Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1750

Chapter 1750: Lost His Wife

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The man looked average, standing in a place in the void without any surprise.

No one can find it if thrown into the crowd!

But although he didn't have a strong breath, the depth of his eyes shone with a very dangerous light.

"You... you are too arrogant!" The Emperor Hao has already lost the arrogance and dominance of the past, and now there is only endless anger!

"Don't yell at me! Otherwise, I don't mind teaching you how to be a person..." Zhang Fan looked calm, just looking at the opposite Emperor slightly.

Hades suddenly felt an invisible terror force approaching him, he had a strong sense of suffocation!

"What do you...what do you want to do!" The Emperor Hades took a step back unconsciously, his face murky.

"I'm just waiting for my opponent in destiny! I already can't wait to meet him!" Zhang Fan's eyes flashed with light, his face full of anticipation.

"Okay! You go! Remember not to challenge my bottom line, otherwise I will really can't help but kill you!" Zhang Fan turned and left, but the sound was constantly floating in the space.

"He... what the **** is he doing now?" Emperor Hades stood trembling in place, and there was a trace of confusion in his eyes.

You have to know that he is now in the late stage of Fairy Realm, and his fighting power is enough to fight against the powerful in Fairy Realm, and even defeat the strong in the middle of Fairy Realm!

Has the other party's cultivation practice already exceeded the fairy land?

The Emperor Hades couldn't help but shudder, the opponent's combat power would not have reached the realm of the fairy king!

Although he doesn't want this in his heart, the real feeling is that he knows that the opponent has far exceeded his fighting power!

What kind of adventures and opportunities did he encounter? When he first entered the twelve ascendant city, Zhang Fan's ranking was only the third place, but now it is really the first!

Everyone below was beaten by him!

Who is the opponent in his destiny? Is there even a stronger presence in the Twelve Ascension City?

At this time, the violent gluttonous insects almost swept the entire space, everyone dared not respond to their sharp edges, and they were all rushed to flee everywhere.

Of course, some people will be crushed to death by gluttonous insects in a panic!

After more than thirty breathing hours, the speed of the violent gluttonous worm gradually slowed down, and the blood on his body began to fade.

It was only an instant, the huge body suddenly hit the solid **** rock, and the whole body instantly exploded into a white flesh and blood.

The flesh and blood of the white flowers began to rot from the inside, and soon the entire space became foul.

Everyone took a breath at this time!

"Okay, I'm finally out of danger!" Shangguan Rulan covered his nose and mouth slightly, frowning slightly. "Hurry and find a way out! The taste here is really unbearable."

At this time, the upper part did not know why, and made a clicking sound, and the closed channel reopened.

The crowd swarmed out of it.

"Mom's mother! It's even smellier than Mao Keng!" Jiao Xiao covered his nose and complained.

"OK! It's good to keep a small life!" Zhou Fei couldn't help but sweat a bit at this time. The running just now was too fierce. It seemed like a dog and a rabbit.

He is a rabbit, and the gluttonous worm is the dog!

At this time, he really wanted to thank Du Xin'er and Zhao Yuande a lot. If they didn't urge him to lose weight, how could he run so fast just now, I'm afraid he would have been caught up by gluttonous insects!

Shangguan Rulan's face was solemn, "This gluttonous worm must be the owner. We have killed it now, that is, the enemy of that owner. While the person has not yet been found, let's leave here quickly!"

"Yes! Away from here, this trip really lost his wife and collapsed soldiers!" said a strong emperor at the peak of the emperor.

Shangguan Rulan swept and saw that there were only thirty or so people on the field!

Just now at least 20 people died in the cave!

These are all combat powers, and now they are lost, which is very unfavorable for the previous exploration!

At the same time, she looked at Luo Yuan and found that eight of them still had no loss, and she couldn't help but have a doubt in her heart!

Did these guys deliberately invite themselves to come here? Otherwise, how could they never be injured!

You know, even the God Emperor Peak Powerhouse beside her has also died a few of them, and they are all still in the late God Emperor!

wrong! That Zhou Ming should be more than the cultivation behavior that she now shows. Could it be that she concealed the cultivation behavior and reached the fairyland?

Only this one explanation!

Although she thought this way, she didn't break it immediately, but silently began to pay attention to Du Xin'er.

"Xin'er, now Shangguan Rulan has suspected that you are hiding and repairing, don't show any horse feet!" Zhao Yuande naturally found that Shangguan Rulan's expression was wrong at this time, and rushed to Du Xin'er in secret.

Having been with Zhao Yuande for a long time, they have been infected by Zhao Yuande, and they have become indifferent to Mo Rushen, and Du Xiner was originally the kind of indifferent character, now more calm!

Shangguan Rulan simply can't see the slightest clue!

Everyone quickly returned to the starting point, you look at me, I look at you, and finally turned to Shangguan Rulan at the same time.

"Shangguan fairy, what should we do now?" someone asked.

"Well! Now we can only gather together and go the same way!" Shangguan Rulan continued with a sigh of helplessness, "Hey! The enemy is beyond imagination. Then everyone must cooperate well otherwise we may all be All died here!"

"We all listen to Guanxian Fairy!" There was no way for everyone. They all felt the benefits of blood essence. Now if they go back, they are unwilling.

If you want to continue to explore and obtain blood essence, you need to be firmly attached to Shangguan Rulan's side. Only the strong in the fairyland can take them to obtain blood essence, and even more benefits!

"Since everyone believes me so much, then I'm welcome! I only hope that everyone will try to obey my arrangements as soon as possible, I will not let everyone suffer!" Shangguan Rulan saw that so many people agreed to listen to their own Dispatched, there was a trace of satisfaction in my heart!

But this satisfaction was quickly diminished by a deep anxiety. She looked at the deep channel in front of her, and there was both worry and inexplicable excitement on her face.

"Let's go! Let's find a way, we will advance directly, and we will never take the road until we reach the end!" Shangguan Rulan walked ahead, his tone full of firmness.

Everyone silently followed behind her, and Zhao Yuande was the last.