Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Ancient Battlefield

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Not far away, several ghosts discovered Zhao Yuande's existence and flew towards Zhao Yuande.

"These ghosts belong to the undead, and they should be afraid of light, thunder and flames!" Zhao Yuande's palm lit up with a bright thunder, and shot a few electric lights towards several ghosts.

The haunted ghost seemed to feel the deterrence of the Thunder's power on them, and he wanted to escape when he turned around, but how could the speed of the Thunder allow them to escape and immediately catch up with the ghost.


The electro-optic immediately enveloped the ghost, and the ghost gave a miserable whine, and was disintegrated by the electro-optic in the blink of an eye.

"Sure enough!" Zhao Yuande smiled on his face, "It seems that this journey does not seem to be too dangerous!"

But soon his face changed color, and after a few sad whimpers, the ground under him suddenly began to tremble violently, as if there were some terrible creatures coming out of the ground.

A terrible force exploded in space, and suddenly the whole ground was lifted by a huge claw, a house-sized head protruded from the ground, and two blue flames jumped in the head .

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique is a series of question marks. He didn't hesitate even if he hesitated. He turned directly and fled.

"Click! Click! Click!"

Zhao Yuande heard a sound of bone friction coming behind him, and this sound was getting closer and closer, and it was getting more and more deafening.

He turned his head a little bit, and suddenly saw a giant skeleton with a height of 100 feet is chasing towards him, and now he is less than a hundred feet away!

"I'm relying on this! What can I do!" Zhao Yuande's head turned around, but he couldn't think of a way to escape the skull of the giant skull.

"The Eye of Thunder!"

"Qinglian Fire!"

"Chaotic Sky Seal!"

"Huh! This has an effect!" Zhao Yuande throws a chaotic skymark and directly hits the skull of the skeleton giant, splashing a first-class spark.

However, Zhao Yuande could clearly see that the horror of the Skeleton Giant had diminished a bit.

"Don't..." He remembered the scene of the Huoyunbei absorbing magic energy in the secret realm. "Does this chaotic sky seal also have the same magical effect?"

He hurriedly took out the Huoyunbei, and the Huoyunbei suddenly shivered from the chaotic sky without a corner, and the spirit, who did not know where it was hidden, suddenly became excited and made a call. !

Huoyunbei seems to be a lost child, and suddenly feels the call of the family, flying towards Chaotianyin.


The two intersect and blend seamlessly, and the Huoyun Monument is indeed the missing corner of the chaotic sky seal.


The complete chaotic Tianyin issued a child-like laughter, which echoed in Zhao Yuande's heart, making him seem to be infected with this joy.

The Skeleton Giant seemed to feel the power of Chao Tianyin, and the pace of Zhao Yuande's footsteps also became slower, and his huge head shook left and right, as if hesitating.


The chaotic sky seal shook gently in the air, a black light emitted, directly shining on the body of the skeleton and began to shoot back and forth.

Where the Skeleton Giant is illuminated by black light, the bones start to blacken, but the whole body of the blinking Kung Fu changes from white to black, and even the two blue flames in the head gradually dim, as if losing the vitality of life.


The Skeleton Giant made a strange noise, like a frightened ostrich, his hands lifted the entire head of the earth and drilled directly into the ground.

Zhao Yuande felt the weakness of the Skeleton Giant and pointed his finger curiously.

"The frightened skeleton giant, the terrible giant composed of countless emperor bones, was invaded by wandering ghosts and could not become food!"

"A giant composed of emperor bones! This is too extravagant. Who is this masterpiece? Who is behind it all?" Zhao Yuande only felt a little frightened. "No! It is gradually recovering!"

He was shocked to find that since Skull Giant's head was buried in the ground, it seemed to be able to absorb the energy of the earth, and the bones on his body were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Let's escape first!"

Zhao Yuande stretched out his hand, the chaotic sky seal fell in his hand, and then fled towards the unknown dark place.

I don't know how long it took to escape. Zhao Yuande found that there was no skeleton giant behind him, which slowed down his pace.

Looking at the slap-sized chaotic days in the hand, Zhao Yuande's face showed a surprised expression.

His spirit dived into the chaotic sky seal, trying to dispel the true spirit.

This is an innate spirit treasure. The true spirit in it has just recovered obviously, and it has also attacked autonomously. If you can control it...

But soon there was a problem with his exploration. He found that a trace of his soul was trapped in an endless mist. No matter how he explored, he could not find the true spirit of Chaos.

Helpless, he had to withdraw his soul, looking at Chao Tianyin in a daze, the excitement just now disappeared.

This is obviously that the spirit in it is unwilling to be controlled by himself. The reason for this is to guess and know that he is too weak!

As a congenital spiritual treasure, the most hope is to follow a powerful master.

Innate Lingbao also possesses true spirits and can naturally be cultivated. Only following a strong master can provide a better cultivation environment and better cultivation resources, which can give them the opportunity to advance.

And Zhao Yuande is obviously not strong now, even the strong side is not touched, how can a congenital spirit treasure agree with him.

However, Zhao Yuande was not without opportunities. After all, he helped Chao Tianyin recover his body. The other party was grateful to him, so he did not fly away from him.

This may be a test or a wait, waiting for Zhao Yuande to become stronger!

"Hey! Okay! Since that's the case, just temporarily hit someone with a heavy object!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, he picked up the chaotic Tianyin in his hand and found that the weight had changed suddenly after the Huoyun monument Just like a hill, it is good to smash people with imperial gods.

"Humph!" There was obviously a dissatisfied voice in Chao Tianyin, but Zhao Yuande didn't hear any anger from this voice.

His heart suddenly settled, it seems that more contacts in the future may really have a door.

"Where is this?"

Zhao Yuande began to pay attention to the surrounding scenery and found that it was no longer the ancient battlefield just now.

A huge wall lay in front of him. The wall was hundreds of feet high. The war marks were mottled on it, and the blood stains stained the entire wall.

Zhao Yuande can see from the above how fierce the battle was at that time, and his ears seemed to echo countless angry roars...

This is the ancient battlefield, why is this vast piece of land sealed here? Does anyone want this history to appear?

There was a paste in his head. When he came here, he seemed to have entered a long corridor of time. The true images hidden in the cracks of history were about to surface. He did not know whether he should be happy or sad.