Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1751

Chapter 1751: How Can It Be

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"Brother! Why should we walk in the end?" Jiao Xiao saw Zhou Fei at the end, they stopped and came to them.

"We have a great responsibility! After walking behind!" Zhou Fei replied.

"Really? This is unlikely!" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhou Fei suspiciously. During this period of contact, he was very familiar with the brother's cheeky and nonsense. He felt that the other party was definitely not in his heart.

"Stupid! Definitely not true!" Zhou Fei slapped Jiao Xiaoguang's head and slaps to him, "It's safe to walk at the end, and your sister-in-law is at your side!"

"Then why does my sister-in-law walk at the end?" Jiao Xiao puzzled.

"Because her sister is going to be behind!" Zhou Fei replied, "You see it is a woman covered in a black cloak all over her body. She is so powerful, you must not provoke him!"

"Cut! Isn't that girl Yu? I don't know her!" Jiao Xiao looked at the fool and watched Zhou Fei.

"Have you talked to your brother like this? My brother wanted to tell you that no one can provoke her, her hot temper is terrifying!" Zhou Feidao said.

"Then why did she walk in the back?" Jiao Xiao didn't believe him at all.

"Speaking of ideas! That's because Zhao... Brother Jiang! His old man is our backbone, we all have to listen to him!" Zhou Fei said mysteriously.

Zhou Fei also got the approval of Zhao Yuande and promised to reveal a little bit of information to his younger brother, otherwise he would not dare to make nonsense.

This younger brother is pretty good, straightforward and rugged, and without distorting temperament, he can make friends.

"Brother Jiang? Are you kidding me?" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhao Yuande unbelievably, and found that the other party smiled slightly at himself, with a smile in his eyes, as if he could hear what he had just said.

"I'm kidding, he is the most powerful of the four of us. Haven't you seen our attitude towards him?" Zhou Fei said mysteriously, "especially when you were fighting before you Didn't you take a good look?"

"Really?" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhao Yuande. No matter how he looked, the young man in front of him was very ordinary and could not see anything special!

"Tell your secret again! Your sister-in-law is already already the strongest of the God Emperor's Peak, as long as she hides the cultivation behavior!" Zhou Fei continued mysteriously.

"You wouldn't say that Brother Jiang is now a fairyland!" Jiao Xiao opened his mouth wide, and his face was unbelievable.

"Don't show it, otherwise it may be discovered!" Zhou Fei patted his head again.

"Aoao! I know, I know!" Although Jiao Xiao was half-confident, he couldn't bear to believe a little more when he saw Zhou Fei's promise.

"Brother! You told me this, did you trust me?" Jiao Xiao suddenly smiled at Zhou Fei.

"Cough! When will my brother not trust you, but I will tell you everything if Brother Jiang believes you!" Zhou Fei blinked at him.

"That's it! I got Brother Jiang's trust? That's great, I knew it!" Jiao Xiao rubbed his hands, his face showing excitement, "Brother, what plans do you have, let me reveal to my brother. !"

"No plan, just change with the same!" Zhao Yuande's voice sounded in his mind at this time, "Don't disclose my things, otherwise it may attract the attention of others! We must make a fortune quietly!"

"Yes! Let's make a fortune quietly!" Zhao Yuande's voice naturally entered Zhou Fei's ear, and he hurriedly echoed.

"Okay! Then I have decided the two elder brothers! Don't you leave me alone!" Jiao Xiao's excited eyes glowed and he kept touching his shiny head with his hands!

"Relax!" Zhao Yuande said.

He is a person who likes this kind of personality, and likes to be friends with this kind of person, at least will not count you!

Jiao Xiao suddenly said mysteriously at this time: "That Rong Zhen came back a little weird this time. That Dongyang is extraordinary. I think she was killed by her! Please be careful!"

"Got it! This person is a soul-eating real body, which can devour the soul of the soul and strengthen yourself. It is terrible that you better stay away from him!" Zhao Yuande reminded.

"True soul eater! No wonder I think this person is very dangerous. The eyes of whoever looks are so red, especially the arrogant personality makes people feel hairy!" Jiao Xiao shivered, his face pale.

"It doesn't matter if he doesn't come to provoke us, if I come to provoke us, I will definitely let her die here!" Zhao Yuande's voice was full of endless killing intentions, and Jiao Xiao's body could not help shaking when he heard it, he felt a share of it Bitter chill!

Jiao Xiao is not stupid, he also felt it, which may also mean to warn himself!

Because the front road has been cleared, the speed of the people is very fast, but in half an hour, they have traveled more than half of the previous journey.

Soon they crossed a passage and appeared before a vast expanse of blood.

"Are we going the right way?" Someone looked at this blood sea and couldn't help but show surprise on his face.

"No! I never seem to have heard of a sea of blood here!" Some people were puzzled. "Just now those channels are the blood vessels of the Chaos Giant, what is this sea of blood?"

"I don't know... after hundreds of millions of years of change, anything can happen, the blood vessels are petrified, and it is not strange to see a sea of blood here!"

"The water here seems to be full of fairy spirits!" Someone's eyes lit up, and he stepped forward with a slight touch of his hand, and suddenly felt a strong fairy force extending with his fingers, "It is really full Now..."

The man looked excitedly at the others, but when he saw the expressions of the others, he froze.

These people see terror in their own eyes!

Suddenly he felt something was wrong, looked down, and found that his body fell off in an instant, leaving only a skeleton.

The next moment he felt his consciousness suddenly sink into endless darkness.


The skeleton collapsed, fell into the sea of blood, and was gradually submerged.

"This... how is this possible! Brother Liu is a strong emperor who specializes in flesh, he... he actually..." Some people who know him well know how powerful he is. incredible.

"Hey! Who told him to be careless, and still dare to make trouble here! Everyone must take it as a warning!" Although Shangguan Rulan was also shocked in his heart, he also felt that he should be justified.

Legend has it that this place is even more weird. If it werent for someone who was already on the way, they might encounter more danger!