Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757: Hold Back

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These more than thirty blood wolves are equivalent to more than thirty **** emperor peak powerhouses. With the strength of eight of them, it is simply...

"Haha! There are so many here!" Zhou Fei shouted excitedly, his hands moved Xiaobai, Xiaohei, Xuan Ming all appeared in front of him, as if three mountains were in front of everyone.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Yuande also smiled and summoned Xiao Jin out of space.

As soon as Xiao Jin appeared, the little black among the three beasts shivered with its tail in a slight tremor, and there was a hint of curiosity in the fierce eyes.

Xiaobai backed away slightly, and seemed to have encountered a general enemy. Only Xuan Ming did not move like a mountain, but inside his nose, he was breathing heavily, seeming to be a little nervous.

Xiao Jin flew proudly in the air, scorning the three beasts below, as if he were an arrogant little princess.

"The three of you are too disappointed! Go, show your strength, don't be embarrassed to me!" Zhou Fei looked at Xiao Jin, his face was also helpless and envious.

This guy took away the light of his three beasts as soon as he came out. I'm afraid that a big mosquito came out to be able to fight against it!

The other people looked at Xiaojin, but they couldn't help but change their complexion. They could feel the powerful breath from Xiaojin's body. This guy might be about to reach the fairyland!

"Brother Jiang! won't be an imperial envoy too!" Luo Yuan looked at Zhao Yuande. He thought that the most useless of the other four was this Jiang Yilin, but he didn't expect that the other party was summoned at this time. Such a powerful golden bird.

"Oh! Yes, I am also an imperial envoy, but I am ashamed that I have only one animal pet!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, with a half ashamed look on his face.


At this time, dozens of blood beasts had already rushed over, Xuan Ming was still performing the same tricks. The huge turtle shell was crushed like a mountain, and the small white claws waved away the blood beast behind Xuan Ming. Life,

Xiaohei is slightly weaker, but still occupies a favorable position, and the blood beasts he sneaked in secretly attacked secretly.

Several other people, all hiding behind Xuanming's huge turtle shell, took the opportunity!

At this time, only Xiao Jin's body was unfolding, turning into a golden light, as if it was a golden sky knife brother who cut across the sky.


More than a dozen blood beasts were instantly cut into two halves.

This scene saw Luo Yuan, Luo Qing, Rong Zhen and Jiao Xiao's eyes all straight!

They spent a lot of time and effort. They hid more than a dozen people in hiding, and this guy just slaughtered a dozen just by flying. This gap is really...

They watched Zhao Yuande's eyes become more intense!

Especially this guy Jiao Xiao, thinking of the conversation with Zhao Yuande and Zhou Fei not long ago, he only knew that this guy was so powerful!

After the two or three people underneath solved it, they looked excitedly at the blood essence after the blood beast on the ground died!

There are more than thirty blood essences, with a gleaming **** light, and a temptation derived from the soul of the gods continues to lure them.


Jiao Xiao couldn't help swallowing a slobber, his face showing a desire for excitement.

"Let's share these blood essences!" Zhao Yuande spoke lightly, and what he said really pleased them.

According to the truth, half of these blood essences should be owned by Zhao Yuande, because Xiao Jin alone killed half of the blood beasts.

Now he asked for an equal share, how could everyone be unhappy.

"Three per person, and the rest will be turned over!" Luo Yuan estimated, his face showing joy.

"Then maybe it will become more and more dangerous. I still recommend that you first refine the blood in your hands. If you can increase the power, you will increase the power." Zhao Yuande has already made a decision at this time, moving in the direction of the ancestor. Progress, and as for this group of people to follow, let them follow, if they are not willing, then let them.

"Brother Jiang said very well. If Brother Jiang and Brother Zhou did not take action, this time it really hangs!" Luo Yuan felt the same way.

The others nodded.

"I think we should retreat to the valley just now! I found a cave on the cliff, and it should be safe to retreat inside!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Okay! Just listen to Brother Jiang!" Luo Yuan nodded.

Luo Yuan they had walked out of the valley with confidence, but they did not expect to be a stick in the first place. Without Zhao Yuande and Zhou Fei, they might be really dead here.

No matter how powerful others are, it is not their own. Only when they are really strong is the most important thing!

The crowd quickly returned to the valley and entered the cave on the cliff discovered by Zhao Yuande.

There is still a trace of fairy spirit in the cave at this time, which makes everyone's eyes slightly bright.

"If everyone is at ease, I will protect here!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone, and finally focused on Luo Yuan's brothers and sisters and Rong Zhen.

"We certainly can trust Brother Jiang!" Zhou Yuan nodded.

The other party hides so deeply that it is as easy as trying to murder several people, and there is no need to bring it to this cave.

"I believe!" Rong Zhen also nodded.

Her hurtful person gradually hid, and under the hands of such a strong man, she felt that she had no chance at all, let's take a step by step!

Others will have no objections and nod their heads one after another.

The refinement of blood essence is a slow process, because these people's physique is not very strong after all, and it takes a long time to absorb and absorb the blood essence.

However, during this period, Du Xiner successfully broke through the fairyland in Zhao Yuande's trial space.

Zhao Yuande swapped it out of the trial space and covered it with a yin and yang sky mirror, otherwise she might be baptized by a catastrophe as soon as she came out.

After a full day, everyone also refined blood. Among them, Rong Zhen and Jiao Xiao broke through the late God Emperor's late stage and reached the peak of God Emperor, and although there is no amazing progress for the strength of others, But he has more confidence in his future.

"Hey!" Luo Yuan sighed softly, "I didn't expect our brother and sister to be behind!"

"It's okay, okay!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "The chance is that the more blood beasts I feel, the more blood beasts they drop, and they will be promoted as long as they don't die sooner or later!"

"Good! I didn't get promoted!" Zhou Fei grinned, "If you know that I have refined eight blood essences, I still don't feel much!"

"Hehe! It is also!" Luo Yuan nodded a little embarrassedly.