Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1763

Chapter 1763: Handed Over To Us

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"I have the fairy jade, but unfortunately the fairy qi emitted by the fairy jade can only be released through absorption. If I can lay a gathering array... Unfortunately, I will not arrange the formation!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but hear her words. But then he shook his head again.

"You have? I will arrange it!" Yu Rosa said with a surprised expression on his face. "The best thing we Kachin people are is to arrange arrays!"

"Actually..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help being speechless for a while, "You said earlier! What I have is Xianyu!"

Zhao Yuande handed a storage ring to Yu Rosa and said, "Look at whether this is enough!"

Yu Rosa took a look and was suddenly dazzled by the pile of top-grade fairy jade inside!

"This... has a hundred thousand top-grade fairy jade!" Yu Rosa's body trembled, she couldn't help herself.

Hundreds of thousands of top-grade fairy jade, with these top-grade fairy jade, she can arrange a lot of powerful formations, and even the strong in the fairyland can be trapped!

"It's too much...I can't use so much!" Yu Rosa was excited, and soon thought of other, so many top grade immortal jade, I am afraid that all the other party is responsible! I can't be so greedy!

"Fine! I still have." Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "Since this, you start to arrange a large array! If this method is feasible, it will be simpler in the future, and Zhou Fei and Jiao Xiao will not have to worry about their promotion to the fairyland. !"

"Leave it to me! But it seems that it is not safe to be promoted from the outside world, don't you have the inner world..." Yu Rosa looked at Zhao Yuande, and her lips curled with a shallow smile.

"Okay! You're right!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly, waved his sleeves, and Yu Rosa disappeared in front of her.

At this time, a thunderous thunder sounded in the distance, apparently Zhou Fei's heavenly disaster began.

For Zhou Fei, the tempering of the physical body is the most important part of his cultivation, so his physical strength is far beyond ordinary cultivators.

Even the big turtle shell of Xuan Ming, Sky Tribulation passed by very easily and happily, and also let Xuan Ming this guy refine his body!

When the two returned to Zhao Yuande with joy, Zhao Yuande and Du Xin'er had been waiting for them for a long time.

"Brother, where did you get the girl Yu?" Zhou Fei didn't see Yu Rosa could not help asking.

"She went to break through the realm in my inner world. It is estimated that the next time you meet again, she may be the fairyland!" Zhao Yuande said.

"What! Isn't it lacking the spirit of fairy spirit?" Zhou Fei asked puzzled.

"Hey! I didn't expect Yu girl to be a master of formation, and she solved it by putting a small array of spirits together!" Zhao Yuande smiled helplessly.

"Ah! After that we..." Zhou Fei's eyes lit up at once!

"Good! You can be promoted to fairyland!" Zhao Yuande nodded. Now they no longer need to hide their cultivation, but he still needs to continue to hide, to guard against the person who peeped in the dark.

"Great!" Zhou Fei excitedly patted his palm.

"Wait...Wait! I didn't understand what you just said!" Jiao Xiao thought that his ears were not good, and he looked at them with little certainty.

"Oh! We said just now that girl Yu is breaking through the fairyland, and when do you want to break through the fairyland, you just need to say that the spirit of the fairy spirit is sufficient!" Zhou Fei patted Jiao Xiao's shoulder, "Brother, Mix well with your brother, who will take you to fly!"

"Go! What did you take me to fly! It was Brother Zhao who took me to fly, is it Brother Zhao?" Jiao Xiao grinned and smirked at Zhao Yuande.

"Cough! Brother Zhao, don't you feel a little... is it too ambiguous?" Zhao Yuan Deqiang resisted the urge to vomit blood, and gave back to his brother Zhao... This sounds like goose bumps!

"Ah! Haha! It's too ambiguous, people who don't know think we two..." Jiao Xiao laughed.

"Okay! Don't go on, I'm going to vomit!" Zhou Fei heard the smell, and immediately kicked Jiao Xiao out!


Several people continued to move forward excitedly, the blood beasts on the plains became stronger and stronger, the blood beast market in the fairyland was infested, and even a blood beast equivalent to the middle of the fairyland was encountered. If Zhao Yuande secretly helped, they might be in the army. Destruction is here.

Soon the plain came to an end, and several broken passages appeared in front of everyone. These passages meandered forward, above which was a blood-red sky, giving a faint sense of oppression.

"The ancestor, which channel should I choose?" Zhao Yuande asked Feng Cang.

"The third one from the left, I can feel the trace of chaos in it!" Feng Cang replied and said no more.

"Let's go with me!" Nodded far away, led everyone into the third channel.

As soon as they entered this passage, everyone felt a **** puff coming, as if there was a brutal battlefield just after the battle.

"Everyone be careful! I feel that there seems to be danger ahead." Zhao Yuande reminded.

Arriving at this passage, Zhao Yuande felt that the eye peeping in secret seemed to disappear all of a sudden, as if there was something terrible in this passage that made the other side retreat.

"Brother, don't you want to scare us, it's not fun!" Zhou Fei said with a shock on his face, "You all feel dangerous, don't we have to finish playing!"


Answering Zhou Fei was a roar in the distance.

This channel is as wide as hundreds of feet. The crowd only sees a violent blood-red tide coming towards itself in the distance, and there are bursts of roar in the tide.

"Huh? The blood beast here knows the magical skill!" Zhao Yuande's face changed slightly.

Although this blood beast is not powerful, it is only the early combat power of the fairyland, but the blood-red tide turned into a real magical method.

"Leave him alone! Leave it to us!"

Zhou Fei rushed up first, Xuan Ming, Xiaobai, and Xiaohei appeared at the same time, killing this blood-red tide.

Jiao Xiao did not show weakness, and immediately followed Xuan Ming's huge body.

Du Xin'er frowned slightly, feeling the surging power in the **** tide, and naturally he was not assured that the two of them dealt with such a blood beast alone, and hurriedly followed.

But she didn't shoot, but watched the two fight the blood beast.

This is a huge **** dragon with amazing fighting power, and it came to suppress two people and three beasts.

It first collided with Xuan Ming. Xuan Ming didn't even have the upper hand. The spikes on the huge turtle shell did not hurt the other party, but instead hit Xuan Ming into a stagger.