Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1761

Chapter 1761: Inherited

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After the punch, the three people present couldn't help but look at the scene in front of them with a shocked expression on their faces.

It turned out that the sword handle of this giant sword was not completely petrified, but accumulated a lot of dust and sand, forming a hard shell.

This punch actually smashed all the stones attached to the great sword, revealing the true appearance of the great sword.

"Good sword!" Zhao Yuande looked at the giant sword and couldn't help but show his face with joy.

But he didn't move, but looked at Du Xin'er and said: "Miss Du, the force you feel should be the sword spirit of this great sword! Try it first, maybe you can conquer This great sword is at least an eighth-grade fairy treasure!"

"You... you first!" Although Du Xin'er moved, he did not move, but looked at Zhao Yuande.

This person is really open-minded, and it is absolutely interesting for friends. He even let himself come first for such a good thing.

If you get this great sword, what will you use to repay the other party!

Bapin Xianbao didn't even dare to imagine her dream, let alone have it!

"Oh! Although this thing is very precious, but I have my own principles, you try it first!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his words filled with determination.

"Okay!" Du Xin'er didn't know what he should say. It's no wonder that this kind of man is because of his sister's heart, even if it is changed to himself!

Du Xiner flew on the hilt, gently touched his hand on the hilt, and suddenly felt a warmth of warmth flowing into his hand.

She probed the soul of the **** along the hilt into the hilt, and suddenly saw a vast and vast world.

A gust of wind circulates in this huge world, sometimes turning into a human form, sometimes turning into a tornado.

"It's you, the man in the fate! I finally wait for you!" The wind felt Du Xin'er's arrival, and flew towards her soul.

"I... are you waiting for me? How is this possible? Who are you?" Du Xiner felt the terrifying power carried in the wind and couldn't help but retreat.

"You are the descendants of the pure Yang Lao Gui. You are practicing the pure Yang Promise Sword of the Pure Yang Fairyland!" The wind seemed to be anxious.

"Good! How do you know?" Du Xin'er puzzled, but couldn't help but think of a legend.

The predecessor of their pure Yang Xian Palace seemed to be a fairy country. Later, when the fairy country died, they were forced to escape into the endless void and reopen their own world.

"You are the descendants of the pure Yangxian Kingdom, and naturally I am the one who waits for me!" The group of winds rushed over directly, covering Du Xin'er's soul.

A vast amount of sea-like knowledge poured into Du Xin'er's mind, and the pictures that once appeared in her mind.

She finally understood how the Chaos Giant invaded the Pure Sun Immortal Kingdom, and then how to fight the Pure Sun Immortal Kingdom, and finally both were destroyed!

Afterwards, more conspirators came out to sweep the ground and occupied the land belonging to the pure Yangxian Kingdom!

He knew that the whole battle was just a conspiracy, and Chaos Giant was just a poor man who was exploited!

"Your task is revenge! Kill the conspirator! Of course your current strength is still too far apart. First of all, you must hide in silence and wait for the day when you become stronger! It is very insecure here, I want to hide, and you too Leave early and dont fall into this whirlpool!" The wind has disappeared in her body, turned into a force dormant, but a voice echoed in her mind!

"I... what should I do?" Du Xiner received so much information at once, more chaotic giants, powerful immortals, conspirators behind... This Lin Lin always made her almost ignorant!

"I am afraid that your own strength cannot defeat the behind-the-scenes hands. What you have to do is to contact the inheritors of the great immortal kingdoms and look for them in the Blue Dragon City... Remember not to tell anyone about this, otherwise it will lead to death. ""The voice is getting lower and lower, as if gradually falling asleep.

Qinglong City!

Du Xin'er was stunned again, where is Qinglong City?

"Hey..." No matter how she called, that voice never answered her again.

"What about this giant sword? I can't take it away!" Du Xiner sighed helplessly.

Somewhat more mission, her mind is a little messy!

But soon she left all this behind her head, because she is so weak now, it is useless to think too much, and now the most important thing is to improve her strength.

Among that vast knowledge, there are not only pictures of the past, but also a lot of cultivation skills, supernatural powers, and even powerful supernatural powers that many pure Yangxian palaces never had!

The most important thing is a comprehension of kendo, which makes her ecstatic.

But she did know that now is not the time to study this. Zhao Yuande is still waiting for the results of her own exploration.

"Brother Zhao!" Du Xiner's soul returned to the body, and suddenly saw Zhao Yuande's somewhat expectant look.

"How? Found again?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Well! I got that strength, some inheritance and many insights into the swordsmanship!" Du Xin'er concealed everything except Chunyang Xianguo, and everything else was told to Zhao Yuande.

"Good! Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled. "What can you do with this great sword if you can get it? Since you have inherited it, this should be your thing!"

"No... I can't use this great sword, and it doesn't matter if I can pull it out, even if I get it in my hand, it's a violent disaster!" Du Xiner hurriedly waved his hand. "Since I have inherited it, this handle The sword is also yours!"

"Oh! That's fine!" Zhao Yuande didn't hypocritically, but nodded seriously, "I will accept this great sword!"

His body flicked and his flesh swelled rapidly, but he turned into a giant giant in a blink of an eye.

Although he is a thousand feet tall, but in front of this great sword, it is not enough to look at.

Although all this was shocking, it did not shock the two women. This kind of change in law, the general strong will practice, but there are only strengths and weaknesses.

But they were wrong this time. Zhao Yuande's deity was not the Fa at all, but his real body!

Every time he turns on a star, the flesh can become bigger. In fact, if he is not afraid of attracting too many eyes, his current flesh limit is vast, and as long as five stars are turned on, his flesh may grow to dozens. lofty!

However, the increase in flesh does not improve the combat effectiveness, but it will become clumsy, so Zhao Yuande has always thought that this is of no use to him now.

However, this is enough for Zhao Yuande to pull out this giant sword!