?" Jiao Xiao looked at the other party with some displeasure.

"Give me first! As long as there is blood essence, I can be promoted to the peak of God Emperor!" The woman in yellow is not at all polite!

"Give you first? As long as there is blood essence, I will be promoted immediately, why should I give you first!" Jiao Xiao looked at the other side obliquely.

"Okay! Our sisters don't need blood essence for now, let's take it first!"

"Okay! I have an idea!" Luo Yuan took the first two steps and was blocked by the two of them. "We can decide by grabbing the way! I wrote from one to seven on the cloth, which is us order of!"

"Okay! This is the best and fairest!" Jiao Xiao glanced at the woman in yellow.

"I agree!" The woman in yellow heard this idea, and naturally did not continue to argue, but answered lightly.

"I don't know why, this woman really makes me uncomfortable!" Jiao Xiao told Zhou Fei.

"Well! This woman is too self-righteous! I don't like it either!" Zhou Fei nodded.

"Let Sister-in-law must watch him carefully, I always feel a little weird!" Jiao Xiao continued.

"Not so exaggerated!" Zhou Fei couldn't help but glance at the woman in yellow.

"Brother! Believe me, I have a natural ability to predict good and bad. I don't believe you see this woman must have a problem!" Jiao Xiao increased his tone and vowed, "Otherwise I won't want to work against her!"

"Oh! Then I have to talk about it!" Zhou Fei nodded and hurriedly transmitted a voice to Zhao Yuande, "Brother, my brother said that Rong was really in trouble, you need to pay attention!"

"Oh! Have a question?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhou Fei curiously.

"Yes! There is a problem. My younger brother said that he has the ability to predict good and bad. Now he feels that this is really wrong!" Zhou Fei said Jiao Xiao's words to Zhao Yuande again.

"Well! I know, I can't turn the sky in her!" Zhao Yuande nodded and set his eyes on the woman in yellow clothes Rong Zhen.

"Rong Zhen, the pantheon's first order virgin, soul eater, late **** emperor, middle level ingredients..."

The first saint of the Pantheon! Soul Eater!

He didn't know the ranks of the Pantheon. He didn't know what this first-level saint meant, but he knew exactly what the Soul Eater represented!

This is a very evil physique. You can strengthen your own soul by devouring the soul of the cultivator, and as long as the other person's soul is swallowed, this person will be destroyed!

Even there is no chance of reincarnation. It is normal for the two to fight and kill their opponents, but many people will stay in the line and do not completely eliminate the soul of the other party, so that they have the opportunity to reincarnate.

That's why it's true that this soul-killing body is evil!

And after swallowing the other party's soul, all the other party's memories and all exercises will be inherited!

In other words, it is said that this person can devour the spirit of an immortal emperor, and she will then practice without hindrance to immortal emperor realm!

Because all the promotion experience is in her mind, it is as if reincarnation and rebirth carry memories!

Of course, this is just a hypothesis. With her current soul strength, she can't devour more powerful souls than her, otherwise she might steal the chicken and not eat rice.

Zhao Yuande nodded, but he didn't care. The woman was a little evil, but she didn't do anything extraordinary, and he wanted to kill each other easily. There was no danger to them.

However, Zhao Yuande still told Zhou Fei the three of them.

Zhou Fei was relieved and told Zhao Yuande what Jiao Xiao listened to.

"The first saint girl in the Pantheon is still a real soul-killer. This girl is so evil, why don't we get rid of her?" Jiao Xiao is not a small man, but his temper is very straightforward, and he has a sense of justice. .

"No! Brother, don't be impulsive! Let's pay attention to her, don't take care of her first!" Zhou Feidao, "The constitution is congenital, and one's good or bad depends on her behavior!"

"Brother said yes! Brother is a little reckless!" Jiao Xiao touched his head, the game was embarrassed.


"Come on! Everyone is here!" At this time, Zhou Yuan's brothers and sisters had already written the cloth strips. They were all packed with storage rings and placed seven storage rings in their hands for people to choose.

Although such things as storage rings are very common, they are a very good security tool. The space of different dimensions is cut in it, and ordinary people can't see through it!

Everyone came up and picked a storage ring, and then took the cloth strip from it.

"I am one!" Unexpectedly, Jiao Xiao waved a piece of cloth excitedly, and it was indeed one.

Jiao Xiao looked at Rong Zhen, not far away, with triumphant eyes.


Rong Zhen snorted, opened his storage ring, and when he took it out, he suddenly became more gloomy.

Because the above is a seven!

Others also opened the storage rings and took out the cloth strips.

Jiao Xiao is one, Luo Yuan is two, Dongyang is extraordinary three, Luo Qingsi, Zhao Yuande five, Zhou Feiliu, Rong Zhenqiu.

Zhao Yuande doesn't matter, but Zhou Fei is bitter.

"Although this kind of blood essence is strong, it is not something you can refine in a while. It doesn't matter if you get the order!" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

"Oh! Now my heart is balanced!" Zhou Fei heard Zhao Yuande explain, and his face suddenly showed a relief expression.

"You guy..." Zhao Yuande was speechless.

Just after everyone agreed, suddenly a roar came in front of him, and a huge blood-red monster appeared, but this time it was not the head of a snake, but a huge lizard.

The giant lizard is also the first to shoot two blood awns, but everyone has already guarded against this trick, so this trick did not hurt anyone.

The next nine people surrounded the huge scarlet lizard and fought together.

Zhao Yuande asked the two women to do it, but they were not allowed to perform their cultivation actions, and they were required to fight completely in flesh, but he secretly solved it.

Soon the Scarlet Lizard died under the siege of the crowd, and a thumb-sized blood essence was distributed to Jiao Xiao's hands.

Although everyone had some eyes on them, but they didn't say anything. Then they will definitely encounter many of these blood beasts, and they can't break up the team because of a blood essence.