Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759: Great Sword

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"The strength of this blood beast is probably equivalent to the early stage of the fairyland. You must be more careful!" Zhao Yuande looked at this blood beast. "Xiao Jin was summoned out, and you can help Xiao Jin together."

A big battle started immediately!

In the face of the blood beast, Du Xin'er was promoted to the early stage of the fairyland. She focused on defensive counterattack, a set of swordsmanship was displayed, and a huge Taiji figure appeared in the void, blocking the blood beast that came over. .

Xiaojin, Xiaobai, Xiaohei, Xuanming several holy beasts rushed up to attack the blood beasts.

"I'm here too!" Jiao Xiao felt a little unable to get started at this time. He rushed up anxiously and mingled with several holy beasts, fighting blood beasts.

As for Yu Rosa, she didn't mean to do anything. She has now reached a critical point, and she doesn't dare to do anything at random, otherwise she may be directly promoted to fairyland.

Without sufficient fairy spirit, her body will not be able to be refined, and her unparalleled body can really be wasted!


After dozens of breaths, this blood beast was finally defeated by everyone.

Suddenly the blood was rolling around, almost dazzling people's eyes.

"There are 36 blood essences in total!" Soon Zhou Fei collected all these blood essences.

"Let all four of you share equally!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

This kind of blood essence is not very important for itself, but it is very important for these people. After refining, it can continue to promote and expand the already formed blood sea, which can make the foundation stronger.

Of course, it also has a certain effect of refining the body.

"Brother, don't you?" Zhou Fei looked at Zhao Yuande in shock.

"Did you forget what my physique is? This thing has little effect on me, so don't be polite to me!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"That's good!" Zhou Fei was not polite with Zhao Yuande, and directly divided 36 blood essences.

"Blood beasts in the early stage of the fairyland can explode thirty-six. I don't know if the blood beasts in the middle and even later stages of the fairyland will gain anything?" Zhou Fei was excited.

"Brother! Later in the dare to think, can we overcome?" Jiao Xiao couldn't help rolling his eyes.

"Hey! You don't have to worry about this! With my brother there, nothing can't be solved!" Zhou Fei proudly raised his head.

"Oh!" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhao Yuande again, and he got another shocking news from Zhou Fei's mouth.

Does this brother Jiang also have this more powerful beast pet?

Jiao Xiao thought this way, and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes even hotter!

"Let's go! Keep going, I will find a place to add food for everyone later!" Zhao Yuande waved.

Except for Jiao Xiao, his eyes were lit up as soon as he heard the word "add meal".

"What's the matter with extra meals? Is Brother Jiang still a cook?" Jiao Xiao whispered to Zhou Fei.

"Hey! You will know by then!" Zhou Fei smiled, but did not answer.

"Oh! Brother! This man..." Jiao Xiao scratched his ears anxiously, but no matter what he asked, the other party would not say.

But soon the battle came and they met a group of blood beasts, this time much stronger than the last group of blood wolves.

However, in front of Du Xin'er's powerful defense, under the brute force of Xuan Ming, this group of blood beasts quickly gave the first!

Everyone again got a dozen blood essences!

Jiao Xiao has already forgotten to ask about the meal, and now more than 20 blood essences, if all are absorbed, think about it and be excited!

And what is certain is that the deeper they get, the more blood essence they get, maybe in the end...

Even if you have absorbed enough, it is a great fortune to get back!

At this time, Luo Yuan and the three were already on their way back.

"Miss Rong, do you say that this group of people will die on that plain?" Luo Yuan said, seeing a slight depression in the atmosphere between the three.

"Well! According to their strength, there should be no chance to go too far, but I feel that the person named Jiang Yilin is not easy, he is very mysterious, there is a kind of..." Rong Zhen frowned and thought, trying to find a suitable To describe, "Natural leadership, those people want to look at him intentionally or unconsciously before they say anything, and their eyes are somewhat dependent..."

"Yes! There is indeed such a feeling, he is very mysterious... there is always a feeling that people can't see through!" Luo Qing nodded again and again.

"Actually, this person I have seen before, he is not called Jiang Yilin, his real name is..." Rong Zhen looked around, then lowered his voice.

Luo Yuan's brothers and sisters couldn't help but leaned their heads forward, trying to hear what she said.

But at this time, they suddenly felt a huge pain in their eyebrows, as if they were directly nailed into them by two thick nails!

"You... Rong Zhen... It turned out... what he said..." Luo Yuan looked at Rong Zhen with an unbelievable look at this moment.

"Hey! Who called you stupid, who called you Shangguan Rulan! This is what you deserve!" Rong Zhen sneered again and again.

" already knew!" Luo Yuan looked at Rong Zhen, his face gradually becoming distorted.

"They have seen it for a long time! But they don't want to debunk it!" Rong Zhen disdainfully.

"I want to die with you!" Luo Qing suddenly smashed a piece of purple jade in his hand at this time.


Countless purple thunders poured down from the void like heavy rain, and instantly enveloped the three together.

"Damn! You madman..." Rong Zhen's face changed dramatically, his body instantly turned into a shadow.

She no longer cares to devour the souls of two people, but directly uses a hole card and escapes into the void.

After the purple thunder dissipated, Rong Zhen came out of the void.

She looked sad at the two beaches of ashes, and she couldn't help but look white!

But just at the moment just now, the damage caused by the Purple Thunder has been very great. If it is a little later at night, I am afraid that she will be wiped out like these two people!

She was too careless, and she was just a little smug just now!

"What now? Do you go back and look for Jiang Yilin's group? They will definitely no longer trust themselves, maybe they will be doubted by them when they go back. That group of people is not a fool. I am afraid that some people have already seen Dongyang's extraordinary. Die in your own hands! Come back to Shangguan Rulan!"

Rong Zhen saw the direction and flew away towards the place where they had already agreed.

Zhao Yuande they have now advanced to the middle of this plain, and in front of them is a giant fossil sword inserted above the earth. This giant sword is left alone with a height of thousands of feet.