Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756: The Spirit Of Fairyland

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Things went smoothly. Du Xiner quickly entered Zhao Yuande's trial space. The time flow rate here is eighty times that of the outside world. It is best to practice here.

And the outside world Zhao Xie changed into Du Xiner's appearance, after Zhao Yuande's yin and yang according to the sky mirror, no one could see the flaw.

At this time, even if Zhou Fei and Rosa looked up and down, they didn't find the slightest difference!

The crowd recovered, and eight of them continued to set off, passing through the valley and appearing on a vast plain.

There are many large and small stone pillars collapsed on the plain, and there are many strangely shaped small rock hills, one by one in different shapes, like a damaged statue hundreds of millions of years ago.

"What are these! The shapes are very strange, like there are swords, and... these should be some ancient fairy fairy treasures, but after too long years, they have now become fossils." Luo Yuan looked at These stone hills and pillars can't help but be a little dazed!

"Well, it should be an ancient battlefield. Many immortals fell here. Their bodies may have been weathered, and their weapons have been petrified because they are immortal treasures!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

He once saw the head of the fairy in the valley, and naturally knew that this might be an ancient battlefield!

But some of this made him wonder, why is there such an ancient battlefield in the body of the Chaos Giant? What are these immortals fighting against?

"They are fighting with the blood of our Chaos Giant Race!" At this time, a voice suddenly sounded in Zhao Yuande's mind, and the voice was full of a vicissitudes of feeling.

"Blood! How is this possible!" Zhao Yuande knew this voice was the ancestor.

"Don't doubt it!" Feng Cang's voice was deep and vicissitudes, and there was an inexplicable sorrow. "At this point of cultivation, the existence of the nine stars has been turned on, and every drop of blood in the body will become a powerful warrior! In response, I am afraid that the Chaos Giants will not be destroyed!"

"Are you targeted by Daotian?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Yes! He persuaded us to attack the Heavens of the Heavens, but he told the weaknesses of our Chaos Giants to the Heavens of the Heavens that they felt that there were many immortals, and let them fight against us! In the end, we could only lose both sides. The end, and Daotian is the army that commands him to occupy the heavens and the world! Occupy this most fertile land!"

"Dao Tian..." Zhao Yuande felt this man's insidious and cunning, and felt his horror. "How did people like him cultivate into this kind of realm near Dao Zun?"

"He... is not a cultivator, but a mysterious existence that coexists with heaven and earth. Although he cannot reach the realm of Dao Zun, but his combat power has stepped into the realm of Dao Zun, almost immortal! Unless... ..." Feng Cang sighed.

"Unless anything!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Unless you can truly reach the state of Dao Zun, you can truly defeat him!" Feng Cangdao said.

"Don't I still be able to defeat him after opening Ten Stars?" Zhao Yuande was a little unwilling.

At most, he can evenly compete with him, and to overcome him, he must cross the last hurdle!

"Then... Has anyone ever reached the level of Taoist Zun?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Yes! But I don't know where the Dao Zun went! The legend is that this Dao Zun opened this world, maybe this Dao is simply looking down at us ants, watching us ants Every move!" Feng Cangdao said.

He even called himself a ants, which shows how powerful Dao Zun in his heart is, and Zhao Yuande couldn't imagine, like Chaos Giants, what else can they call them ants?

"Don't doubt...we may just be the tiny life in his eyes. Our appearance may be just the work of Dao Zunxian when he is bored. Our life and death are all in his mind!" Feng Cangdao, "Maybe only Promoted to Dao Zun, you can truly detach yourself, and you can stand at the same height as this Dao may also find what we now call the battle, the so-called fairy demon, the sea of stars, and the Void Dao are just a group Trick between little ants."

"Okay! Ancestor, don't hit me anymore! Some of my head can't fit this anymore!" Zhao Yuande's worldview was overthrown again, and he really felt his own insignificance.

"Okay! To be honest, I feel that his soul seems to have not been completely annihilated. Help me find him!" Feng Cang's tone changed suddenly.

"Will you be trapped like you?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"I don't know! But Qixi is very weak, and I can only feel his presence a little bit!" Feng Cangdao said.

"Okay! I haven't turned on the five stars yet, I can't sense it, you can remind me at any time!"

"Well! Right in front of you, the distance is probably hundreds of thousands of miles! You go first! If something goes wrong, I will remind you!" Feng Cangdao said.

"Good! But first ancestor, do you feel that someone is watching me!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this question.

Although this ancestor has not yet recovered his physical body, even the powerful spirit is not something he can guess at will.

"There are indeed gods and spirits monitoring your every move. You guessed it, it should be a strong man in the realm of the fairy...maybe not a person. This feels like a spirit...the spirit!" Feng Cang frowned. , And in the end it was a very affirmative answer.

"Artifact spirit? An instrumental spirit of a fairy monarch realm? Is it the ninth-grade fairy treasure?" Zhao Yuande was startled.

What's more, there must be some manipulating behind this Jiu Pin Xian Bao, who is this man? How powerful is it?

"Okay! I have a rest!" Feng Cang said no more.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's head was constantly turning. He felt as if he had grasped a trace of the truth, but he felt emptiness again.

"Okay! Let's go forward! I feel there is a group of blood beasts in front of you, you must be a little bit mentally prepared!" Luo Yuan looked forward and said.

"Don't keep your hands on the big guys, this batch may be very powerful!" At this time, there was a sudden rumbling noise from the distance, as if it was running in a thousand horses!

The people looked up and found that a group of blood-colored giant wolves were rushing towards them, and the **** eyes shone fiercely.

"This group of blood beasts has more than thirty heads, everyone..." Luo Yuan looked at the giant wolves clearly, and his body was terrified.

Although these blood wolves are only equivalent to the first-level blood beast, but that is also the peak of the Divine Emperor to be able to overcome!