Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1758

Chapter 1758: Impart Experience

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"I have something to tell everyone." Zhao Yuande suddenly said, "I have a feeling that there is something in front of me that attracts me. I want to leave Shangguan Rulan's team and go alone! What do you think? ?"

"Oh!" Zhou Fei showed a happy face, "With our fighting power, we should be able to go!"

"Two brothers, my little life is yours. I will follow you when you go there!" Jiao Xiao clenched his fists, and there was a sense of excitement in his heart.

The second daughter would naturally have no objections, they just nodded gently.

"This..." Luo Yuan's face changed, although their group of people was very strong, but there was no strong man in fairy land to sit in the town. In case they met the blood beast of fairy land, they might just die.

More importantly, they are the people of Shangguan Rulan, and with her promise, it is impossible to betray Shangguan Rulan for the sake of Zhao Yuande.

"We...can't go!" Luo Qing was even more worried, afraid that his brother would make any dangerous choices, and directly vetoed.

Luo Yuan glanced at his sister and sighed slightly, but nodded.

Rong Zhen gritted his teeth hard, and his face kept changing. Looking at Zhao Yuande, they looked at Luo Yuan's brother and sister again, and finally made a decision.

"I don't want to go too! It's too dangerous!"

Zhao Yuande looked at Rong Zhen meaningfully, and then at Luo Yuan's brother and sister, and he could not help but sigh.

This is your own choice, do not regret it if you die!

The brothers and sisters of Luoyuan are not very close to them, but they have no bad thoughts and keep a certain distance from them.

He knew that the two might be the captain secretly chosen by Shangguan Rulan to monitor them.

Of course, they also have certain selfishness, otherwise they will not agree to everyone's distribution plan!

Now they want to leave Zhao Yuande and do not want to keep them, but Rong Zhen also wants to leave at this time, let Zhao Yuande see her a little thought.

She is now promoted to the peak of God Emperor, and it is easy to secretly murder Luo Yuan's brother and sister.

This time when the three of them went back, Luo Yuan's brother and sister would definitely die!

However, Zhao Yuande just changed his mind, and each has his own choice. They cant blame themselves for choosing to return, so let them go!

There is no friendship between them and them, and there is no obligation to protect them, so let them die for themselves!

"Then I won't keep you anymore!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Brother Luo, I think you should stay!" Jiao Xiao was upright. He had long felt that Rong Zhen was in danger, so he worried that the two would be killed on the way back.

Everyone is acquainted with each other, and we can't save ourselves from death!

However, because Rong Zhen was present, he could not directly explain the reason, but could only keep it open.

"No! Brother Jiao, personally have personal choices, we still feel safer to return to Shangguan Fairy." Luo Yuan shook his head gently.

"Okay!" Jiao Xiao had no choice but to nod.

He could only secretly whisper to the other party secretly: "Brother Luo, Rong Zhen has been promoted to the peak of God Emperor, you brothers and sisters, be careful!"

"Thanks for reminding Brother Jiao!" Luo Yuan couldn't help but stunned for a moment, but soon felt that the other party was worried.

Although Rong Zhen's character is a little arrogant, they have no injustice...

Jiao Xiao saw that the other party did not care and shook his head helplessly.

Even if you dont believe it, you have no obligation to protect you.

Looking at the back of Rong Zhen and his brothers and sisters leaving, Zhou Fei said: "You said, can their brothers and sisters survive?"

"No!" Zhao Yuande replied affirmatively, "That Dongyang extraordinary is really in the hands of Rong Zhen, she will never give up such a good opportunity on the way back this time!"

"Take care of him!" Jiao Xiao pouted, "I reminded him, he still doesn't care! I think they and we are a team, but there is always a gap between them, not close!"

"They are the people of Shangguan Rulan, and Shangguan Rulan let them lead us, and now they will definitely report our affairs back when they go back! So I didnt remind them that life and death were chosen by them, not that I didnt give They have a chance!" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

"Let's go! Brother Jiang, I feel that I am full of strength now and I need a battle urgently!" Jiao Xiao waved his fist excitedly.

He had just been promoted to the peak of God Emperor, and there was an uncontrollable excitement in his heart.

"Go! Depart!" Zhao Yuande nodded and led the crowd out of the valley.

"The ancestor! Let's first look for the physical origin of this chaotic giant. You have to correct the direction for me at any time. I don't want other people to get ahead first!"

"rest assured"

Fossils of all kinds of Xianbao on the plains can be seen everywhere, and groups of powerful blood beasts cruising around.

I don't know what they eat, or what they rely on to support consumption. They have been wandering for millions of years, as if waiting for the arrival of their group of testers.

Without those three people around, Zhao Yuande directly exposed their true strength. In addition to Zhao Yuande, Du Xin'er reached the fairyland, at the peak of Rosa Emperor, Jiao Xiao Emperor Peak, and Zhou Fei Emperor Late.

As soon as this force was exposed, Jiao Xiao became more excited.

"Brother! You really have the ability!" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhou Fei with admiration. "How did you catch my sister-in-law, she... a strong man in the fairyland, how could you see you..."

"I... what's wrong with me! I'm not that good! You guy..." Zhou Fei slapped a slap on Jiao Xiao's forehead.

"Brother, give me some experience!" The younger one was not annoyed, and he said mysteriously, "I remember how you were so fat... what made my sister-in-law..."

"Hum! When your sister-in-law is a kind of vulgar woman who chooses people by appearance? She is regarded by my noble character, strong personality charm, invincible self-confidence, heroic demeanor..." .

"Oh! My ears..." Zhou Fei suddenly felt a soft and smooth little hand, grabbed his ears very gently, and then twisted, he immediately made a horrible howl.

"Hey!" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhou Fei's embarrassed appearance and couldn't help but blossom.


"There are strong enemies ahead, don't make trouble!" Zhao Yuande's voice came over at this time.

Everyone looked sullen and all looked forward.

Where they achieved it, they saw a behemoth that was walking towards them step by step.

This is a blood beast full of hills, and looks like a cow!