Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1755

Chapter 1755: Fairy Eyeball

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Many people have this idea in their hearts at this time, watching Zhou Fei showing contempt.

"Cough! Don't make trouble, let's talk about the distribution of these blood essences!" Luo Yuan coughed and dragged 11 blood essences to his palm.

"This killing is entirely my brother's credit, it is better to give him all!" Jiao Xiao is also greedy, but not greedy.

"I also agree, but there are so many of us, and we still have to hand in part!" Luo Yuan frowned slightly. "It's better to give five to Brother Zhou, four to hand over, and two to stay under. , Save enough to share with everyone!"

"It's fair!" Everyone nodded.

Zhou Fei naturally has no objection. As Zhao Yuande said, although this thing is good, it takes a long time to refine it, and it is not a difficult thing to get blood essence with their own skills.

When everyone saw Zhou Fei agreed, they were all very happy, and they looked forward to the next battle even more.

After killing the crocodile blood beast, they moved away from the river and into the valley.

In the valley, there was indeed a group of flesh and blood waiting for their slaughter.

These flesh and blood have strengths and weaknesses, and their division of labor is clear, and soon all the blood beasts here are beheaded.

Zhou Fei's Xuan Ming and Bai Hu are still the biggest contributors.

Everyone else got four blood sperm, and the blood sperm in Zhou Fei's hands had already reached fifteen at this time.

And the blood essence turned in has reached twenty!

After the battle, the people rested in the depths of the valley, and each took the medicine to recover.

But Zhao Yuande looked at a cliff at this time.

There is a hole above the cliff, and some **** rays of light spilled from it, and at this time the whole world is a red blood, and if you don't pay attention, you can't notice it.

"Brother, what are you looking at?" Zhou Fei does not need to reply at this time. He only needs to direct Xuan Ming to fight the white tiger. There is no consumption at all.

"Did you see that cave, there seems to be something strange! I feel that there is a strong fairy spirit in the cave!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Strong fairy spirit!" Zhou Fei's eyes lit up, "Is it enough to promote the consumption of fairy land?"

If both Yu Rosa and Du Xin'er can be promoted to the fairyland, their combat effectiveness will be further improved.

"I don't know!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, "I go to explore, you protect them."

"Relax!" Zhou Fei nodded.

Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared in place, but what he left behind was exactly the same as Zhao XIV.

And his real body appeared outside the hole next moment.

Close to the cave entrance, Zhao Yuande felt the richness of the fairy spirit even more.

He dived into it and found that the cave was not very deep, but it was indeed very wide.

He didn't feel the danger, so he walked in carefully.

When he entered the cave, he found that there was a huge stone ball in the cave. The shape of this stone ball was like a dry eyeball, and the inside of the stone ball exuded a trace of rich fairy spirit.

Zhao Yuande's soul swept across the stone ball, and his eyes lit up.

"The eyeballs of the ancient immortals have been petrified and contain a strong spirit of immortals..."

The eyes of the ancient fairy? Why is this thing here?

Zhao Yuande could not help frowning slightly! Is this stone cave actually the eye of an ancient fairy?

Isn't this cliff the face of an ancient fairy...

He thought of this, the figure flew out of the stone cave, and looked from a distance. Sure enough, the mountain wall turned out to be a face, but his mouth was buried under the mud, and the rock nostrilized had no idea what was caused. Something is broken!

If this is the face of the ancient immortal, I dont know if his knowledge of the sea still exists, and I dont know if his inner world is preserved...

He quickly returned to the cave, and the soul extended infinitely towards the mountain wall. Sure enough, after a few hundred feet, he felt a huge space. This should be the mind of the ancient fairy.

However, he didn't feel a trace of the sea wave, nor did he find any signs of the existence of the inner world.

And under his head is no longer the body of the ancient fairy, but the same blood-red rock as elsewhere.

Obviously, at that time, the ancient fairy might have his head cut off and fell into this space.

However, it was not bad to find this eyeball. He dived into the eyeball and found that there seemed to be a little golden light in it, and it was this golden light that was constantly releasing the spirit of fairy spirit.

According to Zhao Yuande's estimate, the spirit spirit contained in it is enough for one person to be promoted to fairy land.

He took a free hand and took the eyeball into the inner world and sealed it to prevent the fairy spirit from continuing to overflow.

"How is it? Did you find anything?" Zhou Fei saw Zhao Yuande return, and his eyes lit up.

"Discovered..." Zhao Yuande told Zhou Fei of his discovery in the cave.

"Only one person can be promoted..." Zhou Fei was somewhat disappointed.

"Let Du Xin'er be promoted first! Although her combat effectiveness is not outstanding, but her defense is very powerful, I can't shoot at a critical moment, she can turn the tide!" Zhao Yuande looked at Du Xin'er.

"But... what about girl Yu?" Zhou Fei glanced at Rosa, hesitantly.

"Rest assured, it will be her turn soon!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"I think let the two of them negotiate with us! We still have to ask their opinions!" Zhou Feidao.

Zhao Yuande nodded secretly. This person Zhou Fei always made people look at each other in a big way. He didn't try hard because Du Xin'er was his woman, but made this decision.

"Okay! Just do what you say!"

Zhao Yuande nodded, turned his head to the second daughter, told the matter again, and suggested that Du Xin'er be promoted first.

There were surprises and shocks in the eyes of the second woman, but more was still gratifying.

Especially, Rosa not only did not feel angry, but also had a feeling that Zhao Yuande did not take herself as an outsider, which made her ecstatic. With this kind of thinking, it didnt matter who was promoted to fairyland first!

In the end, Du Xin'er didn't overwhelm Rosa and chose to be promoted first.

"I let one of my avatars change into your appearance. After a while, you don't want to resist, I will send you directly into my body world for promotion!" Zhao Yuande prepared everything to Du Xin'er.

"Okay!" Du Xin'er nodded, not excited at this time it was fake!

Immortal Realm, Immortal Realm, and Immortal Realm are immortal people. Although it is only a small step away from the peak of the Divine Emperor, the difference in combat effectiveness is not a star!

Ordinary Fairy Realm Powerhouse can beat ten God Emperor Peak half-step Fairy Realm Powerhouse!