Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1744

Chapter 1744: Broad Minded

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"Brother! Or do you hold it first!" Jiao Xiao is a careless person, reaching for the blood essence to Zhou Fei in front of him.

"No! No! It's the same for taking it early and late, and it's useless now. It takes a long time for refining!" Although Zhou Fei waved his hand, there was a surge of heat in his heart.

This distant relative who looks like a potato really regards himself as a brother!

Everyone also looked at Zhou Fei with some envy. Unexpectedly, Jiao Xiao turned out to be such a pleasant person. Having such a younger brother was really his blessing.

But they also heard Zhou Fei's last words, refining and chemical industry will take a long time!

"How long does it take for refining?" Luo Yuan couldn't help asking.

"It should take two or three hours!" Zhou Fei naturally did not know these, it was Zhao Yuande who sent the message to him.

"Two or three hours is really too long, we can't wait! But we can wait until everyone has all the blood essence, and then refine together!" Luo Yuan nodded, he turned his head to look at everyone, "No one has any opinions. Right!"

"I don't think it's possible to stay together, but to leave people to prevent someone from taking advantage of the opportunity to attack, or the blood beast attack!

"Good! It's better to split into two batches!"

"Who needs the first and the second of the two batches? Who can guarantee that the successful promotion will take advantage of the opportunity to sneak attack..."

"In this case we are not as good as this, bound by the oath of heaven..."


Everyone quarreled and shouted the matter soon, and divided it into two batches. They all made a vow of heaven, and they must not interfere in any way when the other party broke through.

This is what makes teams that cannot trust each other unsettling.

Thanks to Heavenly Oath this way, otherwise they simply cannot trust each other.

They went all the way, and soon a fork appeared again. They chose to move on, and the gangs behind them finally made their choice at this time and began to part ways.

Although they are safe behind Zhao Yuande, they will never get blood essence, and they will never have the opportunity to get ahead.

A lot of forks appeared along the way, but they kept going.

They didn't stop until they killed seven blood beasts and got seven blood essences.

"Let's refine the blood essence here! According to what I said before, the first four will refine first! Then the remaining three will come again. As for the two girls, please invite you to take charge of the overall situation!" Luo Yuanxian said to everyone, and then With a fist, he respectfully looked at Du Xin'er and Yu Rosa.

Everyone nodded one after another and began to prepare for refining.

But at this moment, there was a loud rumbling sound in front of him.

The whole passage began to tremble violently, and a series of blood-colored boulders continued to fall above them, and even thick cracks began to appear at their feet, as if to sink into the sky!

"What's the matter? How could this happen, is there an earthquake?" Luo Yuan exclaimed. "Let's go ahead and see, everyone should be more careful."

"What the **** happened! Isn't it the Chaos Giant's flesh? Why is this happening?" Everyone felt incredible.

"Someone seems to be fighting in front!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly. Although his spirit was suppressed, he was able to radiate a hundred miles.

In the passage ahead, two people were fighting fiercely.

"Someone is fighting? Is it the Underworld Emperor, the Celestial Mysterious Girl, these strong men?"

"Shall we go and see?"

"Can't go, according to this power, the fighting person's cultivation may be higher than ours! Maybe it is a strong man in the fairyland. If we are in the past, I'm afraid there will be danger!"


"Don't mess with everyone! Listen to me!" Luo Yuan is still relatively calm. "You guys, I think we should go and investigate!"

"Aren't you afraid of dying in front?" Dongyang's extraordinary face is not very good-looking.

"Yes, this is a bit too risky!" Rong Zhen also frowned.

"No... I don't think it's dangerous, but it indicates that we are taking the correct route!" Luo Yuandao said, "The two strong men are fighting in the front, why do they fight, there are so many blood beasts here, they just Can't save a little effort to kill the blood beast...I think they found something more valuable than the blood beast, such as the correct passage!"

"Yes! Brother Luo is right, it is possible! We have to go over and see!" Jiao Xiao agreed with Luo Yuan.

"What do the two girls think?" Luo Yuan looked at Rosa and Du Xin'er. What he cared about most was their attitude.

"We also think Brother Luo makes sense!" Du Xiner nodded.

"Okay! Now that the two girls agree, let's go and explore. It's really impossible. We don't have direct contact with them, and then return the same way!" Luo Yuan nodded.

"I don't agree! You go! I'll go find another team!" Dongyang's extraordinary face is not good-looking, feeling that his opinions have been ignored by others, shake his head and turn away!

"I'm going with Dongyang Brother!" Rong Zhen's eyes flashed, and finally he made a decision and turned to leave.

Dongyang not only saw Rong Zhen follow up, but also burst into joy in his eyes.

"Brother! Shall we warn about Dongyang's extraordinary?" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhou Fei and asked.

"Warning a fart! This guy is killing himself, what matters to us!" Zhou Fei sneered.

"Hey! My brother sees that you are selfish! Isn't he just close to sister-in-law, you are jealous!" Jiao Xiao whispered.

"Go! Boy, what do you know! Brother, am I that kind of person? Everyone is broad-minded and can run a boat in his stomach!" Zhou Fei lied and didn't blush.

"Cut! Brother really made me look at each other!" Jiao Xiao pouted, grinning.

"Let's talk again! Be careful brother, I'll beat you!" Zhou Fei waved his fist.


"Okay! Don't make trouble for the two of you. The battle is in front of you, use snacks!" Du Xiner's face was slightly red.

"Yes!" Zhou Fei stopped immediately, very obedient.

"Yes! Sister-in-law!" Jiao Xiao also nodded in a serious way.


There was another loud noise, and almost everyone felt unstable standing.

"Let's go over and have a look! Otherwise, it will be bad if we win or lose!" Luo Yuan rushed out first.

Soon the figure of everyone disappeared into the passage.

When the figure disappeared, Rong Zhen, not far away, suddenly turned his head to look in the direction of the disappearance of everyone, and there was a trace of evil in his eyes!

"Brother Dongyang, let's go to that passage, OK!" Rong Zhen's voice suddenly became extremely gentle, and a fascinating power spread in the air.

At the same time, a slender jade hand held his palm, his fingers gently rubbing in his palm, with a strange rhythm.