Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1749

Chapter 1749: Hades

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So she analyzed calmly and turned to look at the strong man who knew the gluttonous insect: "Brothers, you think about it, is there any weakness in the gluttonous insect?"

"Weakness..." The man's mind began to quickly recall the memory of the gluttonous insect. His eyes suddenly lit up and he was surprised. "Yes, everyone who has poison on him, the more poisonous the better!"

"Can the poison work? Will it eat?" Someone was puzzled.

"Why is it called gluttonous worm, because it eats everything! If we have enough poison that can poison it and throw it to it, it will definitely be straight..." But this person said here, but there was a helpless expression on his face, "But if this is the case, the baby in its body that is about to be excreted will be considered waste!"

"It's more important to life! Don't worry about that much!" Shangguan Rulan entangled with the golden swordmantle and the gluttonous worm, while instructing everyone to find the poison on his body.

Everyone is a cultivator, although many people do not have the habit of carrying poison, but there are also some people who are used to poisoning, and really have some poison!

"I have two fangs here, and their fangs are very poisonous. I should use them first!" Some people took out two huge beasts.

"Yes! I still have a blue and white viper, and its venom can poison a holy beast!"

"I have..."

As for the beasts, everyone will not lack it. Soon a hill was piled up in front of them. The venom of these beasts is very terrible, but now it is too late to extract, and they can only be thrown out.

"Everyone should be careful and wait for a while, as long as it sucks, we will throw these corpses of beasts to it." Shangguan Rulan is not very fierce in fighting the gluttonous insects, and there is no way for both to take each other , The battle is at an impasse.

"I will bring it over, right here..." Shangguan Rulan fought and retreated, and soon came to the predetermined position, "You are attacking it here, remember not to exert your full strength, just harassment!"


The gluttonous worm really did what the Shangguan Rulan expected, and opened up again to those practitioners who harassed themselves!

"Retreat! All push away!" Shangguan Rulan reminded everyone.

However, some people still did not escape from the mouth of the gluttonous worm, and entered the mouth of the gluttonous worm with a lot of corpses of poisonous beasts and poison.

"Click click!"

The gluttonous worm felt something in his mouth and immediately started chewing it!

Blood splashed, accompanied by several painful roars.

Everyone withdrew from a distance, leaving only Shangguan Rulan and gluttonous insects alone to entangle.

After just a few dozen breaths, the gluttonous body suddenly began to darken, and its attack became weak and weak.

"Ah! It's done!" Everyone's face showed surprise.

"Everyone went together, and took the opportunity to kill it!" Shangguan Rulan gave a long sigh of relief. This battle was very suffocating. The injury she caused was not related to the gluttonous insect, which made her very depressed.

Seeing victory in front of her, she felt that her torment was coming to an end.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande quietly stopped the three people who were going to rush forward, leaving them behind him.

Because he felt in the body of the gluttonous worm, at this time there was a powerful force brewing constantly, like a mine that would explode at any time.


Except for Zhao Yuande, everyone else was excited to display the most powerful attack method.

The body of the gluttonous worm, which was originally extremely hard, had also been cut and fragmented at this time, and the sword of Shangguan Rulan even pierced the forehead of the gluttonous worm directly.

"Are you dead?" Everyone looked at the gluttonous worm, with a look of expectation in his eyes.

"No! No death!" Shangguan Rulan had a warning sign in her heart, and she quickly backed away.


The body of the gluttonous worm suddenly became very red, and the dying breath suddenly became violent.

"No one should be in direct contact with it. This is its last madness. It is consuming life. As long as life is exhausted, it will die!"

"Yes! Everyone is fully protected, don't fight against it!" Shangguan Rulan dodged and warned everyone.

At this moment she felt that the smell of the mantis on the opposite side had overwhelmed herself, and it would be difficult for her to escape if she continued for a long time.

At this time, in a wider passage thousands of miles away, a terrifying battle was taking place.

Several powerful players in the fairyland are fighting a **** giant dragon, and the head is the red-haired flying emperor, his breath is wild and domineering like a terrifying demon!

At this time, he had completely suppressed the dried **** dragon, and smashed the head of the **** dragon with one punch!

"Wow la la!" After the blood-red dragon shattered, there were hundreds of blood splatters all over the place, and a few people rushed up below, paying attention to collecting these blood sperm and then handing them respectfully to the Underworld Emperor In front of you.

"You've divided it! Earlier, I will upgrade to Xiuren Realm, and I can help me too!" Emperor Ming waved his hands as if he was not interested in those blood essences at all.

"Sir Emperor Hades, I have reached the limit and feel that I can be promoted to fairyland!" A short-haired young man came forward and respectfully said.

"Well! You go to the No. 1 Chamber! Remember to not be stingy with the consumption of blood essence when you are promoted, these are what I reward you!" The Emperor Hades lost a storage ring to the other side.

The short-haired young man took it, and his face suddenly showed ecstasy!

There are hundreds of blood essences in the storage ring, exuding a powerful force that is fascinating.

"Thank you Lord Emperor Ming!" The short-haired man bowed gratefully.

"Go!" Emperor Ming waved his hand, without any expression on his face.

"Huh? No, there seems to be something wrong with the gluttonous insect!" The Emperor's eyes suddenly flashed a fierce light, and his figure stepped into the void.

The gluttonous insects must not be ill, but they are the treasure of their true temple, and here every three months will give him a batch of crystals of life, this kind of thing is much stronger than the blood essence, which contains this chaotic giant's The power of life, he can have the current combat power, almost half of these are the reasons for these crystals of life.

But his body was embarrassed and escaped into the void, and he saw a huge palm suddenly breaking open the void, cutting off his way.

"Zhang Fan! What are you gonna do! Do you want to fight me now?" The Emperor Hades was forced out of the void, and he roared angrily in the direction of the void.

"Underworld Emperor, you are not qualified! If I want to kill you, it is not difficult!" The void came out of a person.