Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1745

Chapter 1745: Strange

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Dongyang Bianfan felt himself suddenly, and fluttered as if suddenly reached the cloud. He swallowed a spit involuntarily, turned his head to look at Rongzheng, only to see that her face was all flushed, especially Zhu Lips seemed to be a flamboyant drop. Red cherry.

"Good! Good!" Dongfang Fanfan only felt that his heart was hot and unbearable. He wished he could take off all his clothes at once.

"Let's go..."

The figures of the two quickly disappeared into the passage.

The passage was dark and dark, with five fingers out of reach, but a scream of fright came from within a moment!

But after a dozen breaths, Rong Zhen came out and sorted out some messy clothes on his body, with a satisfied smile on his face.

She glanced deeply into the distant passage, her face showing satisfaction.

His breath is obviously strong, but it is not cultivation, but her soul!

Her present spirits should be comparable to those in the fairyland realm. If she competes with ordinary **** emperor peak strongmen, she is absolutely sure to be able to overcome them!

"I don't know what happened to the group of guys! If I could **** the women of the two **** emperors, my soul might go further! I'm afraid that even the powerful fairyland can't help me!" Rong Zhen's face Show a smug smile.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and they had reached the place where they were fighting. He saw that the two were in a fierce battle. Both of them were in the early stage of the fairyland, and their breath was not very stable. Obviously they had just been promoted soon!

"Who knew these two people?" Luo Yuan looked at everyone.

"The person I know is a fellow of my Xuantian Taoist sect called Jingtian!" Zhou Fei looked at this person, his face also showing doubts, "But his cultivation behavior seems to be similar to mine, how? Will you be promoted to fairyland?"

"It's hard to say, there are so many chances in the twelve ascendant fairy city. Maybe some treasures you got will be directly stepped into the sky!" Luo Yuan said.

"Another I also have an impression, it seems to be Xuanjizi of Bajing Palace, he has also been promoted to the fairyland!" Jiao Xiao touched his head, and there was also a look of doubt on his face, "I remember when he repaired Under me!"

"Did they find any amazing secrets in this Chaos Giant, otherwise how could they enter the country so fast!" Luo Yuan couldn't help frowning at this time.

One person can be said to be a coincidence, two people are not normal! He thinks it is very likely that he discovered a great secret here.

Zhao Yuande looked at the disciples of Xuanjizi's Bajing Palace and found that he didn't seem to be the fairyland he was promoted to. It was some powerful external force that pushed him to the level of fairyland.

This state is very unstable, and even hurts you very much. Without strong external help, I am afraid that they will not be able to rise to a higher level since then!

And looking at their status, they are in a semi-crazy state, obviously it is a bit unconscious!

Will they be controlled!

Zhao Yuande quickly confirmed this speculation, because he found that the souls of the two seemed to be held by an invisible silk thread and could not be autonomous at all!

Who the **** is it, to dare to do such a thing!

Zhao Yuande suddenly became angry, but he felt that the strong man hidden in the dark seemed to cast his eyes.

He originally wanted to find out, but now he has suppressed this idea. He is now eager to start five-star, because now under the supervision of the strong man, it is too insecure!

However, he knew that this was unrealistic. He was afraid that he would not be able to escape the other party's surveillance at all. If he wanted to be promoted, he would make a lot of noise. When the time comes, the strong in secret will definitely come out to hinder.

He regretted that there was no outside world to open five stars! Otherwise, it will not be so passive.

"Brother, what are you thinking!" Zhou Fei saw Zhao Yuande a little chilly and couldn't help quietly whispering to ask him.

"Nothing! But there is something wrong here, let's leave here as soon as possible!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Don't you get it, brother?" Zhou Fei was shocked.

"In the dark there is a strong man who has been monitoring our every move and every move. I feel that this strong man's cultivation base is at least the fairy realm. With my current cultivation base, I can't fight this kind of strong man!" Zhao Yuande did not Conceal him.

"What should I do?" Zhou Fei suddenly felt a chill in his back. Even Zhao Yuande couldn't figure out, who is this guy?

"Going step by step!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly, and he was a little helpless. "But the situation is pretty good now, at least the man in the dark doesn't know my existence!"

"Don't let them know this matter!" Zhou Fei said.

"I think so too!"


"Let's retreat!" Luo Yuan saw this fierce battle, and some scalp numbness unconsciously, if these two people win or lose, it is not that they can downgrade.

The most important thing is that these two people didn't seem to fight because they found some kind of opportunity treasure, but they seemed to be in the evil and mad.

"Leave quickly, both of them are lunatics." Jiao Xiao was naturally not stupid, but also saw the key to the matter.

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

After they withdrew from the passage, they found that Rong Zhen was standing outside and waiting for them.

Zhao Yuande clearly felt that the other partys soul was a little stronger, and immediately understood that she must have killed Dongyang extraordinary and devoured her soul!

However, Zhao Yuande didn't say anything. He had long seen Dongyang's extraordinary and unpleasant, but it was not good for him to do it himself. Now that he is killed, it is a matter of saving himself.

As long as the woman doesn't move her mind about others, he won't do it.

However, when he saw the other girl's eyes looking at the two girls, he was extremely hot, and he could not help but also had some killing in his heart.

"Girl Rong, don't you want to go? Why are you standing here again? Dongyang is extraordinary?" Luo Yuan looked at each other with a little doubt in his eyes.

"I think about it, I think I should be with you, so I'm back! And Dongyang extraordinary that guy left, I don't know if he went there!" Rong Zhen's performance was unhurried, without any anomalies, very Obviously she has done this kind of thing more than once, and she has no psychological burden.

"Oh! That's why it's still together! One more person and one more strength!" Luo Yuan heard the other party's explanation, seeing the other person's calm look, and the doubts went a little bit, and said lightly.

"Thank you Brother Luo! Thank you all!" Rong Zhen nodded slightly and returned to the team.

"The road just couldn't be reached just now, but there are two roads between them. Which one should we choose?" Luo Yuan frowned slightly as he looked at the two forks in front of him.